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Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

Over the years, the retro motorcycle market has been booming, but the 125cc category has been a little slow to catch on. When it comes to 125 bikes with classic styling, there weren’t many options available until recently, but I’m happy to say that manufacturers have caught on to the trend and now have a ton of great models available. In this article, we will enlist Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023. There should be something for everyone as I’ll try to cover a wide range of aesthetics, from neo-retro to vintage scramblers and cafe racers, and I’ve also dabbled in vintage cruisers.

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023 – Top Rated

1. Yamaha XSR 125 Legacy

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

Regarding 125cc retro motorcycles, the Yamaha XSR 125 stands out thanks to its excellent performance and overall refinement.

The XSR 125 is a visual feast, combining classic and contemporary design elements with meticulous attention to detail in virtually every aspect. Along with a blacked-out engine and gold rims, the new historic black paint scheme for 2023 takes the already stunning bike to a new level.

The excellent 14.8 horsepower single-cylinder engine Yamaha has offered across its entire 125cc range, however, is the show’s real star. Along with producing the maximum power allowed for CBT holders, the engine’s Variable Valve Actuation technology guarantees consistent acceleration.

2. Fantic Caballero Deluxe 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

The Caballero Deluxe 125 is based on Fantic’s fantastic 125 Scrambler but has some tremendous cosmetic upgrades and additional embellishments to enhance its coolness even more.

The retro Scrambler Fusion looks stunning in black and gray with a vintage brown leather seat and gold forks for contrast. The classic dual-sport design with grand bike proportions is complemented by a large 19-inch front wheel with knobby tires.

With a new Euro 5 single-cylinder engine producing 14.8 horsepower, the Deluxe 125 isn’t just for show. It is just above the CBT allowance. Fantic’s Italian-built engine uses Yamaha-like variable valve actuation for stable and smooth acceleration. It also has a slipper clutch for simple gear changes.

3. Honda Monkey 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

I promised to cover many bikes, and the Monkey 125 is probably the most distinctive.

Honda has revived the iconic Monkey for a new century by using the engine from its hugely successful Grom and giving it the classic 1970s styling. The Monkey’s engine is a Euro 5 air-cooled 4-stroke, and despite having one of the lowest power outputs available at 9hp, it will be surprisingly agile thanks to a remarkably light 104kg wet weight!

Not everyone will like the Monkey design, but I love its throwback aesthetic, and the new 2023 model adds a pop of color to its chrome accents with a red tartan seat and red forks.

4. Mondial Sport Classic 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

It may be the most beautiful 125 Mondial ever in my opinion. Mondial produces some of the best-looking 125s on the market.

The Sport Classic 125 is essentially a work of art. It takes design cues from the original 1949 125cc World Championship-winning bike ridden by Nello Pagani, with the name emblazoned on the side fairing. Passers-by may first mistake the Sport Classic for a high-end big motorcycle when it is a low-cost model made in China.

Don’t be put off because this motorcycle is made in China. Chinese motorcycles are getting better every year, and Zongshen, which enjoys a lucrative alliance with Piaggio, makes sure that there’s attention to detail that’s not usually found in lower-priced bikes.

5. Mutt Mushman 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

For now, I’ll focus on the recently restored Mushman 125, another great vintage motorbike offered by Mutt Motorcycles based in Birmingham, England. I could quickly fill a list with just their bikes, but for now, I’ll focus on them.

The stunning traditional Scrambler styling is available in matte green or titanium paint schemes and features 18-inch front wheels and knobby tires. One of my favorite new elements is the vintage-looking leather and steel tank rack, which shows attention to detail. The design is gone.

With an 11-horsepower air-cooled single-cylinder engine and a surprisingly low wet weight of just 128 kg, the Mutt should perform with good agility.

6. Herald Brat 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

Harold is a different British business, and all their models are made there. Although they recently started manufacturing the bike here, the Brat 125 will remain in China until 2023.

The visuals are again exceptional, as you would expect from any bike on this list of the ten best vintage motorcycles. It has a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles and is available in orange, silver, or black colors. All three share the same chic blacked-out frame, USD forks, and appetizing stainless steel pipes.

7. Mash X-Ride 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

I said there would be plenty of variations, and the Mash X-Ride 125, with its throwback adventure-style design, is another utterly original motorcycle.

The X-Ride 125 was designed in Europe and built in China. Its design is inspired by off-road motorcycles of the 1970s. It’s available in white or black color schemes, and some contemporary features like gold rims, LED lighting, digital dash, and ABS brakes add some flair. If you appreciate the spirit of 70s adventure, the X-Ride delivers. Again, it has a style of its own in the 125 category.

The engine is a liquid-cooled single-cylinder that produces 11 horsepower, making it the least powerful in its class but still weighs just 130 kg.

8. Bluroc Tracker 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

The Trekker 125 represents a significant upgrade in the specs of the Bullrock, whose beautiful Spirit 125 Cafe Racer could have easily made a list. I chose the Tracker to accommodate a more extensive range of motorcycles partly because of its new liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, which produces the CBT’s total of 14.8 horsepower. That is pretty impressive for a Chinese-made, Belgian-designed budget bike!

The aesthetics are fantastic, as always. While the black and gold color scheme looks in style for 2023, the Tracker is also available in Steel Gray and Flame Orange. The fat 150” rear tire is also an excellent addition, contributing to smooth big bike performance.

9. AJS Cadwell

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

It seems like a perfect opportunity to introduce AJS Cadwell, as I couldn’t make a retro list without including at least one cafe racer!

In 1909, AJS, a well-known brand in the motorcycle business, was established in Great Britain. Although modern AJS motorcycles and scooters are made in China, AJS is keen to uphold the reputation and history of the AJS brand. Despite the emergence of many new and lesser-known brands, AJS is the only manufacturer to offer this storied British brand name at a very reasonable price. Cadwell, however, really gets the vintage cafe racer design and looks the part. It’s also the lowest starting price model on the list, priced at £2,899!

10. Sinnis Outlaw

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023

The Sinnis Outlaw is a pretty retro cruiser with another affordable price tag, so I thought I’d throw in a wild card here.

The Outlaw tries to capture the spirit of the 1970s roadster, and as a more modern comparison, it makes me think of Harley’s 883 Iron. It’s heavier than the scramblers and trackers in the class yet lighter than your typical cruiser at 150kg with a 13L tank.

Nonetheless, it perfectly captures the cruiser’s styling with a moderate riding position. The engine produces 12 horsepower, which again is quite decent. It probably won’t be as fast as the lighter bikes here, but once you get going, you’ll be flying.

Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best 125cc Retro Motorcycles in 2023
1 Yamaha XSR 125 Legacy
2 Fantic Caballero Deluxe 125
3 Honda Monkey 125
4 Mondial Sport Classic 125
5 Mutt Mushman 125
6 Herald Brat 125
7 Mash X-Ride 125
8 Bluroc Tracker 125
9 AJS Cadwell
10 Sinnis Outlaw

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