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Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle Review Specs Price


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Our CRF300L dual-sport motorcycles are very well received. That’s hardly surprising, considering how entertaining, portable, sturdy, wonderfully competent, and inexpensive they all are. To make those long days in the saddle more enjoyable and to provide you with some additional wind- and weather protection, we have upgraded our “standard” CRF300L to become the CRF300L Rally by adding a bigger fuel tank, some more bodywork and a rally-style windscreen. It’s a fantastic pick for hitting the pavement and the dirt. Anti-lock brakes are an option on the Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle. If you spend any amount of time riding a CRF300L Rally, you’ll quickly come to appreciate its versatility. The CRF300L Rally is based on the ordinary CRF300L, but it has been upgraded with features aimed at increasing rider comfort, such as hand guards, a larger fuel tank, and a windscreen fitted to the frame. The CRF300L Rally conjures up visions of the Dakar while still serving as a decent commuter and an accessible, inexpensive entrée into the ADV realm.

Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle

Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle – Features and Specs

Choose Your Destination

The new CRF300 RALLY, designed for the daring dual-sport rider, is a tiny-capacity motorcycle with tremendous attributes. The giant fuel tank and wind-cheating front fairing and screen enhance its off-road capability while channeling the aggressive aesthetic of the competition-specific HRC CRF450 RALLY. The CRF300 RALLY is the ideal companion for your travels, whether they take you across town or the globe, thanks to its reduced weight and increased engine power and torque.

Driving Force

More strength, reduced bulk, and better ease of travel point the way to uncharted territory.

For the CRF300 Rally, we shaved a whopping 4 kilograms off the frame and added 2.7 liters of gasoline capacity to each tank. The height of the handlebars has been raised for the rider’s convenience, especially on lengthy rides. The foot pegs now have rubber inserts, and the seat is 10mm lower. The Assist/Slipper Clutch-equipped, liquid-cooled, 4V DOHC single-cylinder EURO5 engine generates 20.1kW of peak power and 26.6Nm of torque for robust responsiveness in all directions. The increased ride height and Gear Position indication in the instrument cluster are helpful in rough terrain.

Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle

The open road beckons. Where will it take you?

The CRF300 RALLY’s lightweight frame, long-travel suspension, and quick engine are all about delivering freedom. However, this motorbike is also about freedom: the freedom to travel anywhere you like, thanks to its large gasoline tank and its other extensive features.

Ready to go with the Honda CRF300 Rally. The Honda CRF300 Rally is all about independence.

It’s built for riders who desire an easy-to-control vehicle for their daily commute, weekend trip, or cross-country adventures. More power, less weight, a more extended range from the tank, a more comfortable riding posture, and higher ground clearance all add up to a quest-ready package.

Single-Cylinder Engine

For a bike like the CRF300L Rally, a single-cylinder engine is ideal. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and economical on gas.

Double-Overhead-Cam Construction

Honda engines have traditionally been known for their high level of craftsmanship. The CRF300L Rally’s engine is an excellent illustration of this. The double-overhead-cam design allows for effortless revolving, maximized efficiency, and little upkeep.

Fuel Injection

With fuel injection, your motorcycle will function normally, even in extreme temperatures or at high altitudes. In addition to being very economical, your bike’s carburetor jets will never get blocked by sitting idle.

Styling Rally Bike Styling

A genuine rally vehicle may be identified by its tall windscreen, extra-coverage fairing and side panels, and blended, frame-mounted bodywork. You’ll love how the CRF300L Rally looks, inspired by our championship-winning Dakar Rally race bikes and the additional protection it provides from the wind and rain.

Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle

Dakar-Inspired Bodywork

Our Dakar-winning racing motorcycles inspired the bodywork of the CRF300L Rally. It’s aesthetically pleasing and practical, thanks to the seamless integration of the bodywork parts, tank, and seat that makes getting around the bike a breeze.

Slim Seat Front

As you go forward on the bike or come to a halt, you’ll appreciate the CRF300L Rally’s compact front seat.

