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Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

This article will offer a complete list of the Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models. When a motorcycle model’s name stands alone in the parlance of biking, it is truly extraordinary. One thinks of the Fireblade or, better yet, the Bonneville. When a vehicle defines and dominates an entire market segment, that’s an even greater testament to its success—think of the BMW GS or the Harley-Davidson Low Rider. Beyond that, though, hardly many motorbike models can celebrate their 50th anniversary.

The Honda Gold Wing, which celebrates 50 years of production this year, please take a bow. Unveiled in Las Vegas in September 1974, the bike that would become the “full-dress tourer” made its European debut at the Cologne show the following month. Originally intended to be a sportster for the US market, the CB750 was envisioned as Honda’s next flagship after the CB750. However, specifications were changed to accommodate long-distance touring while competing with Harley, BMW, and Moto Guzzi bikes.

The project, known internally as the “King of Kings,” was first developed under Shuichiro Arimajiri, best known for Honda’s multi-cylinder GP bikes from the 1960s and later the CBX1000. It was the first four-stroke bike with twin disc brakes and the first liquid-cooled bike. An earlier prototype, the M1, was even more revolutionary as it had a flat six-cylinder before being cut to a four to reduce length.

After the first 999cc GL1000 was released, the Gold Wing became the GL1100, 1200, 1500, and 1800cc models. The first Interstate introduced the “Full Dress Tourer” concept in 1980, and the Wing’s successors added ever-increasing luxury and technology to solidify the Wing’s status as the industry standard.

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Several unique spin-offs, such as Rune, F6B, and Valkyrie, have also been released along the road. With over 650,000 units sold worldwide, the latest GL1800 is the newest incarnation of the Gold Wing. Let’s have a look at the list of Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models.

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models – Top Rated

1975-1979 Honda GL1000

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

The wing was initially introduced as a “bare,” prompting accessory manufacturers, particularly Witter, to fill the gap with a windjammer fairing. The Wing was eventually launched as a long-distance tourer and was intended to be equipped with Honda accessories and equipment, but it has yet to go into production. Despite a massive success in the US, where 13,000 GLs were sold in 1975, the vehicle’s bulk and weight led to it being derided as the first mass-produced “two-wheeled car” in Europe.

1980-1983 Honda GL1100

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

Honda began selling auxiliary panniers for the wing in 1979, but the fairing differed from their offerings. The second-generation GL1100 did it all. The first Interstate, including a full fairing, hard panniers, and a top box, joined the GL1100 in March 1980. The bike was also now 1084cc, longer and heavier.

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The first Aspencade, a more luxurious edition with a larger seat, two-tone paint, and more features, was introduced in 1982 after the success of the previous model. At the same time, Honda began assembling the Goldwing in the US in 1980 at its facility in Marysville, Ohio.

1984-1987 Honda GL1200

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

Expanded again in response to the growing rivalry with models such as Yamaha’s recently released V4 XVZ1200 Venture, the bored and stroked 1182cc GL1200 challenged the original four-cylinder boxer engine to its limits. As a result, Honda began working on a new flat-six in 1988. Meanwhile, the 1200 was initially available in three versions: Fairtrade, Interstate, and Aspencade. However, the standard version was discontinued after just one year due to the immense popularity of the latter two.

1988-2000 Honda GL1500

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

The mid-1980s were a significant time for full-dress tourers in America, with Yamaha’s XVZ1200 Venture (which gained 1300cc displacement in 1986), Suzuki’s V4 GV1400 Cavalcade in 1985, and Kawasaki’s later Kawasaki 2. The year Thus, progress continues.

In 1984, work began on an all-new, six-cylinder Gold Wing, which was unveiled at the 1987 Cologne show. With a displacement of 1520cc, fully integrated equipment and bodywork, air suspension, and even a reverse gear, it was a huge improvement over the previous model, setting a new standard and beating all competitors. It has been in development for 13 years.

1996-2000 Honda GL1500 F6C ‘Valkyrie’

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

Honda introduced the F6C “Valkyrie,” the first “bare” wing since 1984, in response to the vintage craze in the US market, with “bagger-type cruisers such as the Harley-Davidson Road King (although the “Valkyrie” name in Europe was omitted). Initially offered in several configurations (bare, with a plexiglass screen and soft panniers, or with a handlebar fairing and a complete equipment set), it was not expected to be a commercial success and was discontinued after 2000 had gone.

2001-2017 Honda GL1800

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

Every aspect of the first new Gold Wing was enhanced in thirteen years. Power was increased from 100 to 117 horsepower thanks to the larger 1832cc engine. A new aluminum beam frame helped reduce overall weight. And optional extras such as a satnav system and airbags were added. It was also the last wing produced in the United States. Production at Marysville ceased in 2010, and the tooling was returned to Japan for relaunch in 2011 with minor modifications known as the “second generation.”

2004 Honda GL1800 Valkyrie Rune

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

A unique, custom, bare-bones cruiser based on the new GL1800, the Rune was a limited-edition, American-only product (although some were “grey imported” to Europe). Its provocative look included a well-known link front suspension. Made for just one year, they are now highly sought-after collectibles.

2013-2016 Honda GL1800 F6B

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

Honda debuted a new version of the classic Gold Wing in 2013. It comes in two models: F6B and F6B Deluxe. As a ‘blacked out’ version of the ‘standard’ Gold Wing, the F6B is a much more basic vehicle, which should appeal to many cruiser buyers.

2013-2016 Honda GL1800 F6C ‘Valkyrie’

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

Honda returned to its bare-wing idea with the F6C Valkyrie in 2013, although it was again not referred to as the Valkyrie in Europe. Along with introducing the new “bagger” wing, the F6B had a more streamlined, cruiser-style appearance, complete with expansive, 19-inch front tires, but also had side-mounted radiators that looked a bit odd.

2018-current Honda GL1800

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models

The all-new 1800 was faster, lighter, and more abundant than before. Its four-valve, 1833cc engine produced 125bhp. The new, lighter, more compact chassis features a unique, Hossack-style double-wishbone front suspension. Other updated instruments and electronics include traction control, infotainment, ride modes, and a semi-automatic DCT transmission. The 1800 is still being produced as Honda’s flagship vehicle.

Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Attractive Honda Gold Wing Models
1 1975-1979 Honda GL1000
2 1980-1983 Honda GL1100
3 1984-1987 Honda GL1200
4 1988-2000 Honda GL1500
5 1996-2000 Honda GL1500 F6C ‘Valkyrie’
6 2001-2017 Honda GL1800
7 2004 Honda GL1800 Valkyrie Rune
8 2013-2016 Honda GL1800 F6B
9 2013-2016 Honda GL1800 F6C ‘Valkyrie’
10 2018-current Honda GL1800

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