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Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

The motorcycle industry has a great history in the British market. Today’s article reflects the greatest motorcycle brands in the history of Britain. Each of these brands is very popular among British riders and riders around the globe. Look at the list of Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History.

Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History – Top Rated


Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

The name Vincent brings back nostalgic memories for motorcycle enthusiasts. Vincent, a native of Stevenage, manufactured motorcycles between 1928 and 1955. The 500cc and 1000cc engines that left the factory provided the most advanced technology and a striking style in an era when the British automotive industry was experimenting. A great extension. He produced the Vincent Black Shadow in 1948, the fastest production bike in the world, with a peak speed of 125 mph. The Meteor, Comet, and other Rapid variations preceded it, but the Black Shadow Vincent was the entire line. However, Vincent closed its doors in 1955 after incurring significant financial losses. Recently, a Black Shadow sold at auction for £113,500.


Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

Triumph is one of the few easily recognizable British motorcycle brands, whether you ride or not. Its long and exciting history began in 1885, and since then, it has been owned by many people. The Triumph Bonneville is arguably the most famous motorcycle and a vehicle that has broken numerous land speed records. The original 650cc parallel-twin engine gained popularity for its dependability and performance when featured in the movies. Marlon Brando, Steven McQueen, and James Dean (shown above) rode them, making them three pillars of calm. Despite Triumph closing its doors in 1984, a man named John Bloor bought the name and started designing the new generation of Triumph. It is currently the most enormous motorbike in contemporary classics and enduro adventures.

Royal Enfield

Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

The history of British motorcycles has long included Royal Enfield models. Founded in Worcestershire in 1901, it joined forces with Madras Motorcycles in 1955 and began production there. Royal Enfield was known for its ease of use and low cost of production. The most popular models are in 350cc and 500cc displacements, known as Bullets. Royal Enfield has experienced tough times in recent years, but with the launch of the all-new Interceptor and Continental GT 650cc twins at EICMA earlier this month (above), the company has turned a new page.


Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

Another moniker linked to British industrial origins is BSA (Birmingham Small Arms). The company was founded in 1861 and first manufactured firearms and ammunition before expanding to manufacture bicycles and motorcycles. BSA was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in the 1940s. Although several different versions were made, the BSA Gold Star, the bike that popularized the racing-inspired (now Cafe Racer) look, is probably the most famous. There are still plenty in use today, and a 500cc Goldstar can be in good condition for £10–15k. The company’s doors closed in 1973 due to poor management and a lack of innovation, eventually prompting government involvement.


Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

Norton Motorcycles was a manufacturer of high-performance motorcycles in the early 20th century alongside BSA and Triumph. The company, founded in 1898, expanded rapidly during World War II and produced more than 100,000 bikes for the military. In later years, it gained fame for its design and construction. The 500cc twin-cylinder Norton Dominator, which spawned the Norton Manx and featherbed frame, was the basis for many Isle of Man TT victories. However, its success on the racing circuit needed to be improved to sustain the brand, and it was sold to AMC (later Norton-Villiers). The Norton Commando was released in the late 1960s to great popularity and record sales, but the brand rose to fame after the war.

Brough Superior

Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

One man, and one man only, Lawrence of Arabia, sometimes known as TE Lawrence (above), is associated with the name Bro Superior. His storied exploits catapulted the business to stardom, and Superior immediately took off. Brough Superiors were performance-driven, fully customized motorcycles known then as the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles. They were founded by George Brough in 1919 and manufactured until the 1940s. An Alpine Grand Sports model fetched a record £315k at auction in 2014. trademark in 2008 and unveiled the SS100 at EICMA in 2013. Like its name, the new Brough SS100, priced at £45k, is an exceptionally well-priced machine. Versions of the SS100 that were updated at EICMA this year.


Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

When Velocette was first established in 1904, it made a name for itself by hand-crafting high-performance luxury bikes. He competed with brands such as BSA and Norton in the early 20th century and won two world championships. Although its pre-war success was considerable, in the 1960s, when it unveiled the Velocity Venom (above) with its famous fishtail exhaust, it became recognized as a motorcycle company. Went. Venom holds the record for the most miles covered in a day on a 500cc production motorbike, covering 2,400 miles at an astonishing average speed of 100.05 mph. Production ended in 1971.


Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

Although Matchless began making racing motorcycles in 1899 and won the first Isle of Man TT in 1907, the Matchless name is now best known for making apparel with a vintage motorcycle theme. The Matchless brand survived through several changes in ownership, and the Matchless G50 was first produced in 1958. The G50 was a successful thoroughbred racing car on the racing circuits, but production ended in 1963. 1980, but it could have been more successful. In the photo above, Marlon Brando rides an unmatched motorcycle in 1953.


Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

Ariel was one of the first motorcycle manufacturers to adopt magneto ignition and floating carburetors and was a pre-war powerhouse in the British motorcycle industry. Initially, the company faced several financial problems, and it recovered only with the 1932 introduction of the Ariel Red Hunter. With three displacement options—250cc, 350cc, and 500cc—it quickly gained popularity among novice and experienced riders. However, Ariel’s popularity waned as World War II began. It was eventually sold to BSA in 1951, and the company stopped making motorcycles with the Ariel badge in 1965.


Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History

AJS, a Wolverhampton-based company, was one of the largest producers of motorcycles of the era. It set an incredible 117 world records between its establishment in 1909 and its demise in 1931. The Collier brothers, who also owned Matchless, bought it, and it eventually changed hands several times. The Silver Streak was published in 1938. It had a 500cc single-cylinder engine that served as the power source for its super sports car. Its appearance, which included polished chrome-plated elements, immediately attracted attention, earning it the title of “the king of the motorcycle world.” AJS, which still operates today, sells specialized learning devices made in China. Pictured above, Rod Coleman prepares to race the AJS Porcupine 500 in 1954.

Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History
1 Vincent
2 Triumph
3 Royal Enfield
5 Norton
6 Brough Superior
7 Velocette
8 Matchless
9 Ariel
10 AJS

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