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Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

Affordable, affordable, reasonable, or any way you look at it, pricing has always been a consideration in the motorcycle industry. Ask almost any driver, and they’ll likely tell you that MSRP is a significant factor in choosing their next vehicle. However, once you consider factors like power, quality, or, in other words, value for money, a cheap bike is only sometimes the best.

In light of this, we decided to include items on this list that cover a wide range of motorcycle-related topics while still costing under $10,000. We tried to weed out Chinese knockoffs, ultra-small displacement bikes (minis), and entry-level models with a niche in the market. However, a few affordable products managed to get through because they offered good value for the money.

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023 – Top Rated

2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 | $3,999

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

The Hunter 350 received our pick this year despite Royal Enfield being known for its formidable stable of affordable bikes, with everything from standards to scramblers to adventurers. First, it’s the most recent RE bike sold in the US. Second, for less than $4K, you can have a bike with an almost unequaled feature set: an amiable roadster with a semi-retro feel. ‘s appealing looks, brisk handling, a neutral riding posture, and a versatile, tried-and-true 350cc engine. The Hunter uses the same SOHC two-valve air-cooled engine as the Classic 350 and Meteor 350, but the 350 feels more nimble at low to moderate speeds thanks to a claimed 400-pound curb weight. The motorcycle has gained a lot of popularity in Indian Market that’s why it is in the list of Top Ten Best Motorcycles in India and Top Ten Bikes Under 2 Lakh in India in 2023.

2023 CFMoto 300NK | $4,199

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

Already, we can hear the groans. Although CFMoto is a Chinese manufacturer, before you dismiss its products as inferior, consider the firm’s strong presence in the US, its connection to KTM, and its relatively well-established dealer network. CFMoto has been selling CForce ATVs and ZForce side by side in the US for years.

The 300NK is a low-cost, barebones bike that competes directly with Japan’s small-displacement bikes. Although comparing apples to oranges, the 300NK offers similar features at a lower price, including an inverted fork, Bosch EFI, a slipper clutch, and standard ABS. Comparable to rivals like the Suzuki GSX250R (24 hp) and Honda CB300R (31 hp), the 292cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled DOHC engine claims to produce 29hp at 8,750rpm and 18.7lb-ft of torque at 5.050 rpm. Beginners should be drawn to the 300NK’s upright riding position and 31.3-inch seat height, as well as its $4,199 price, about $1,000 less than comparable Japanese bikes. As we saw in our first ride last year, CFMoto’s initial efforts are very close to par, although they differ from those of leading companies. They will only get better from here.

2023 Kawasaki Z400 ABS | $5,399

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

It’s hard to criticize the Kawasaki’s overachieving Z400 light middleweight. You can get the same funky 399cc engine as its Ninja 400 stablemate, agile handling, and crisp aesthetics for under $5,000. All these things are guaranteed to create lots of cheap thrills.

A beginner won’t be fazed by the liquid-cooled 399cc parallel-twin engine’s linear powerband and broad, flat torque curve, but it can be driven aggressively when needed. The motorcycle can deliver 44.1 hp at 9,830 rpm and 25.1 lb.-ft. of torque at 8,250 rpm, more than Yamaha’s MT-03 (37.1 hp) and comparable to Husky’s Vitpilen 401 (41.41 hp). Although the Z400’s natural habitat is the urban jungle, it would feel like it would be in the right place on a backroad or racetrack. However, the ergonomics lean more towards the upright side of the riding position equation. An assist and slipper clutch help with that extra smooth power delivery. The Z400 took the title of Bikes Catalog ‘s Top Ten Fastest 400cc Motorcycles in the World in 2023 for a reason, and with its flick and brilliant engine, most riders won’t go past it; it has yet to gain any ground since.

2023 Honda CRF300L | $5,399

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

One of the reasons why Honda’s dual sport motorcycle is so popular is how easily it can be purchased. But good luck finding one. According to anecdotal evidence (i.e., the comments from you guys in these posts), there is little inventory.

That’s because the CRF300L, although more concerned with the enjoyment factor than trying to keep up with the high-performance, brim-busting competition, packs a lot of promise into a relatively small package. The CRF300L is an excellent choice if you’re new to dirt biking, want a commuter that can also be used for weekend trail adventures, or don’t want to pay five figures. Only so many bikes are as accommodating as a dual sport, with efficient and consistent power delivery, supple suspension, and confident handling. Although the 286cc single-cylinder Honda CRF300L only produced 22.7 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 16.7 lb.-ft. with torque at 6,300 rpm, we still believe it’s one of the most capable bikes on the market. This versatile dual-sport will reliably take you virtually anywhere you need to go, whether on pavement or off-road.

2023 KTM 390 Duke | $5,899

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

The fact that the 390 Duke has a single-cylinder engine and sub-400cc displacement contributes to its reputation as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The editors of Bikes Catalog have praised the 390 for finding a sweet spot: it’s “both an excellent starter machine and a fun bike for an accomplished rider.”

You can thanks to a tiny 373cc single engine with liquid cooling and a lightweight steel trellis frame, plus a plethora of premium parts and features that come as standard, including a WP Inverted fork, ride-by-wire, a slipper clutch, and standard ABS—and even a Supermoto mode. The 390 Duke’s claimed 329-pound curb weight, 53.4-inch wheelbase, and 44 hp mean plenty of maneuverability and power for beginners. Still, no matter the rider’s skill level, it has More than enough ability to elicit big smiles. It accounts for why this little duke has been a top-ten winner twice in a row. The motorcycle is very famous in Indian Market and it has secured place in the list of Top Ten Best Used Bikes and Top Ten Best KTM Bikes in 2023.

