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2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia Comparison Review

Here are the detailed comparison review of the 2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia.

2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia

2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia – Features Comparison

Battery = Range

The 17.3 kWh (15.2 kW nominal capacity) battery with the Zero DSR can be increased to 21 kWh by adding the 3.6 kWh Power Tank. The 3.6 kWh Power Tank would increase the 230 km range, making the Zero DSR a serious rival to the 22.5 kWh and 250 km range Energica Experia.

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2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia

In other words, more kWh with an Energica will give you less mileage than a Zero of the same capacity. An Energica uses more kWh for the same distance. It has come up a few times, but it’s unclear if it’s because Energica is heavier than usual or not.

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On that basis, a rider can estimate that 21 kWh with the Zero DSR will give a range close to what the Energica Experia can do.

2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia

Charging Speed = Waiting Time

The rider can only select between increasing range or charging speed because the Zero DSR only offers AC and cannot produce a combined battery of 21 kWh and 12.6 kW.

First charge:

In the first charge, the added SOC will be 43% (from 55% to 98%) and provide the loaded capacity of 9,23kWh within 36 min and become 80% after 15 min.

Second charge:

In the second charge, the added SOC will be 65% (from 21% to 86%) and provide a loaded capacity of 15kWh within 46 min and become 80% after 38 min.

2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia

The DSR would require the same amount of time to reach the same percentage as the Experia, but it wouldn’t have the same range because the Experia’s range is close to 250 km with 21 kW, and the DSR’s is only about 190 km.

Belt vs Chain and Maintenance

I prefer the Experia’s belt’s silence over the chain’s noise, which is why the buyer has continued to purchase Energicas. Technically, the chain on the Energica doesn’t make this irritating noise by itself, but it is connected to it.

It’s interesting that Zero now offers a chain kit for the Zero DSR. On Experia, Energica does not sell a belt kit. In addition to Energica using liquid to cool the motor, having a chain also means additional maintenance is required.

Price = Pain

The Experia’s price is very straightforward, and like their other motorcycles, it usually includes most options. In contrast, Zero offers reduced beginning prices with “add-ons.” Additionally, when looking at the 2023 models, Zero has expanded their selection of accessories, particularly for the DSR.

2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia

Therefore, if you want a fully loaded bike and want to compare the pricing of an Experia, you must add a few accessories to the Zero DSR. At the moment, the Zero DSR on the Experia would cost you an additional 1,734 EUR.

Zero DSR costs 30,365 EUR, and Experia costs 30,600 EUR. The DSR now has a 235 EUR advantage in the differential.

The configuration is up to you, although Zero has a lower initial cost and allows you to upgrade whenever you like, whereas Energica has a higher price. The Zero requires less upkeep than the Energica (no cooling liquid. no chain). Compared to CCS, the cost per kWh is around 50% lower with AC.

2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia

Zero and Energica offer 2-year warranties for the bike and 3-year warranties for 50,000 miles or less for the battery, respectively.

2022 Zero DSR vs 2022 Energica Experia – Conclusion

The range is generally Energica’s advantage, whereas the Zero DSR is on par with or outperforms Experia in every other respect.

While the Zero DSR’s charging speed is slower, it boasts a better and more affordable AC network connection and a more extended battery warranty.

After testing the DSR, compare the riding experience, style, seat height (DSR: 805 mm to 865 mm vs. Experia: 847mm), and equipment. They appear similar, and it may also come down to personal preference.

In terms of off-road capability, the Zero DSR beats the Energica Experia by a wide margin. The experienced rider would choose the Energica Experia for range and the Zero DSR for comfort and ease.

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