More Footroom

When wearing bulky off-road riding boots, you’ll appreciate the extra space provided by the engine’s and foot pegs’ relative placements in the chassis.

Polished Black Rims

The glossy black rims look excellent and are simple to maintain.

Engineering Engine Counterbalancer

The counterbalance makes the engine operate very quietly and smoothly. You may enjoy the smoothness of a multi-cylinder dirt bike with the power and compact size of a single.

Fuel Injection

The CRF300L Rally’s fuel injection system makes starting easy, even in freezing temperatures. It helps reduce pollutants, improves performance, and uses less gas than a bike with a carburetor.

Integrated Rear Master Cylinder

We have included the reservoir for the rear brake fluid in the design of the master cylinder. Off-road durability is improved by the design’s compactness, cleanliness, and ability to be tucked away.

Large Sidestand Foot

A significant side stand foot was added on the CRF300L Rally. It may seem like an addition, but it will be helpful while going off-road or parking in a hot asphalt lot.

Comfortable Seating Position

The long motocross-style seat lets for easy forward, backward, left, and proper movement, making it extremely comfortable to travel across varied terrain.

Cargo Convenience

Bungee cords and specialized luggage hooks make it simple to strap a small load to the passenger seat. It’s one of the many thoughtful additions that make these bikes adaptable. You may store tiny, valuable objects safely in the left-side storage box.

Digital Instrumentation

The digital gauges and indicators on the CRF300L Rally are big and simple to read. A tachometer, clock, double trip meter, and speedometer are all included.

Large Fuel Tank

The 3.4-gallon fuel capacity of the CRF300L Rally’s tank allows for trips of more significant duration.

Passenger Ready

The CRF300L Rally is designed to accommodate a passenger thanks to its spacious seat and foldable, frame-mounted passenger foot pegs.

Rubber-Insert Pegs

The footpegs of the CRF300L Rally have rubber inserts. The advantages of both worlds are present. The rubber pads reduce fatigue from road vibration, while the cleated steel pegs provide a secure grip on off-road surfaces.

Handling 21-inch/18-inch Front And Rear Wheels

You may choose from a wide variety of tires for both rough off-road trail riding and smooth on-road experiences thanks to the 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels.

Disc Brakes

Front and rear hydraulic discs provide superior stopping power and braking feel for on- and off-road usage on the CRF300L Rally. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are an available extra. Bonus: The rear wheel ABS can be turned off for dirt riding and quickly turned on once you return to the pavement.

More Ground Clearance

We boosted the ground clearance to 10.9 inches by repositioning the engine higher in the frame during the redesign process.

Inverted Fork

Large 43mm sliders may be found on the upside-down Showa® fork. That makes the CRF300L Rally sturdy and contributes to its excellent handling on and off the road.

Pro-Link Rear Suspension

The CRF300L Rally’s single-shock Pro-Link rear suspension contributes much to the bike’s high quality of life and the rider’s sense of security.

Strong Steel Frame

The robust steel frame is built to last on the rough roads or off-road trails of the real world. You receive an even greater feel because of the well-calibrated frame stiffness.

Design / Styling

The CRF300L Rally has the most enormous gasoline tank in its class at 3.4 gallons, making it ready for any adventure. Due mainly to the model’s exceptional fuel efficiency, tests revealed a range of more than 250 miles.

Similar to the Monster Energy Honda factory rally bikes, this one has a small rear portion to facilitate smooth rider mobility and to concentrate bulk towards the front of the bike, where it belongs. Eye-catching red, white, black, and blue graphics compliment a black frame, much like the CRF Performance series.

Components are light to keep overall vehicle weight relatively low.

Posture on the Bike The riding posture was developed to maximize rider input and control. The rubber foot-peg platforms and handlebar weights (5.8 ounces each) work together to dampen vibration, while the handlebar sweep ensures a comfortable elbow posture and easy steering. The seat is 190mm wide and has a rubber mounting cushion for comfort, but the front is small, so the rider’s feet may touch the ground. There are conventional passenger footrests.


