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Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

Electrics are more attractive than ever because of better specs and different looks—concerns about range, high weight, high cost, lack of infrastructure for charging, etc. The flood of complaints about electric motorcycles never seems to end, but the truth is that current manufacturers are constantly (albeit slowly) addressing the most frequently expressed concerns. The sheer variety of electric models available in 2023 will warn many riders that a new era of battery-powered motorcycles is upon us.

Whether you accept them or not, there is no doubt that electric vehicles are becoming more common in our sport. This list reveals many vehicles, from tourers and scooters to motocrossers and utility mopeds. In other words, the brave new world of electric vehicles has something for everyone. Continue reading if you enjoy a quiet ride, fashionable designs, replaceable batteries, and advanced technology.

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023 – Top-Rated

2023 Sondors MetaCycle | 20 hp (peak) | $6,500

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

Despite the extended gestation time, unexpected production delays, and design changes, Saunders’ initial attempt at an electric motorcycle, the lightweight Metacycle, remains attractive for its features and cost. Now that the bikes are finally shipping to customers, the $6,500 price—still the lowest for a street-legal, highway-worthy bike—replaces the original $5,000.

The Meta’s distinctive cast aluminum “exo” frame makes it look like a large moped, which is appropriate since Saunders is known for building bicycles; however, with its 20 horsepower and 130 lb.-ft. 14.5kW (peak) of peak torque from a permanent magnet, it can compete with full-size motorcycles. While that may not sound like much, it can reach a top speed of 80 mph, and you can customize the ride with three different modes.

Two two-piston hydraulic brakes slow your roll, and the large 4,000Wh lithium-ion battery (removed with tools) can be fully charged in three hours and forty-five minutes using a conventional, portable 110c AC charger.

2023 BMW CE 04 | 42 hp | $12,195

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

Even in production form, BMW’s futuristic-looking CE 04 will stir up debate. It was an impressive visionary. A claimed peak power output of 42 horsepower and a top speed of 75 mph will likely grab most people’s attention, but other notable features include the 10.25-inch TFT display and low-slung, stretch-out steel body.

An 8.9kWh battery located directly at the bottom of the chassis powers a liquid-cooled permanent magnet motor, which generates plenty of power and allows for air cooling. According to BMW, a full 100 percent charge from a typical home 110V outlet will take about six hours (a fast charger is optional), giving you 80 miles of range under normal conditions. This huge TFT display lets you select music and navigation, make phone calls, connect to a Bluetooth helmet, and access three riding modes.

The CE 04 is the only mid-size electric scooter available from a major motorcycle manufacturer and is a highly commendable piece of engineering and practical urban commuting. However, given its $12,195 starting MSRP, it’s a costly alternative.

2023 Stark Varg | 80 hp | Starting at $12,900 (60 hp option)

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

Stark Futures means business with a new category. The company’s motocrosser is a well-thought-out design that uses a streamlined engine shape to reduce bulk and a battery housing with a honeycomb structure for strength and flexibility. The frame is made of chromoly steel. We mentioned that the Varg looked “absolutely competitive” and “ready for battle” during our first ride last year.

A fully adjustable 48mm fork and piggyback shock with 12.2 inches of travel at each end, a lightweight carbon-sleeved motor that produces 80 horsepower and an impressive 664.5 lb.-ft. Of torque to the rear wheel, all assist. In 150 minutes, a 6kWh battery can be fully charged using a conventional 120V charger.

Although Stark claims there are 100 riding modes, you can adjust settings on the brilliant display to keep the power usable, but even so, you still have a ton of power at your disposal. We also hear that getting a stark online is easy: fill in the required amount. Choose the power output (a 60 hp option will save you $1,000); Select rear wheel size; Select whether the rear brake is foot-operated or hand-operated; Enter the rider’s weight for the suspension setting; And choose your favorite color.

