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Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

The Sportsbike category of 125cc motorcycles has consistently been one of the most outstanding, both in terms of performance and superior bike aesthetics. Several attractive models are available, ranging from the historic Aprilia RS125 to contemporary classics like the Yamaha R125. Despite their eye-catching appearances and enjoyable riding styles, all the rider needs a CBT to get started! We’ll examine the Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022 in this article. To make sure there is something on the list for everyone, I’ve tried to include some affordable options as well as the newest and fanciest luxury motorcycles, as well as a used wild card. Consequently, let’s begin right away!

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022 – Top Rated

10. Lexmoto LXR SE 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

The Lexmoto LXR SE 125 is a fantastic entry-level bike from China. However, it has been modified for the UK market. The aggressive sports bike aesthetics are impeccable, and despite the affordable price, the LXR is already a UK bestseller.

The LXR SE was fitted with an all-new Euro 5 liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine with an output of 12.5bhp. Although performance is a little short of the class leaders, with a top speed of 69 mph, it still handles well.

Although it has USD forks and a full-color TFT screen, the device doesn’t have too many high-tech features, as you might guess.

9. Lexmoto LXS 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

The LXS 125, Lexmoto’s latest sports model, comes next. With their LXR 125, they already have one of the most popular sports bikes in the UK, and the LXS will compete directly in terms of specs and price.

Both the LXS and LXR have a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. However, the LXS gets a bit more horsepower to reach 13.8bhp. Along with being 12 kg lighter, it should perform slightly better overall. It still won’t be on par with more expensive vehicles in the area, but for less than three grand, it’s a viable alternative. It should reach about 70 mph.

8. Sinnis GPX 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

As a somewhat more aggressive competitor to Lexmoto’s LXR, this low-cost Chinese model, which debuts in 2022, seeks to grab some of Lexmoto’s market share.

Plus, the GPX offers a far more pure supersport riding posture than some of the other bikes in the competition, which may or may not be your cup of tea, depending on whether you’re into more fundamental, wrist-based gear. Want a painful ride or something? I laid back more. The aggressive design complements the riding position and certainly doesn’t look cheap.

I was surprised at how smooth, and easy the Sunny Terrain (an Adventure 125 with the same engine) felt when I rode it during a road test last year, so I’ll be doing more of the same here—looking forward to it!

7. Honda CBR125R (wild card)

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

It’s a bit of a wild card as it ceased production in 2019 and is now only available on the used market.

The Honda CBR125R enjoyed immense popularity during its production period, and while it feels dated compared to some recent models, it continues to perform admirably. First, because it’s a Honda, build quality is excellent and older models in good shape are widely available. The 13bhp engine can easily maintain a top speed of 60mph and achieve an average fuel economy of 88mpg, but it doesn’t quite have the big-bike style of contemporary sport 125s.

6. Mondial Pagani 1948 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

The Mondial Pagani 1948 offers sports bike performance and handling with an elegant vintage design, making it perhaps the most distinctive bike on this list.

Mondial design, Piaggio technology, and Chinese production all combined in 1948. But don’t let the fact that it was made in China fool you. The car has a lot of Italian DNA and even has an Aprilia-based engine

The single-cylinder DOHC four-stroke engine produces 13.5 horsepower, slightly less than the top models in this category. Again, don’t be misled; This 125cc can compete with the best of them and reach a top speed of 76mph thanks to a super light 133kg curb weight!

5. Kawasaki Ninja 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

Kawasaki finally returned to the 125cc class in 2019 and brought with it the recognizable Ninja name.

Like Suzuki, Kawasaki has eschewed fancy add-ons and rider aids to produce an essential but high-quality motorbike (albeit with ABS included). However, they have a 14.7 bhp single-cylinder engine that can easily compete with the best 125s on the market and a full-size steel trellis frame. The Kawasaki green and black color scheme used in the Ninja’s aesthetic design is timeless and looks fantastic.

Focusing on the basics, Kawasaki has listed a very competitive price of £4,199, making it a desirable choice in a crowded category.

4. KTM RC 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

KTM’s RC 125 has undergone a significant redesign for 2022, receiving a striking new look and mechanical upgrades in every department.

The remaining Duke 125 essential components, including the 15bhp Euro-5 engine, WP APEX upside-down forks and monoshock, and BOSCH ABS, still carry the RC. One of the most significant changes is the installation of a new lightweight frame, wheel rims, and ByBre brakes, which together help reduce the overall weight to 147 kg. It will be one of the fastest 125s on the market thanks to improved ergonomics and the new MotoGP-inspired bodywork looks fantastic too.

3. Aprilia RS 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

When the 1992 Aprilia RS 125 was introduced, it completely changed the 125cc market. As one of the best A1 bikes to buy in 2022, this legend is still going strong 30 years later (the Aprilia RS 125 also featured in our initial ten best 125cc bikes list, so check it out)!

Manufacturers are now trying to make their 125cc models similar to their larger counterparts to maintain brand identity despite having less power. The Aprilia RS may be the most impressive on this front. The styling is identical to its big brother, the RSV.

2. Suzuki GSX-R125

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

When the GSX-R125 was introduced in 2017, it was a welcome addition to the lower capacity range. Suzuki has since updated and refined the model, and a new Euro 5 version will be available in 2022.

Suzuki has chosen to forego most contemporary rider aids and technology to focus more on the motorcycle’s engine and ride qualities. Apart from keyless ignition and Bosch ABS, there aren’t many features to speak of, which has helped keep prices down compared to some of its rivals.

However, it sports an all-new, fuel-efficient Euro 5 engine with a power output of 14.7 horsepower.

1. Yamaha R125

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022

The Yamaha R125 is one of the best 125cc motorcycles ever produced by Yamaha, making some of the top 125cc motorcycles overall. The most recent model has many advanced features, like an assist and a slipper clutch! In case you were wondering, a slipper grip is a technology that until now has only been seen on larger motorcycles. It smooths out revs during downshifts to make gear changes virtually effortless.

The full-size frame provides an authentic big-bike feel, 825mm seat height, and fat 140mm rear tire, but the real star of Yamaha’s 125cc technology is the engine. A 4-stroke with liquid cooling that complies with Euro 5 standards and allows a maximum of 15 horsepower for CBT riders.

Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best 125cc Sports Bikes in 2022
1 Yamaha R125
2 Suzuki GSX-R125
3 Aprilia RS 125
4 KTM RC 125
5 Kawasaki Ninja 125
6 Mondial Pagani 1948 125
7 Honda CBR125R (wild card)
8 Sinnis GPX 125
9 Lexmoto LXS 125
10 Lexmoto LXR SE 125

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