KTM 1190 Adventure R vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure Comparison Review

KTM 1190 Adventure R vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure

The look of KTM entry class the 1190 Adventure R has a sleeker look and it has the feeling and also shows more power, a little more complicated but manageable with electronic packages. On the other side, the Electronic power Era has been strike by the adventure touring, and the GS go anywhere BMW original has now been increasing its power of horsepower and the technology of computer that knows almost everything. So, here is the brief comparison review of KTM 1190 Adventure R vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure with their specifications.

Both of these bikes have the aim to be a dream and hopeful bike, and if you’re the one riding around the whole world, you will love it. By some wise, they are the same but very unusual in lots matter for example, like some story being told in two different languages. To find out which is the best, we took both of them to road ride and these tracks included snow, ice, mud, and sand but Kendra Big Block Tires powered these machines.

KTM 1190 Adventure R vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure – Comparison Review

KTM 1190 Adventure R vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure

Performance and Comfort Comparison

Now a day power performance matters a lot for the driver, but comfort is the first thing to be noticed when reviewing a bike; with its long-established performance level with the rock hard foam, the winner of these seat comfort goes to KTM. But the BMW has more space while laying out, plus with the position of riding is much better because it is seated and standing with addition of wind protection even the size of the windscreen is smaller, this Australian bike is a little congested for seat distance but the handlebars are very much adjustable.

KTM 1190 Adventure R vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure
KTM 1190 Adventure R

Handling Comparison

Even with the heavyweight, the production manager has managed to handle the handling very well. With the flat-twin it allows to lower the center of the gravity and the weight –forward that helps balance packed panniers.53 pound heavier than the KTM, GS has magical ride where the bumps and even a stop in trip won’t let you feel the weight of this machine, KTM 1190 Adventure R is so much evident with it light weight quality that when the saddle is carried higher, you can feel the presents of it, with 21-inch wheels it has shown to be dirt friendly making it feel lighter in steering. The speed is fast but not as GS.

Riding Range Comparison

With the 19-inch wheel, BMW has the power to do the narrow turn and circle even with bumps on the tracks or surface. If we talk about the suspensions of both the bike well, they are excellent and especially when you know the engine of this machine is strong enough. BMW has the dynamic ESA push button where it changes the parameter. But there is a mode where you can feel the surface more usual through chassis is called the ‘hard’ damping mode. Both of them have proven their fuel average amazingly with BMW giving 7.9 gallons and the KTM 6.1 gallons of fuel.

KTM 1190 Adventure R vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure
BMW R1200GS Adventure

Power Comparison

Both of these have a stronghold on the power so the fact that most of the riding especially off the road, is very much crowded. The competition doesn’t end here KTM has crashed the BMW tiring grip, making the GS feel like it got caught on the hold between the gears. We have three gears for every condition in BMW and KTM; it has the right equipment in which both have the massive ration of speed transmission. GS can jump from 2000 rpm making the lapse shift at 7000 but it took its time if we compare it to KTM. Lots of users are saying that the new GS works like a rocket when comparing to the last model of oil-cooled R1200GSReview of BMW 2017 R1200GS Dual Sports Bike, and in the BMW case, it has lost the off- idle with flywheel augmented torque.

KTM 1190 Adventure R vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure – Technical Specifications

Specs\Bikes KTM 1190 Adventure R BMW R1200GS Adventure


Dry Weight  / GVWR (with Bags) 529 lb. / 970 lb. 582 lb. / 1045 lb.
Wheelbase 62.1 in. 59.0 in.
Seat Height 35.3 in. 35.0 / 35.8 in.
Fuel Capacity 6.1 gal. 7.9 gal.

Mileage and Performance

Fuel Mileage 34 mpg 38 mpg
0-60 MPH 3.1 sec. 3.1 sec.
1/4 MILE 10.88 sec. @ 127.31 mph 11.46 sec. @ 116.16 mph


Horsepower 127.6 @ 9330 rpm 108.6 @ 7990 rpm
Torque 79.6 lb.-ft. @ 7790 rpm 78.0 lb.-ft. @ 6630 rpm
Top Speed 142 mph 125 mph


Price $18,134 $21,671


Now, the above table would make a lot clear between KTM 1190 Adventure R vs. BMW R1200GS Adventure. So, the pricing battle is won by 1190 Adventure R because it is just $18,134 while the R1200GS Adventure is available at $21,671, a lot more than 1190 R. On power statistics, again 1190 R has not disappointed by giving the top speed of 142 mph as compared to the 125 mph of R1200GS. The engine of 1190 R is much more potent than the R1200GS. So, everything is made clear by the table but both bikes gives a hell of a ride and they are iconic bikes for most of the riders.