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2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black Comparison Review

Todays article is about the comparison review of 2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black. It was a fantasy time when Indian and Triumph released the models of “Scout Bobber” and “Bonneville Bobber Black “. The term that once referred to a bike “bobbed,” or stripped down from stock, precisely related to the front fender which is removed and used as the rear, for a minimalist look, more belligerent styled cruiser.

Our today,s article is a comparison review 2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black, both are low, solo bikes that for all logical reasons should be the toughest sell than their adaptable brethren. Here is a need to catch out why, and pit concerning each other in terms of their features to find out which one is more worthy.

2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black – Comparison Review

2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black
2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black

These Bobbers have built a distinctive breed of motorcycle for an idealistic kind of rider. Bikes innovation was carried out on the demand of their owners. Though ultra-modern and near to customize them to further exhibits to match the rider’s compatibility. Their sizes are a bit smaller than conventional Big Twins and full-sized cruisers. However with massive engines carrying ample power to break off from unease.

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They both grasp a traditional silhouette of the cruiser, while at once going off from the cruiser norm and set up a bit different type of riding. So the question arises in mind here, which one is superior? It depends upon you are looking for what kind of features. Somehow, between two, each has its own set of exceptional edge.

Following a stock styling view, the Triumph takes overwhelm because of its mock Amal carbs, slim gas tank in iconic Triumph shape, tubular chassis with mock-hardtail line and floating solo seat harken to horse and buggy days of Bobberdom. The Triumphs were one of the best platforms of the day while the cast frame panels function and Scouts load-bearing engine in terms of rigidity and weight.

When it comes to customization of motorcycle however, the Scout would be the better choice due to the much more extensive range of accessories and aftermarket parts. The Triumph makes over 130 accessories for its Bobber, but it is typically hard to compete for the American V-twin aftermarket.

2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black

When the discussion comes to manipulating neither of these bikes was built to shred nor cant take a turn with haste. The low ground clearance associated with the Triumph Bobber meant sweeping nail just around the edge but the chassis of the Bonneville Bobber was advantageous with a wheelbase of 59 inches, its 2.5 inches shorter than the Scout. The rake is steeper (25.4 degrees on the Triumph, 29 degrees on the Indian), which approves to be more responsive low-speed handling and less resistance when fell into turns.

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The main difference in observation while handling comes through the tires. Mostly Indian makes use of such high-profile Kenda K761, chunky tread-patterned tires that look idealistic but its performance isn’t much admirable. On the other hand, Avon Cobra tires on the Triumph make a significant disparity in how it grips to the road and smooth performance.

The trait of both engines is similar to an extent inspite of their layout and configuration. They possess to do burnouts. When we to do a trial of both bikes in house dynamometer we got different results as the Scout professed 72 pound-feet of torque and 100 hp. Actual deliverance is noted as 62.82 pound-feet and 81.95 hp to the wheel.

The declarative statement of Trump is 76 hp and 78 pound-feet of torque which is a bit near to 73.32 hp and 75.02 pound-feet. When the rider gets ride he observes the main difference of their performance. Because Triumph has a chance to loose down the clutch whereas Indian has a vivid opportunity to give in the high revs, all noted figures were trailed after the test.

Under hard braking the front suspension and the new Showa had a high dive while Bobber Black had dual front discs and Brembo calipers which gave the exceptional response. In similar circumstances the suspension of the single drive on the Scout Bobber was ample. If the economic factor involves, the bikes having low bars, solo and flat seats are slightly better.

However, The positions of Bonnevilles are adjustable. There is no passenger option available on these bikes due to solo seats. If we look towards the Indian’s opinion,it has soft material and much comfortable for riders.

2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black

The Triumph was preferred only for mini distances up to 20 minutes because of its hard seat. The main advantage and compatibility of Scout are to stay smooth on the road with a comfortable and soft seat if we contemplate and compare the market rates which are as The Scout rates are much affordable which comes with only 1600$ cheaper then Bonnie. Whereas, Bobber is much costly having 400$ more than Scout.

2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black- Technical Specification Comparison

Specs \ Bikes 2018 Scout Bobber 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black


Engine 1,133cc liquid-cooled V-twin 1,200cc liquid-cooled parallel twin
Measured Power 81.95 hp at 7,900 rpm 73.32 hp at 5,900 rpm
Measured Torque 62.82 lb.-ft. at 3,300 rpm 75.02 lb.-ft. at 4,000 rpm


Rake/trail 29.0°/4.7 inches 25.4°/3.6 inches
Wheelbase 61.5 inches 59.0 inches
Measured Weight 550 lb. (wet) 559 lb. (wet)
Seat Height 25.6 inches 27.0 inches
Fuel Capacity 3.3 gallons 2.4 gallons


Warranty 24 months, unlimited miles


Price $11,499 $13,150


After consideration and comparing all quality features concerning each other in terms of performance, base model, pricing, specifications, durability and compatibility excluding long journey fact Triumph is the best choice in the comparison review of 2018 Scout Bobber vs 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black.

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