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Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

It would not be easy to buy a quality new motorcycle at a reasonable price, with prices going up everywhere. Naturally, all the attention is focused on flashy bikes with advanced features and performance, but once you start looking at price tags in the five-figure region, window shopping stops being fun. After all, many people want a good, reliable, affordable motorcycle that offers a lot of fun.

But still, there is hope. We settled on $9,000 as a fair price point and selected ten bikes that offer exceptional value for less or more. One of these bikes will suit your needs as the selection is quite varied.

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023 – Top Rated

Suzuki SV650 – $7,299 / $7,749 (ABS)

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

The Suzuki SV650 should be mentioned in any discussion about bikes that are the best buy or value for money. And for good reason: Since its release in 1999, the SV has been an elusive combination of amiable demeanor, excellent performance, and pure fun—all for a price that’s made it Suzuki’s best for years and a best-selling model.

The 645cc DOHC V-Twin engine’s broad, sweet powerband is accessible enough for novice riders while offering plenty of torquey thrusts to satisfy experienced riders (the 2017 update produced more horsepower and emissions maintained, which was always clean and sufficient to comply with strict rules). The bike’s handling is responsive, neutral, and stable thanks to the steel tube trellis frame, and thanks to the 30.9-inch seat height, the SV won’t surprise beginners when coming to a stop.

Yamaha MT-07 – $7,899

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

In 2014, Yamaha developed its little brother, the 689cc parallel-twin powered MT-07, using the cross-plane crankshaft lessons learned from the larger MT-09. The bike was instantly popular. The MT-07’s quick-revving twin-cylinder engine, with a 270-degree crankshaft, delivers plenty of high-speed torque and a solid mid-range boost in the first few gears if you’re feeling adventurous. I will lift the front wheel. Plenty of top-end power is available without the grating vibrations or droning exhaust notes in traditional 180-degree crankshaft parallel-twin engines. The steel tube chassis and carefully calibrated suspension provide nimble handling without wobbling or swaying, allowing you to ride the bike quickly wherever you want.

Honda Navi – $1,807

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

And the Honda Navi wins the prize for the least expensive bike on this “bikes under $9,000” list. Although the Navi is essentially a scooter, it has a feature that encourages more people to get on two wheels. No perfect scooter comes cheap these days, but Navi’s value holds up, as an MSRP of $1,807 essentially breaks the $2K barrier, which only some scooters can claim. Those that fall below this range are undoubtedly inferior to Honda regarding building quality and establishing an established dealer network.

However, Navi doesn’t sacrifice quality or functionality to achieve this price. It has a 15-liter kid storage compartment where a motorcycle engine would generally be, a 109cc OHC air-cooled single-cylinder engine that produces significantly better acceleration and power than the average 50cc scooter, and a single rear shock and telescopic front forks that contribute to a reasonably smooth ride.

Royal Enfield INT650 – $5,999 – $6,699

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

With the authentic look and feel of a vintage 70’s motorcycle today, it’s more complicated than you think, with enough modern modifications to keep it fun, practical, and, most importantly, affordable. With the INT650, Royal Enfield has succeeded in doing just that. The bike is devoid of any fancy hi-tech equipment, or computerized rider aids (except ABS). It was a shockingly excellent overall performance, and that reminds you why you started riding motorcycles in the first place: for fun.

With its 270-degree firing range, the INT650’s air/oil-cooled SOHC 648cc parallel-twin eight-valve engine offers smooth, enveloping, and accessible power. At the same time, the steel double-downtube cradle chassis with Gabriel rear shocks is delicious. Presents as Yet neutral handling. The roomy riding posture, with its tall tubular handlebars, low-set footpegs, and tall single-piece seat, is straight out of the 1970s.

Yamaha YZF-R7 – $8,999

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

Yamaha’s YZF-R7 is a supersport bike based on its appearance, but that doesn’t mean it’s a high-strung thoroughbred that demands exceptional riding abilities to extract even a little speed. The R7, based on the most popular MT-07, aims to deliver performance that is considerably more friendly and accessible than the previous generation’s shrieking 15,000-rpm middleweight sportbikes.

While the R7 weighs 8 pounds more than the MT-07, it uses the same 689cc DOHC parallel-twin engine as the MT-07, providing fun, balanced, and beginner-friendly power instead of the intimidating peakiness of supersport inline-fours. The chassis has also been subtly modified, and a fully adjustable suspension has been added for faster and more stable handling than even race-prepared MT-07s.

The clip-on bars are higher for reduced fatigue on the street, and the riding position is quite athletic but not quite as dramatic as the original R6. The pricing of the R7 also reflects the emphasis on accessibility: it is priced at $8,999 MSRP as opposed to the 600cc inline-four’s constantly rising five-figure prices. The R7, therefore, fits the bill whether you’re an experienced rider looking for a fun alternative to the typical pricey supersport machinery or a rookie rider wishing to refine your skills on a bike that makes the process much easier.