2023 Fuell Fllow | 47 hp | $12,995

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

The sleek and organic look of Erik Buell’s highly anticipated electric motorcycle is just the beginning of its many promising features. According to the initial press release, the Flow weighs just 400 pounds, has a quick charge time of less than 30 minutes for the integrated 10kWh battery, and has a remarkable city range of 150 miles. The exclusive Flow rear hub motor produces an incredible 553 lb.-ft.

It is of torque and is available in two sizes: 11kW and 35kW (15 and 47 horsepower, respectively). Tech features include ABS brakes with two ride modes, traction control, and integrated regeneration in the rear brake.

We’ll have to wait another year to test the well-thought-out electric bike designed for the urban jungle, which features an upside-down fork, patent-pending monocoque chassis, and 50 liters of secure storage and practical touches—connected dashboard and app. Fuell says deliveries aren’t expected until 2024, but pre-orders and deposits are being accepted at Fuell us.

2023 Zero FXE | 46 hp | Starting at $12,995

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

The Zero FXE, which is fast, challenging, and quite moto-like, exudes a playful vibe that is rare among the current generation of fiercely styled electric vehicles. Although some compromises have been made to save weight and keep the price down, the FXE needs to be more lively bare-bones, with an upside-down (and adjustable) 41mm Showa fork, an onboard 5-inch TFT dash, and lightweight aluminum.

There is a frame. The bike’s performance category shows a power rating of 46 horsepower and 78 lb.-ft. Of torque. While these numbers may not sound impressive, we found that the air-cooled mid-drive ZF 75-5 permanent magnet motor’s power plus was more than enough for our first ride. The bike’s light handling and easy-access ergonomics make commuting around town a breeze.

Zero claims that using a standard household plug, the 7.2kWh battery can be fully charged in 9.7 hours from the integrated 650W charger. A fast charger, which is more expensive, can complete the task in a little more than three hours. The FXE is a sleek, energetic, and ideal commuter car in the city.

2023 LiveWire S2 Del Mar | 84 hp | $15,499

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

The S2 Del Mar, LiveWire’s second model, is deliberately designed to be lighter, less expensive, and less potent than its One sister. The manufacturer has confirmed the S2’s output at 84 horsepower, with a peak torque of 194 lb.-ft., a 0-60 time of three seconds, and a top speed of 103 mph. We love the street tracker-esque appearance of the bike. With a highway rating of 70 miles (55 mph — a lot less if you pin it down) and a claimed range of 113 miles in the city, the S2 is aimed at urban customers.

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It has been targeted. However, considering that there is no street-legal electric vehicle under $20,000 that can go from 0 to 60 in under three seconds, it appears that the S2’s powerful performance is what will attract LiveWire customers depending on With a 10.5kWh battery; the S2 can be fully charged in 2.4 hours using Level 2 charging and 8.4 hours using a home outlet (LiveWire One’s Level 3 charging in Del Mar lack of skills). The Del Mar has an MSRP of $15,499 and is currently in production.

2023 LiveWire One | 105 hp | staring at $22,799

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

When Harley-Davidson unveiled the $30K Original LiveWire in 2020, most of what we heard was off-clicking wallets. Thankfully, the rebranded LiveWire One has a lot of the same technology as the original H-D electric car, including a sleek look, intuitive technology, and a powerful Revelation drivetrain with a 15.5kWh battery for motivation (all at an affordable price). ). The One’s 105 horsepower and 86 lb.-ft.

Torque delivers plenty of power without being overpowering, and most commuters will find its quiet running and easy handling appealing. Brembo brakes, fully adjustable suspension, a color touchscreen, safety technology (including traction control and improved anti-lock braking with electronic cornering), regenerative braking, and a security system are all standard. Using the Harley-Davidson app and the LTE-enabled telematics control unit, the onboard H-D Connect function allows riders to check in on their bikes remotely.

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According to LiveWire, the One has a range of 146 miles in urban driving, 95 miles in mixed environments, and a one-hour range for a DC fast charge. While the price of the One is still high, it makes sense considering its feature set, build quality, and factory support.

