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2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle Review Specs Price

Introducing the brand-new Triumph Trident 660 ushers a new era for the Triumph Roadster sub-segment, which is currently one of the most active and thrilling in the motorcycle industry. A new generation of riders can now enter the Triumph world on a motorcycle that offers class-leading riding agility, exciting performance enhanced by the state-of-the-art safety features, and an iconic and up-to-date British design thanks to the combination of its minimalist design, class-leading technology, and a new 660cc triple powertrain.

The new 660 triple engine was created exclusively for the Trident, including 67 new components and impressive torque and power-rich tuning, bringing all the character and performance benefits of a triple to the middle-weight category for the first time.

The triple’s distinctive smooth, responsive, and linear delivery will give the Trident rider an ideal blend of low-down torque, mid-range, and top-end power. The result is a power plant that takes the finest features of a twin and a four-cylinder engine and combines them into one, providing a significant performance boost across the board.

2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle

The all-new 660 triple engine is finely balanced, allowing maximum performance while usable in daily situations. With a peak power of 81PS at 10,250 rpm and maximum torque of 64Nm at 6,250 rpm, all Trident riders will benefit from strong and linear management and torque delivery.

2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle – Features and Specs

A2-compliance kit

There is an A2-compliant accessory package that includes the APS twist grip and custom engine tuning required by the standard. The engine’s maximum power output is capped at 47.8PS at 8,750rpm and 51Nm at 5,250rpm to remain A2-compliant. Once the rider has their full license, the dealer may remove the restriction and restore full power.

Stylish Silencer: Distinctive Triple Sound

The Trident 660 features the finest sound quality of any bike in its class, a feat made possible by a sleek new underslung silencer. The single-sided silencer produces a low, clear engine sound, uniquely Triumph triple.

Effortless Performance

The final drive and gear ratios of the 6-speed transmission on the Triumph Trident have been fine-tuned to complement the Trident’s dynamic riding capabilities and dependability. The new span-optimized clutch lever on the slip and assist clutch adds to these positive qualities by allowing for a light pull, which in turn reduces rider fatigue and makes the bike well-suited for use in congested city environments. A Triumph shift assist up-and-down quick shifter is an add-on that allows the rider to upshift and downshift without using the clutch, making for a more fluid and sporty riding experience.

2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle

Designed To Deliver Best-In-Class Handling

The new Trident has a light steering weight, low seat height, and small width—all of which contribute to a thrilling, nimble ride that inspires confidence. The Trident is a beautiful motorcycle that is just as enjoyable to ride thanks to its low 189kg wet weight, all-new tubular steel frame, an ergonomic set-up that is comfortable for both novice and experienced riders, lightweight 17″ aluminum spoke wheels and tapered aluminum handlebars.

Ergonomics that are both pleasant and easy to use

With its low 805 mm seat height that enables most people to get their feet flat on the floor at a standstill without feeling cramped, the Trident’s chassis and riding position that has been designed to feel comfortable while also being engaging for the rider. The seat’s thick foam composition accommodates the rider and pillion without sacrificing the bike’s aesthetics, another thoughtful design feature. Accessories like pillion grab grips may further improve the Trident’s ergonomics and aesthetics while also increasing the passenger’s level of comfort.

Premium branded components

The Trident’s excellent Showa suspension setup lets it quickly go over any surface.

Showa upside-down separate function forks provide 120mm of front wheel travel, while a Showa preload-adjustable mono shock with a linkage can be found in the Trident’s rear suspension. The Trident’s rear suspension can be adjusted for preload. It has 133.5 millimeters of wheel travel, so you can take a passenger without sacrificing the bike’s exceptional handling or thrilling ride.

Michelin Road 5 tires are standard equipment, and their industry-leading attributes contribute to the vehicle’s agile and stable handling in all weather. As an add-on, you may get a tire pressure monitoring system.

Nissin brakes, which come standard on the Trident, have twin lightweight 310mm discs up front and a single-piston caliper in the back, providing exceptional stopping power and rounding off the Trident’s high-tech setup.

2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle

Category-Leading Technology As Standard

The Trident’s unrivaled quality of rider-focused technology complements its already excellent value for money and class-leading safety setup.