Kawasaki Z400 ABS – $5,399

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

The Kawasaki Z400 ABS, essentially a bare, stripped-down version of the class-dominating Ninja 400, combines all the elegant performance of its fully faired cousin with a more relaxed upright Ergos. The same 399cc DOHC eight-valve parallel-twin engine as its Ninja sibling offers the responsive and revvy power to keep an experienced rider entertained while quickly gaining confidence for a rookie. So it can be easy and friendly.

The steel-tube-trails chassis, which provides light and agile handling but with softer suspension rates to reflect the Z400’s less sporty intentions, is also Ninja-like. Weight reduction is a crutial factor in the Z400’s agile handling. At 364 pounds with a full fuel tank, the Kawasaki weighs much less than most of its competitors, often by as much as 50 pounds.

Honda CB500X – $7,199

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

Honda’s CB500X is the only motorcycle you need if you’re a rider on a tight budget looking for a versatile entry-level adventure-style motorcycle focused on pavement but able to conquer gravel roads. There is more. Honda’s CB500X, the ADV variant of the CB500 trio, differs from the CB500F and CBR500R models thanks to its long-travel suspension, 19-inch front wheel, floor-slung ADV-style fenders on both the front and rear, and front quarter. There are tires. It was fairing with a tall, two-level adjustable windscreen, tall handlebars, and a large fuel tank.

The 500X’s exceptionally flat torque curve and respectable power output from the 471cc DOHC parallel-twin engine make it both a friendly and capable companion on the road and capable and easy to handle off-road. Improved handling on both paved and unpaved roads will result from suspension improvements for 2022, with a Showa 41mm SFF-BP fork up front, updated spring/damping rates in the rear shock, and a lighter/stronger swingarm. Included. Compared to the predecessor’s single 310mm disc, two 296mm brake discs up front deliver more power with less effort.

KTM 390 Adventure – $6,799

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

It would be easy to believe that the smallest bike in KTM’s Adventure line is a budget-friendly model with entry-level features and parts. An actual ADV vehicle, the 390 Adventure has exceptional off-road prowess and excellent on-road handling.

The Adventure’s 373cc DOHC single-cylinder engine has a design similar to the 390 Duke and offers smooth throttle response, excellent top-end power, and plenty of torque. You can easily sustain more extensive and expensive ADV vehicles through the most challenging dirt sections thanks to the trackability and dial-in spring/damping rates (both adjustable) of the WP Apex fork and shock.

The most diminutive adventurer’s street handling isn’t sacrificed for off-road prowess. The 390 is light and can be driven through a turn at 387 pounds on full fuel, and firm off-road suspension rates prevent the chassis from flexing unnecessarily when braking or accelerating.

Kawasaki KLR650 – $6,899 / $7,199 (Non-ABS / ABS)

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

Few motorcycles had a 35-year production history, and even fewer could say that the first 20 of those years saw relatively little innovation. The KLR650 from Kawasaki is the workhorse of ADV/dual sport motorcycles. It lacks fancy electronic gadgets, multi-cylinder high-displacement engines, and trick suspension components. The bike also got fuel injection in the 2022 model upgrade. Nevertheless, the KLR650 has maintained strong sales throughout the years due to its rugged, adaptable, affordable, and reliable performance.

The tried-and-true 651cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine provides plenty of bottom-end muscle to chew up more challenging trails and plenty of power to drive at reasonable speeds on the interstate, all the while. Uses normal-grade unleaded fuel. This suspension can handle most off-road challenges while still being compatible for use on pavement. Ergos are comfortable all day. Additionally, you’ll go longer on those trips thanks to the 6.1-gallon fuel tank.

Triumph Trident 660 – $8,395

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023

It’s rare to find a mid-weight model from a well-known European brand for under $9K. Apart from falling short of this benchmark, the Triumph Trident 660 also delivers excellent performance and adaptability.

For experienced riders, the Trident’s 660cc inline-triple engine delivers plenty of torquey midrange responsiveness and screaming top-end power but is smooth enough down low to not overwhelm novice riders. Overall stability is preferred over agility and agility in handling. Nonetheless, the car’s deliciously neutral steering and grounded feel inspire confidence. Its claimed curb weight is just 417 pounds when fully fueled, and the well-chosen suspension settings also contribute.

The brakes, responsive but still powerful enough for experienced pilots, share the same initial friendly feel. In contrast to its rivals’ hard futuristic lines and shapes, the Trident’s appearance reverses more traditional looks, with a round fuel tank, a round headlight, and a single round TFT instrument panel.

Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Motorcycles under $9000 in 2023
1 Suzuki SV650 – $7,299 / $7,749 (ABS)
2 Yamaha MT-07 – $7,899
3 Honda Navi – $1,807
4 Royal Enfield INT650 – $5,999 – $6,699
5 Yamaha YZF-R7 – $8,999
6 Kawasaki Z400 ABS – $5,399
7 Honda CB500X – $7,199
8 KTM 390 Adventure – $6,799
9 Kawasaki KLR650 – $6,899 / $7,199 (Non-ABS / ABS)
10 Triumph Trident 660 – $8,395

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