The digital meter’s big, legible lettering stands against the white backdrop. Functions such as gear position, fuel mileage, and gasoline consumption are included in addition to speed, clock, and rpm information.

Engine / Drivetrain

The size and stroke of the liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine are 76.0mm and 63.0mm, yielding a displacement of 286cc. The bottom and middle portions of the rev range, where the power production is highest, are heavily used for city riding and off-road travel.

Having an oversized 38mm throttle body and an exhaust system that not only produces low sound output but also keeps vibrations to a minimum allows for reasonable throttle control, particularly at low rpm. The engine’s counterbalance ensures quiet operation, and its rocker-arm valve train allows for a small cylinder head.


The six-speed gearbox strikes a perfect mix of suitable for city, long-distance, and off-road applications thanks to its tight spacing in the lower ratios and wide spacing in the upper gears, allowing for optimal gear selection while still permitting comfortable high-speed cruising.


The CRF300L Rally benefits from an assist/slipper clutch that makes vigorous downshifting easier for the bike and reduces the effort required to engage the clutch.

Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle

Chassis / Suspension

Thanks to meticulous component selection, the vehicle’s overall mass is kept to a minimum. For instance, the bottom triple clamp is made of aluminum rather than steel, which reduces the amount of effort required to steer and maintains a low center of gravity.

Frame / Swingarm

The frame’s weight was reduced by fine-tuning its primary components, and the bike’s maneuverability and rider feedback were improved by adjusting the bike’s lateral stiffness. The cradle tubes have a diameter of 25.4mm. As a bonus, the ground clearance is an impressive 10.9 inches, making it less likely that the rider would encounter any obstacles when traversing rugged off-road terrain. A similar effort was put into optimizing the swingarm’s lateral and torsional stiffness, and its overall cross-section is meant to offer a consistent distribution of twists, leading to a pleasant riding experience and predictable handling. Because of its light construction, the swingarm provides responsive suspension.


The rear suspension is a Pro-Link® mainshock, and the front is a 43mm inverted Showa fork. The front and rear suspensions have generous travel of 10.2 inches and 10.4 inches, respectively, for superior performance on and off-road.

Wheels / Brakes

The brand-new front wheels are 21 inches in diameter, and the rear wheels are 18 inches in diameter, much like those on high-performance off-road vehicles. The black aluminum wheels have been polished to a high sheen, making them attractive and straightforward. The space in the rear axle helps keep the unsprung weight down.

The front and back wheels feature hydraulic brakes with rotor sizes of 296mm and 220mm, respectively, and optional ABS for safe, controlled stopping in various situations. The reservoir is built inside the rear brake master cylinder, much as on the CRF Performance series, providing a streamlined appearance. In off-road conditions, you may find it helpful to disable the ABS in the back.


Various power outlets, more giant foot pegs, heated grips, a top box, a rack, and more are all available as Honda Accessories.

Following today’s EPA and CARB regulations

Because of emission-control technology, the California version is somewhat different.

Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle – Price

The new Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle is available at $6,449 only.

Honda 2023 CRF300L Rally ABS Dual Sports Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 286.0cc liquid-cooled, 25º single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train DOHC; four valves
Bore x Stroke 76.0mm x 63.0mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Induction PGM-FI fuel injection w/ 38mm throttle body
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric
Transmission 6-speed manual
Clutch Multiplate wet
Final Drive 14T/40T; #520 O-ring-sealed chain


Front 43mm telescopic inverted fork; 10.2 in. travel
Rear Pro-Link® system w/ single shock; 10.2 in. travel


Front Single two-piston hydraulic caliper w/ 296mm disc; ABS
Rear Single one-piston hydraulic caliper w/ 220mm disc; ABS


Front 80/100-21
Rear 120/80-18


Rake (Caster Angle) 27.5º
Trail 109mm
Length 87.8 in.
Width 36.2 in.
Height 55.9 in.
Ground Clearance 10.9 in.
Seat Height 35.2 in.
Wheelbase 57.2 in.
Fuel Capacity 3.4 gal. (incl. .6 gal. Reserve)
Curb Weight 335 lbs.


Color Red

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