2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle Review Specs

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle

Zero’s newest direct drive engine, the Z-Force 75-10X, enables the DSR/upright X’s riding position, high ground clearance, swift acceleration, and ease through rough terrain. This revolutionary motor combination generates 166 ft-lb of torque, the most power ever caused by a Zero, which is more than enough to carry the fully loaded 2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle and rider across any terrain. The preload of the rear shocks may be adjusted by hand to provide a comfortable ride regardless of the weight being carried. For the first time, an electric motorbike, the DSR/X, will have the Bosch Off-road Motorbike Stability Control (MSC), which increases safety, control, and confidence for riders of varying skill levels on/off-road in variable traction scenarios.

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle – Features and Specs

Precision Performance & Control

The DSR/upright X’s riding position, high ground clearance, and swift and smooth acceleration are all made possible by Zero’s latest direct-drive engine, the Z-Force 75-10X. This revolutionary motor combination produces the highest power output ever seen from a Zero. Its 166 ft-lb of torque is more than enough to carry the fully loaded DSR/X and rider across any terrain. The preload of the rear shocks may be adjusted by hand to provide a comfortable ride regardless of the weight being carried. For the first time, an electric motorbike, the DSR/X, will have the Bosch Off-road Motorbike Stability Control (MSC), which increases safety, control, and confidence for riders of varying skill levels on/off-road in variable traction scenarios.

New Cypher III+ features, including faster charging, longer battery life, turn-by-turn navigation, and Parking Mode, may be used by the DSR/X. Parking Mode can also be used to help ease the vehicle forward and backward into a parking spot or to help clear challenging obstacles. DSR/X is pre-loaded with all of Cypher III+’s available options.

Z-Force 75-10X Motor

The DSR/unique X’s Z-Force 75-10X direct drive motor is fine-tuned for the rigors of rough terrain. The maximum speed for the Z-Force 75-10X is 112 mph, generating 100 hp instantly and 166 ft-lbs of torque. Performance and efficiency are unrivaled in their class because of the inclusion of Zero’s signature internal permanent magnet, brushless architecture, passive air cooling, and compact design.

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle

Linked Braking

Our first bike to have an integrated braking system, the DSR/X, is now available. The Bosch Advanced Stability Control System controls it and takes immediate action if it senses a loss of grip. The technology gives the driver better control by instantaneously applying the appropriate braking to the front and rear brakes simultaneously while going up or down steep, rugged terrain.

Bosch Vehicle Hold Braking

Vehicle hold braking is engaged when the brake pedal is pressed to the floor on a steep slope and then released. By functioning as a makeshift parking brake, it frees the rider to perform evasive maneuvers on a steep incline. The brakes are automatically disengaged at the touch of the throttle, allowing for a clean takeoff from a steep slope. One minute after activation, Bosch Vehicle Hold Braking automatically cancels and releases brake pressure.

Gates Carbon Belt Drive

When designing the DSR/X, Zero collaborated with Gates Carbon Belt Drive, the undisputed leader in belt-driven power sports technology, to develop a brand-new belt system. The DSR/belt X’s drive system is constructed with larger, stronger, and more capable sprockets to reduce bend angles and keep dirt out of the drive line. Together, they make for a driving system that can handle everything the road throws at it with ease.

A Fully Immersive Ride

While having a minimal environmental impact, because of the DSR/lack of X’s of emissions and noise pollution, you’ll sense a greater emotional connection to the event. The revolutionary direct-drive, gear-less engine allows you to focus only on the road ahead. It runs smoothly and as quietly as a mouse. With all this cutting-edge equipment, you can enjoy a virtually silent and emission-free journey that provides a new adrenaline rush around every bend in the road, whether you’re driving through a mountain pass or overseeing a vast field when the pavement stops.

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle

Instant Adaptability & Customization

New premium accessories from DSR/X round out this best-in-class, fully-functional flagship adventure motorcycle. The DSR/off-road X’s mode may be switched to other riding modes using the Zero Next Gen App. You may rapidly modify your riding style to suit any situation. Whether it’s for a weekend trip or your regular commute to work, choose the form of transportation that works best for you, then do it again whenever your needs alter. When Bosch’s innovative Linked Braking detects a loss of traction, controlled dual braking is initiated to enhance stability. The Vehicle Hold braking feature also allows the rider to safely come to a stop when stationary on a slope or decline.

Ride Modes

Zero’s dashboard interface gives the rider instantaneous access to various preprogrammed riding modes. This cutting-edge software may be tailored to your needs and works with iOS and Android. In addition to these built-in settings, users can create their custom modes, providing a virtually infinite variety of ride profiles to suit a wide range of personal tastes and road conditions. With the additional off-road features, you can add off-road traction to any of the programmed modes, giving you a higher level of control regardless of the riding style while dealing with low or variable traction conditions. Peak speed, torque, braking, neutral battery regeneration, traction controls, and even color and graphical themes are just some ways each mode differs from the others in terms of performance. To make use of what we’ve already built or to make your own, download the app.

Cypher III+

The cutting-edge motorcycle OS is at the heart of the Zero Adventure Sports experience. In addition to the extensive range of pre-existing modification adjustment options, several features allow for even finer-grained customization of various performance aspects. DSR/X will have the same capabilities as Cypher III+. To facilitate getting over a challenging obstacle or parking in a short area, there is a function called Parking Mode, which provides a slow reverse gear. Faster charging and increased battery capacity are two further improvements.

Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC)

The DSR/on/off-road X’s MSC assists the rider by constantly monitoring sensor input to help with acceleration, braking, turning, and riding in a straight line. The OFFROAD MSC’s full potential is unlocked by the combination of BOSCH’s MSC SYSTEM, renowned for its dynamic acceleration and enhanced stability, and ZERO’s CYPHER III+. The combination of these cutting-edge technologies yields the best-in-class straight-line anti-lock braking system (ABS), cornering brake control (CBC), traction control (TC), and drag torque control (DTC) for the rider.

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle

Showa Suspension System

All-new front and rear suspension are designed to keep the tires in contant touch with the road while providing unmatched capability in the mud and a controlled, comfortable, and agile ride on the highway. The fully adjustable front and rear travel of 7.48 inches give the extra trip needed for off-road situations. There is a hand-adjustable preload on the rear shock, so the ride height can be fine-tuned on the trail to suit the weight being carried.

Leading Adventure Design

The DSR/X was developed from the ground up with adventuring in mind, with our latest and most remarkable technologies and a fully rebuilt chassis that is optimized for maximum strength, least weight, and maximum potential. Its sleek, modern design and intuitive ergonomics give it an air of authority on the road. Current technology used in the design of the DSR/X is also used in a wide range of rugged accessories designed for this motorcycle. The DSR/X pushes the boundaries of what is possible on an electric adventure motorcycle, allowing you to go wherever your journey may lead.


The steel trellis framework is iteratively and continually developed from the inside out to maximize strength and minimize weight. The DSR/structure X was modified for exploration by moving the motor controller to a higher location, increasing the vehicle’s ground clearance. We have achieved a mass-centralized and weight-optimized layout by strategically placing the power plant. Coaxial power-pivot swing arm structure and Showa’s adventure suspension work together to provide a balanced and agile motorcycle. In all, DSR/X offers 28 liters of storage capacity across various compartments.

Designed For Adventure Accessories

Multiple storage options and an adjustable windscreen are two adventure-oriented features on the DSR/X. It’s also designed to work with a variety of add-ons that have been made to amplify its features and accentuate its adventurous spirit. Accessories include saddlebags, a skid plate, a windshield, a cover, a bike mat, a top case, and an extended battery. Go to zeromotorcycles.com/accessories to see all available add-ons for personalization.

Z-Force 17.3 KWH Battery Pack

The Z-Force 17.3 kWh battery pack, our largest to date, is now available for the first time on the all-new DSR/X. With the Power Tank accessory connected to the DSR/X, it becomes a 21 kWh pack. An industry-leading power and energy density, an aluminum heat-sink shell, and a thermal transfer interface contribute to the powertrain’s reliability and durability. All numbers were gathered in a controlled laboratory setting. Real-world ranges will vary based on factors like rider weight, road conditions, weather, altitude, steady speeds, etc. The actual contents achieved by different riders will most likely differ by a little margin. You can get your hands on a Power Tank in early 2023, but only if you act fast.

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle – Price

The new 2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle is available at $24,495 only.

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


City 180 miles (290 km)
Highway, 55 mph (89 km/h) 107 miles (172 km)


Peak torque 166 ft-lb (225 Nm)
Peak power 100 hp (75 kW) @ 3,650 rpm
Top speed (max) 112 mph (180 km/h)
Top speed (sustained) 100 mph (161 km/h)
Type Z-Force 75-10 enhanced thermal efficiency, passively air-cooled, torque-optimized interior permanent magnet AC motor
Controller High efficiency and power dense, 900Amp, 3-phase AC controller including regenerative deceleration

Power system

Power pack Z-Force Li-Ion intelligent integrated
Max capacity 17.3kWh
Nominal capacity 15.2kWh
Charger type 6.6 kW integrated
Charge time (standard) 2.7 hours (110% charged) / 2 hours (95% charged)


Transmission All-new Clutchless direct drive
Final drive 90T/22T, Gates Carbon Drive Moto X9 belt, 25mm wide

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

Front Suspension Showa 47 mm of Separate Function Cartridge Forks, including adjustable spring preload, compression, and rebound damping
Rear Suspension Showa 46mm piston, piggy-back reservoir shock including adjustable tool-less spring preload, compression, and rebound damping
Front suspension travel 7.48 inches (190mm)
Rear suspension travel 7.48 inches (190mm)
Front brakes Bosch Advanced MSC with Combined Braking (eCBS), Vehicle Hold Control (VHC), and Off-Road mode, dual J-Juan radial 4-piston calipers with the radial master cylinder, 320x5mm discs
Rear brakes Bosch Advanced MSC with Combined Braking (eCBS), Vehicle Hold Control (VHC) and Off-Road mode, J-Juan 2x25mm piston floating caliper, 265×4.5mm disc
Front tire Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 120/70-19
Rear tire Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 170/60-17
Front-wheel 3.00 x 19
Rear wheel 4.50 x 17

2023 Zero DSR/X Electric Motorcycle


Wheelbase 60.0 in (1,525 mm)
Seat height 32.6 in (828 mm)
Rake 25°
Trail 4.3 in (109 mm)


Curb weight 544 lb (247 kg
Carrying capacity 556 lb (252 kg)


Equivalent fuel economy (city) 398MPGe (0.59 l/100 km)
Comparable fuel economy (highway) 188 MPGe (1.25 l/100 km)
The typical cost to recharge $1.94


MSRP $24,495


Standard motorcycle warranty Two years
Power pack warranty Five years/unlimited miles