2023 Suzuki SV650 ABS | $7,849

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

As it frequently appears on “best value for money” lists, the Suzuki SV650 should continue to do so in 2023—a pleasant combination of bike-friendly manners and a comfortable riding position, better than yours. With a list price of $7,849 for the ABS variant, enjoy performance and, ultimately, a pure ride. The reliable 645cc DOHC V-twin engine’s powerband is broad and user-friendly for beginners while providing enough punch to satisfy the more experienced. It is housed in a fast but neutral steel tube trellis chassis, which gives pilots a stable ride in most conditions. A low 30.9-inch seat height, which can help anxious beginners put their shoes on at stops, is also unusual for the class. Additionally, the throttle is cable-operated, so there are no electronic rider aids to distract you from the ride.

Suzuki also offers the SV650 in a non-ABS variant for those on a very tight budget, but we’re still determining if that’s a bonus. Given its $7,399 price tag, shopping for one of Suzuki’s best-selling models—one you probably won’t be able to drive for a while—will be accessible. The Suzuki SV650 ABS is also part of our Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023 and Top Ten Best Motorcycles Up to 750cc in the World in 2023.

2023 Yamaha MT-07 | $8,199

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

With a few minor adjustments, this bike, which has frequently made “best of” lists lately, will undoubtedly make it. Although its 689cc parallel twin was replaced in 2021 to meet Euro 5 emissions regulations, Yamaha’s trendy MT-07 naked bike has complemented the modern UJM. Its CP2 engine continues to excite riders of all skill levels with plenty of low- and mid-range power on tap. Surprisingly, the Yamaha MT-07 has secured its name among the list of Top Ten Best Motorcycles for Short Riders in 2023 and Top Ten Best Motorcycles Up to 750cc in the World in 2023 on Bikes Catalog.

Don’t even call it a budget bike. The 689cc parallel twin will be eager to switch into hooligan mode in the right hands and record 67 horsepower at 8,700 rpm. Even so, thanks to the linear powerband and constant throttle response, less experienced riders can still be satisfied. It’s easy to understand why the MT-07 appeals to novice and experienced pilots alike when considering its agile handling, torquey power delivery, accessible ergonomics, and reasonable price for the whole package.

2023 Triumph Trident 660 | $8,595

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

You can describe Triumph’s new Trident 660 roadster as spirited yet well-mannered, go-getter yet easy to work with. Its improved features should be reflected in our description when it first debuted last year: “The most accessible, both in price, ergonomics and engine character.” The Triumph Trident 660 is also enlisted among the Top Ten Best 600cc Motorcycles in India in 2023 and Top Ten Best Bikes Upto 750cc in the World in 2023 on Bikes Catalog

Beginners need not worry, as Trident’s all-new 659cc inline-triple engine with liquid cooling and DOHC technology is known for its user-friendly power delivery. However, the bike doesn’t necessarily shy away from contemporary technology either, as it also features ride-by-wire technology, traction control, ABS, and a TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity. The bike’s wide, flat torque curve makes it relatively easy to tune acceleration from virtually anywhere, making it very accessible to less experienced riders. However, because of the Trident’s enticing triple-trumpet exhaust howl, opening the throttle is guaranteed to be on the list for more experienced riders. We said that with a “lightly flickable feel” and a menacing, stable quality at low speeds, the Trident’s handling is guaranteed to inspire confidence.

2023 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone | $9,190

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

We are looking for a European middleweight with 100 years of history that’s fun to ride. You only have Moto Guzzi as an option, and many of its V7 series bikes are priced under $10,000. Guzzi updated its venerable V7 line in 2021, and the new 853cc Euro 5-compliant engine significantly improves a bike we admire for its agile handling and exceptional design. It has been done.

We’re looking at a claimed 65 hp at 6,800 rpm (up from 52 hp previously), and Guzzi claims the new V7s accelerate faster, too. The engine is notable not only for its larger volume but also for its newly enlarged exhaust manifold configuration. Apart from improvements to the transmission, suspension, and frame, this generation vehicle also comes standard with traction control and ABS. Even so, the V7 still lacks rider aids beyond the TC above and ABS, but that’s a feature that adds to its appeal. The V7 is still a stylish, retro standard, and the Goose stands out in a sea of look-alikes with its distinctive transverse twin configuration, shaft drive, and timeless elegance.

2023 Honda Rebel 1100 | $9,499

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023

You could spend around $8K on a perfectly serviceable mid-size V-twin cruiser, but that would mean giving up the Rebel 1100’s extra power, contemporary features, and overall utility. The Rebel 1100 uses the tried-and-true 1,083cc parallel-twin unicam engine from the previous Africa Twin adventure bike, returned with a larger flywheel for the cruiser loop. You won’t find V-Twin on the Honda either. However, four ride modes, LED lighting, ABS, and traction control are available, and a dual-clutch gearbox (DCT) is also an option that automatically shifts through six ratios without using a clutch lever. . The bike can reach 80 mph in third gear, weighs less than 500 pounds, and costs less than $10,000.

With a modest 27.5-inch seat height and balanced, neutral handling characteristics for confidence at moderate speeds, the 1100 is likewise accessible to most riders. All these features makes 2023 Honda Rebel 1100 a proud member of Top Ten Best Honda Motorcycles in 2023 on Bikes Catalog.

Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Bikes under $10000 in 2023
1 2023 Honda Rebel 1100 | $9,499
2 2023 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone | $9,190
3 2023 Triumph Trident 660 | $8,595
4 2023 Yamaha MT-07 | $8,199
5 2023 Suzuki SV650 ABS | $7,849
6 2023 KTM 390 Duke | $5,899
7 2023 Honda CRF300L | $5,399
8 2023 Kawasaki Z400 ABS | $5,399
9 2023 CFMoto 300NK | $4,199
10 2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 | $3,999

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