Instruments with many functions and a TFT screen

The Triumph Trident has a sleek new instrument panel with a color TFT screen merged with a crystal clear ‘white-on-black’ LCD, allowing the rider to see all relevant data in a minimalist, uncluttered layout. When combined with the specialized My Triumph Connectivity System accessory module, the instruments may also serve as a turn-by-turn navigation system, allowing the rider to operate the GoPro, as well as the rider’s phone and music, all wirelessly over Bluetooth from the convenience of the handlebar-mounted switch cubes.

Category-leading standard fit electronics

The new Trident is equipped with three cutting-edge technological innovations as standard, all contributing to the rider’s comfort and enjoyment: two distinct riding modes, variable traction control, and ride-by-wire. Electronic adjustments to the throttle map and traction control are made in the ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’ riding modes to increase the rider’s confidence, management, and safety. Thanks to ride-by-wire technology, the throttle map may be fine-tuned for a more responsive and tailored driving experience. The 660 Triple Engine’s power is governed by a switchable traction control system that is built into both riding modes and can be disabled from the instrument panel. Nissin’s powerful braking system is made even more controlled and secure by the anti-lock braking system (ABS), which comes standard on the Trident 660.

All-LED lighting

A premium Triumph logo is integrated into the new 7-inch full LED headlamp that is standard on the all-new Trident 660. Beautifully integrated LED taillight with Triumph logo and LED indicators that automatically turn off continue the system’s attention to detail in this regard. Scrolling indications are offered as an optional extra further to elevate the Trident’s air of contemporary elegance.

Accessory fit technology

Triumph dealers will provide a selection of accessories designed specifically for the Trident 660 that may augment the bikes already impressive basic features and technology. Those who ride in the winter may benefit from an under-seat USB charging plug and heated grips, which can be added with little effort. The alarm or tracker may be connected to a constant monitoring system, depending on the market.

Unique New Trident Character And Style

Triumph’s legendary design DNA is fused with more than a hint of our Speed Triple’s powerful composure to create the new Trident 660, a one-of-a-kind modern Triumph roadster style and character.

Unique Trident features

The new Triumph Trident 660 has many unique elements that give it its iconic appearance, including a 14L fuel tank, a new modern design style, and Triumph’s signature knee cut-outs. The black, athletic style of the lightweight cast aluminum five-spoke wheels accentuates the bike’s aggressive appearance. The Trident has a sleek redesigned swing arm and a light, minimalist rear design that has a number plate hanger that is seamlessly merged with the taillights.

2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle

2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle – Price

The 2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle is available for $8,195 only.

2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

Engine And Transmission

Type Liquid-cooled, 12 valves, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder
Capacity 660cc
Bore 74mm
Stroke 51.1mm
Compression 11.95:1
Maximum Power 81 PS / 80 bhp (60kW) at 10,250rpm
(A2 restriction) 47PS / 46bhp (35kW) at 8,750rpm
Maximum Torque 64 Nm (47 lbft) at 6,250rpm
59 Nm at 5,250 rpm (A2 restriction)
Fuel System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection, including electronic throttle control
Exhaust Stainless steel three-into-one header system with low single-sided stainless steel silencer
Final Drive X-ring chain
Clutch Wet, multi-plate, slip & assist
Gearbox Six speed


Frame Tubular steel perimeter frame
Swingarm Twin-sided, fabricated steel
Front Wheel Cast aluminium, 17 x 3.5 inches
Rear Wheel Cast aluminium, 17 x 5.5 inches
Front Tyre 120/70R17
Rear Tyre 180/55R17
Front Suspension Showa 41 mm of upside-down separate function forks (SFF)
Rear Suspension Showa mono-shock RSU, including preload adjustment
Front Brakes Nissin two-piston sliding calipers, twin 310mm discs, ABS
Rear Brakes Nissin single-piston sliding caliper, single 255mm disc, ABS
Instruments Multi-function instruments with color TFT screen

2022 Triumph Trident 660 Street Motorcycle

Dimensions & Weights

Length 2020 mm (79.5 in)
Width (Handlebars) 795 mm (31.3 in)
Height Without Mirrors 1089 mm (42.9 in)
Seat Height 805 mm (31.7 in)
Wheelbase 1401 mm (55.2 in)
Rake 24.6 °
Trail 107.3 mm (4.22 in)
Wet weight 189 kg (417 lb)
Fuel Tank Capacity 14 liters (3.7 US gal)

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