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Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

People often ask questions that the motorcycle could be beautiful. The short answer is yes; there is such a thing as “objective” beauty. Because our mothers always tell us this when we’re unhappy with what we see in the mirror, we grow up believing that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The world doesn’t work that way. It follows the rules of beauty, where most people determine that one thing is more attractive than another. Most of us prefer Scarlett Johansson as a date option over Bronwyn Bishop. Most consider Lyle Levitt the devil’s offspring while Brad Pitt is attractive. Even among the conventionally beautiful, someone is always prettier than the rest, so there is always a winner in the Miss World pageant.

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times – Top Rated

1. Ducati 750 Sport (‘72/73)

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

Some riders are so infatuated with Ducati that they think only Ducatis should make the top ten most beautiful motorcycles ever. In light of the 900SS, Hallwood Replica, 450 Single, and 916, they have a point. However, Ducati made mistakes with the 860, Paso, 500 Twins, and, perhaps, some of the 916’s descendants.

The most attractive bike of any generation from 1972 to 1974 will always be its 750 Sport (also known as the 750S).

Fabio Taglioni’s 90-degree L-twin design is beautiful in its own right. Especially when, unlike V-twins that angle between 45 and 60 degrees, it exudes air, space and a sense of purpose.

2. Manx Norton (‘62)

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

Despite being a race bike, the Manx Norton meets our definition of a production bike because, between 1947 and 1962, it was easily accessible to anyone with the means to order one. In 1954, Norton stopped competing in races but continued building motorcycles for private individuals.

Production at Norton’s residence in Bracebridge Street ended in 1963, although Godfrey Nash won the Yugoslav Grand Prix in 1969 due to the model’s dominance.

It ranks in the top 10 in IM rather than its racing prowess, and it’s from a time when beauty was determined by how well something served its purpose.

The engine is the start and end style statement.

3. Yamaha SRV250 (‘93/97)

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a treasure of a bike might pass by unnoticed at the moment. It was the Yamaha SRV250’s end (Renaissance). With the genuinely terrible XV250 (Hey, I can purchase this on my Ls and everyone will believe I ride a Harley! ), Yamaha had a big success story in the early 1990s.

Yamaha opted to employ this V-twin engine, which it already owned, in a legitimate road bike as well.

Yamaha never had an internal design team for their motorcycles before 2014; instead, GK Design was hired to perform this task (and offshoot GK Dynamics).

4. Ducati 916 (‘94/98)

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

Anyone reading IM won’t be surprised that the Ducati 916 is one of the ten most beautiful bikes of all time. When it was introduced in 1994, it completely changed the game and its design influences can still be seen in the world of bicycle design today.

Another motorcycle on this list that will still look cool in 2050 was featured in “The Art of the Motorcycle” exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in 1998-1999.

When Ducati owned Cagiva, the design was handled by the San Marino-based Centro Ricerche Cagiva (CRC) design studio inspired by Massimo Tamburini.

5. BMW R90S (‘73/76)

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

In the early 1970s, BMW’s motorcycle division was struggling. Its model line looked expensive, dull, and outdated. Although the R 750/5 is still highly regarded by historians, all the others had long since replaced the twin gauges that had outgrown the bodywork. It also had a speedo seat in the headlight nacelle.

Although the /6 series (pronounced “stroke six”) represented a significant advance, it also drained the company of energy. Black paint (or white if the bike was for the police) and a lack of enthusiasm to compete with their new qualities befell five-speed gearboxes, better styling, and more significant engines.

6. Honda CB400 Four (‘75/77)

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

You might have the chance if you attended a trivia party and were asked to name three motorbike designers. Massimo Tamborini, Edward Turner, maybe Val Page, Australian Phil Irving, Willie G. Davidson, and possibly some other Italians.

What does it lack? The majority of motorcycles in the world are the work of Japanese designers. It would be effortless to dismiss this as racism, but part of the reason you don’t know any Japanese designers is because of the culture of Japanese manufacturing, where responsibility is shared by “teams” rather than just one. The person shares it.

No one is sure, but Yoshiro Harada, who previously led the 20-person engineering team behind the CB750, likely served as the project’s director.

7. Honda 50 Super Cub (‘64 onwards)

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

What does a scooter have to do with the ten most beautiful bikes in the world? To begin with, it’s a bike in its own right. It is not a scooter. It has a pressed steel “underbone” frame, a well-forward-mounted combination engine and gearbox for front or rear balance, and the chain to drive the rear wheel.

Instead of the traditional 10″ wheels seen on regular scooters, this scooter has larger 17″ wheels and is lighter due to the lack of a rear-mounted engine that directly drives the rear wheel.

The ‘step-through’ capability provided by the underbone chassis is where the confusion arises.

8. Aprilia Moto 6.5

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

One of the popular designers of the last century was Philippe Starck. He would contest anything reasonably priced and be responsible for designing everything from orange juicers to complete mansions. Among his achievements are his contributions to the design of the avant-garde Audi TT and the Sony Walkman.

His early motorbike ideas, notably the 1992 Aprilia Lama, proved once again that non-riders are not always the best candidates for designing bikes. However, Aprilia continued to support him and helped him build the first bike designed for the rapidly expanding UP market.

According to the story, Aprilia presented Stark with a blank piece of paper and said that if he could sketch it, they would build it.

9. Royal Enfield Continental GT

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

Royal Enfield’s first Continental GT was a beautiful motorcycle in its day (1964).

According to legend, RE management was in awe of the popularity of the new generation Japanese 250 but lacked the funds to replace their relatively basic Crusader 250. He invited his young apprentices to advise increasing the Crusader’s popularity, and the shop boys turned it into a Cafe Racer.

If one is still available after several years, you can visit a Royal Enfield showroom and spend very little money on a bike that embodies the spirit of the early motorcycle without carrying the baggage of a Crusader.

It uses a frame developed by England’s EFI Bullet engine with a modest displacement (535cc).

10. Honda CB1100R (‘81/83)

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times

From 1969 until the introduction of the V4s in 1983, big-bore Honda road motorcycles were several beauties. In today’s fashion, the engines changed from a single overhead cam to a twin overhead cam.

Instead of beautiful bikes, the results were usually “pretty” bikes that were attractive but not extraordinary.

That all totally changed between 1981 and 1983 when some CB1100Rs were available. Not only were these motorcycles fast, but they also looked quick too. Their sole aim was to take first place in the production race and bring the Honda brand back to the top of the podium. They were “homologation specials” – race bikes that needed to be sold in a certain amount to qualify for their race class.

Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Beautiful Bikes of All Times
1 Ducati 750 Sport (‘72/73)
2 Manx Norton (‘62)
3 Yamaha SRV250 (‘93/97)
4 Ducati 916 (‘94/98)
5 BMW R90S (‘73/76)
6 Honda CB400 Four (‘75/77)
7 Honda 50 Super Cub (‘64 onwards)
8 Aprilia Moto 6.5
9 Royal Enfield Continental GT
10 Honda CB1100R (‘81/83)

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