2023 Zero DSR/X | 100 hp | $24,495 |

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

Of course, an all-electric adventure bike would be nice. Zero has the most comprehensive portfolio of brands here. With over 15 years of experience in the electric vehicle market, we shouldn’t be too surprised to see the brand introduce the DSR/X to the growing adventure segment.

Of course, the DSR/X isn’t just an upgraded DSR. Instead, it’s an all-new bike with a new swingarm, frame, and subframe to withstand the added rigors of off-road riding. As such, you get better ground clearance, a long-travel fully adjustable Showa suspension, and 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels for off-road use. With a peak torque of 166 lb.-ft.

With 100 horsepower, the new Z-Force 75-10x motor produces the most torque of any Zero, yet the DSR/X still uses the same 17.3 kWh battery pack as Zero’s previous high-end models. Traction control, five ride modes, and switchable ABS all add confidence to the bitter stuff.

The DSR/X can also be charged quickly. A 95 percent charge can be achieved in 60 minutes with the optional Rapid Charge module, although that time can be extended to two hours with a Level 2 charger and ten hours with a standard connection.

2023 Energica Experia | 100 hp | Starting at $25,880

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

Energica hopes its Experia will help people overcome their range anxiety. With the largest battery capacity on an electric motorbike production, the Italian brand’s latest model is designed for long-distance, two-up comfort, according to the company.

The big news is the 22.5kWh battery, which weighs less despite being heavier. In contrast, a liquid-cooled permanent magnet motor has a peak horsepower rating of 100 hp and a continuous torque of 85 lb.-ft. The list of notable components is completed by ZF Sachs suspension, cornering ABS with Brembo brakes, and four riding modes.

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Energica claims an impressive range of 261 miles for the Experia, but that’s only for city riding. In mixed riding, the range drops to a less-than-impressive 160 miles, but the ability to use Level 3 fast charging (0–80 percent in 40 minutes) will undoubtedly help those looking for longer adventures.

Touring-friendly extras like an adjustable windscreen, an aerodynamic sport touring fairing, and plenty of hard luggage space — 112 liters between the top case and hard panniers — are also added to the Experia. If you’re a road warrior who cares about the environment, you should consider this more.

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2023 Lightning LS-218 | 244 hp | $38,988

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023

Upnext in the list of Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023 we have, LS-218. Most electric motorcycles can stop wholly and quickly. LS-218 is a motorcycle specially designed for high speed. Lightning claims the LS-218 can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in about two seconds, with a 150kW plus 10,500 rpm electric motor that’s liquid-cooled and produces 244 horsepower and 220 lb.-ft of torque. Has the ability to do so.

Three battery options are available: the base 15 kWh unit, which takes 180 miles; A mid-line 20 kWh pack, which can go up to 255 miles per charge in real-world riding. Or the top-line 28 kWh battery with Lightning Fast Charge system, claimed to give you 355 miles of range.

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The claimed average range of 188 miles at highway speeds is almost as impressive. Brembo brakes, fully adjustable Öhlins suspension front and rear, and a rapid 35-minute charge on the DC fast charger are just a few of the track-ready features. It will cost you: The LS-218 base model costs $38,988. Regarding the land speed record bundle? You need to call them.

Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Interesting Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2023
1 2023 Sondors MetaCycle | 20 hp (peak) | $6,500
2 2023 BMW CE 04 | 42 hp | $12,195
3 2023 Stark Varg | 80 hp | Starting at $12,900 (60 hp option)
4 2023 Fuell Fllow | 47 hp | $12,995
5 2023 Zero FXE | 46 hp | Starting at $12,995
6 2023 LiveWire S2 Del Mar | 84 hp | $15,499
7 2023 LiveWire One | 105 hp | starting at $22,799
8 2023 Zero DSR/X | 100 hp | $24,495 |
9 2023 Energica Experia | 100 hp | Starting at $25,880
10 2023 Lightning LS-218 | 244 hp | $38,988

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