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Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

Looking at some of the awesome motorcycles produced in China over the years, you can see why there has been skepticism surrounding them. However, the Chinese are nothing if not shrewd entrepreneurs, and they must have seen plenty of demand in Europe and America for good quality, attractive, practical, and – at least – affordable motorcycles. It is even though bikes built for the Chinese domestic market are bound to be terrible. Here is the list of the Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023.

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023 – Top Rated

10. Lexmoto LXS 125

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

Motorcycle manufacturers value the 125cc market as it represents the initial step many riders take towards owning a two-wheeler, opening the door to subsequent purchases and a lifetime brand. The devotion of The Lexmoto LXS 125 shows that while Japanese manufacturers have historically dominated the industry, the Chinese are catching up. The motorcycle is also included in our Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022 and Top Ten Motorcycles for Beginners in 2022.

There’s no doubt that it looks beautiful, even if the look is a bit derivative. It’s essential to remember that a 13.8 horsepower 125cc single is initially too much in this class. While a brand-new bike under $4,000 may not be as capable as a Honda, Yamaha, or Suzuki, it’s no laughing matter. How long will you keep it?

9. AJS Cadwell Clubman

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

Well, if the rest of the world is going retro-crazy, why shouldn’t the Chinese join in? Although the Cadwell Clubman has little mechanical connection to the old bikes, AJS is one of the top brands in the British motorcycle business, and how amazing would it be for a 17-year-old to ride a ready-made cafe racer that Is elegant? In black and gold? The 125cc single-cylinder engine produces around ten horsepower. Although the quality is more Chinese than the British Midlands with all its engineering know-how, it’s still a chic way to start motorcycling.

8. Herald Brute 500

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

The Herald Brute 500 was initially built, engineered, and put together in Britain, but Chinese finance allowed it to happen. The engine has been acquired from Zongshen by Fantic, whose CEO once worked for Aprilia, owned by Piaggio, and has ties to Zongshen. Still trying to understand? It’s a 450cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder that produces a decent 42.5 horsepower and it was included in the list of Top Ten Best New Motorcycles for 2022.

It’s not a bad thing that the general design has elements of the Husqvarna Vitpilen and Royal Enfield Himalayan, and adding a pair of off-road tires would make the perfect weekend toy motorcycle. It’s encouraging to see smaller manufacturers starting to make a name for themselves, especially with Triumph and Norton dominating the news in the UK.

7. MASH X-Ride

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

This model of the French entrepreneur MASH is produced by the Chinese company Shineray. The X-Ride by Shineray, a Chinese company that has been repurposing vintage designs for some time, carries all the aesthetics of the Yamaha XT500 and is dripping with 1970s charm and style. With a 650cc single-cylinder engine derived from the vintage Honda NX650 Dominator, it’s in suitably retro mode. The Mash X-Ride is also included in our list of Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023.

While the suspension could use some money spent on it, which defeats the purpose of a cheap purchase in the first place, some features would be in the right place on a high-cost bike: radial-mounted front Brake calipers, LED lighting, adjustable levers, etc. But that is enough for the second form.

6. Voge 500DSX

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

Vogue is to Lonsen what Lexus is to Toyota: an upscale spin-off brand; however, “premium” in this context should be interpreted with caution. The Voj 500DSX, the company’s smaller adventure model (the other is the 650cc), competes with rivals like the Honda CB500X despite its lower price tag. If it doesn’t match the Honda in terms of quality, it holds its own in terms of looks, ride quality, and generous equipment.

While the designs are a bit uninspiring, there is promise for the future as Loncin has partnered with MV Agusta in hopes that some of the venerable Italian company’s ‘motorcycle art’ will be incorporated into Vogue’s creations. In return, MV will assign specific production duties to Loncin. If so, the Chinese should pick up some quality knowledge.

5. Zontes R310

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

This motorcycle is one of those Chinese knockoffs, emulating the Kawasaki Z900. With 34 horsepower available from the 312cc single, it fits the look, which is modern angular language. It is not slow by any means.

Attention to detail sets the Zontes R310 apart from the competition: fully adjustable levers in bronze, LED lights, ABS, fuel injection, swingarm-mounted license plates like the Ducati Diavel, electric fuel cap, and keyless ignition. However, the overall quality, the minimum Chinese specification of the entire bike, is more important. There’s no reason to look down on the Zontes, as the brakes and suspension are excellent for the price, and it just goes to show how far the chain has come in terms of ride and build quality.

4. Benelli TRK 502

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

Benelli is one of the least well-known and most volatile Italian motorcycle manufacturers, all of which have experienced rocky periods in their history. At least, it was in doubt until Chinese conglomerate Qianjiang Motors acquired a controlling stake and invested a ton of cash in the brand, resulting in Benelli now outselling Triumph and Ducati globally and leaving behind!

The TRK 502, an adventure touring model with a wide range, tops the Italian sales list, so it should be fantastic. The TRK 502 is a long-distance GT vehicle with great flair and a 500cc, 47-horsepower parallel-twin engine, so the “adventure” aspect of the description is a little deceiving.

3. Benelli 752S

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

Let’s end this list with two Benelli vehicles since we started it with two CFMoto vehicles. Benelli vehicles are still designed and manufactured in Italy, although the owners and funding are Chinese. There’s no shame, especially with a finished product like this. With Marzocchi adjustable forks, KYB rear shocks, Brembo calipers, Pirelli Angel GT tires, ABS, and a new DOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder, 750cc parallel-twin engine with 80 horsepower, the Benelli 752S features Suzuki SV650 elements. The equipment level is also good. What’s to dislike?

The way things are going in the motorcycle industry, there will be a lot of ideas and manufacturing cross-pollination between China and the rest of the world. What’s the problem if the results are so spectacular?

2. Moto Morini Seiemmezzo SCR

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

It is understandable to link Moto Morini’s acquisition of the Chinese company in 2018 to the growth of its global reach. Their 649cc inline twin engine, which powers the Seiemmezzo SCR scrambler, has a maximum torque of 30 pound-feet. You will love the motorcycle’s high ground clearance, long travel suspension, and aggressive design, which works well with its scrambler style. The bike is generally exceptionally well-built. Ride quality is also excellent, with a USD fork at the front and a Kebaya mono-shock at the rear. You can tinker with the arrangements to make them more comfortable, as they are adjustable.

1. CFMoto 450CL-C

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023

Hello to the newbie in the neighborhood. Not CFMoto, but their compact cruiser. The traditional American appeal of the 450CL-C should do well, given how much the American market enjoys throwback bikes. A belt drive is standard on a recently produced bike so maintenance will be minimal.

A 450cc mill borrowed from NK will be added. For a sub-450cc engine, power figures of 40 horsepower and 31 pound-feet of peak torque are respectable. Great technology, practical features, and a classic design aesthetic. It makes sense why it’s first on this list.

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles in 2023
1 CFMoto 450CL-C
2 Moto Morini Seiemmezzo SCR
3 Benelli 752S
4 Benelli TRK 502
5 Zontes R310
6 Voge 500DSX
7 MASH X-Ride
8 Herald Brute 500
9 AJS Cadwell Clubman
10 Lexmoto LXS 125

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