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Test Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC


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With variation XC of the year 2013, Triumph reinforces the look fighter of its maximum trail Tiger 1200 explorer. With its reinforced equipment and its khaki color, the news Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC offers a dress of warlike traveling tracks. But it remains before a whole queen of the touring on asphalt.

Test Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC: Range Rover spirit

For a few years now, the fashion has been with the large trails. All the large manufacturers thus engulfed themselves in this niche, which, in 2012, resisted the crisis. What already constitutes in oneself a superb performance? If BMW R1200GS reigns as a mistress uncontested on the sales, the other manufacturers go there from their model, their technology, their architecture engine. It is the case of Triumph, which launched its maximum trail Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 last year with for ambition alluring broad customers. But especially to show there exist an alternative to BMW.

Test Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC: Range Rover spirit

In version XC, explorer it tank is played it

After the 800, Triumph chose to apply receipt XC to its large Tiger Explorer, namely to give him an adventurer pace. Aluminum a shoe, a pair of massive avoid-cylinders, protects levers, of the anti ventricular fogs, a khaki painting and especially of splendid wheels with cross rays of the most beautiful effect: there does not have to say, that throws some for which likes this style. While approaching, one rediscovers a motorcycle which, thus equipped, seems even more massive.
High of everywhere, of the saddle to the bubble, via base passenger, Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC has what to discourage the gauges means. The side crutch – a part as robust as splendid – suggests the weight all full facts that it must support. In fact, 274 kg our balance… One of realizes as soon as one owes crutches the motorcycle, even to hoist it on the power station. Go: a blow of kidney in Tiger Woods to rectify Tiger miss and here!
Once places from there, ergonomics appears succeeded: general smoothness, good base, drawn aside handlebar as it is necessary, unspeakable view on the road beyond the instruments, well! Contact, name is not usurped: Triumph Tiger Explorer XC howls with the rotation of the handle. The singing exercises are well stamped Triumph, even if, with the wire of the years and the hardening of the standards, the three cylinders are done less rocky. It is far from being feeble nevertheless!

Test Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC: Range Rover spirit

Impressing recoveries, a successful gimbals joint

The catch in hand makes it possible to also propose certain strong… and weak points. Among the latter the gauge weight of Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC. Sensitive at the time of operations as they are what to worry.But as soon as 20/30 km/h are exceeded, the feeling of agility prevails. One does not force then any more on the handlebar to make rock the motorcycle.
Better, at the end of 5 minutes, one undertakes the half-turns without having doubts too much. The orders pleasant, with a wrinkle by wire, are disparaged by some at its exit, which is let all the same easily control, without jolt and with a feeling respecting the movements of the wrist. Among the motorcycles equipped with the electronic accelerator, one knows quite worse. The clutch is flexible, but the last productions from KTM or BMW do still better in this register.
To explorer XC does not show of them less real strong points like the general approval of the three cylinders online, which offers an excellent cocktail of couple to bottom and mid–mode and flexibility. As a result, not need to play of the box considering, on the intermediate reports, one can go down under 2000 tr/min without concern. That would almost make some forget the success of the transmission, which banishes almost any effect elevator side gimbals joint and accepts the fast passages of report like light handling of the end of the toes side selector.

Test Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC: Range Rover spirit

To travel yes, but far!

Interrelated on the peripheral of the capital between a Piaggio tripod and a large flat BMW, I clear myself a passage in the interfile. Damned! Difficult to follow the GT German whose pilot, to come mutate some informed, removed the satchels. Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC is equipped a broad handlebar, whose protections are likely to return in contact with the rear view mirrors of the cars. With the liking of the decelerations and revivals, I enjoy the approval of engine, which claims space. I from there will thus give myself some to him on the more traveling main roads, where it is expressed with full.
With 12.1 daN.m of couple with 6,400 tr/min, large triple offers a true beautiful roundness. To 90 km/h in 6th, it turns to 3,300 tr/min. 4,700 tr/min to 130 km/h, whereas the red zone begins with 10,000 tr/min… it thus remains really of the margin, even in our blasted version 100 horses. The recoveries with the current paces and modes generally used are really excellent, and the three cylinders have sufficient lyric expression to brighten the kilometers.
The protection of the adjustable bubble is part of best of the category, while the comfort of saddle is pleasant. In terms of behavior, the directional stability is good, but one finds better in the category, in particular because of a direction which loses consistency if one clings to the handlebar with high pace. To swallow the kilometers, only the parasitic vibrations with certain modes have what to tarnish a very favorable table.

Test Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC: Range Rover spirit

To roll sport in Tiger 1200, that is learned how

The trails “king size” appear among the most general-purpose motorcycles of the market. But, even within this family, certain models show significant preferences, either for tourism, or for the sport. Ducati Multistrada 1200 for example, maintained the illusion to be a trail touring at its beginnings, whereas one approaches finally more than one comfortable and careened roadster made up in trail. As of its presentation, the persons in charge of Triumph affirmed positioning touring explorer it. We checked it once again here.
With the handlebar of the large English trail, dynamic control is possible, but subject breaking up piloting or not to confuse speed and precipitation. Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC presents a very nimble release of turn taking into account its gauge, and it rocks very easily on the angle. On the other hand, the mass transfer is important, and in a word, sensitive when one tries to slow down late and strong. The back of the motorcycle goes up and the croup of Tiger is dandled.
To correct a badly committed trajectory while slowing down on the angle remains possible, but the brakes should not be slackened brutally, because the relaxation of the large fork generates movements. If one tries to raise the tone on the bumps, one notices the very good work of the suspensions, but if ABS starts and that it is necessary to quickly make turn Triumph in a turn which is closed, one quickly feels the weight and the center of gravity perched high…
To play, it is necessary to bet on the light direction with release, the facility to tighten the cord thanks to the progressive back brake, and to arise on the generous fat of the couple. Typically, Triumph Tiger 1200 XC is left very well the fast passage of a large roundabout or a turn of connection between two fast tracks; in short, all visible or foreseeable curves. The rigor is always with go, it is more the feeling under “the more critical” conditions which remains in withdrawal.

Test Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC: Range Rover spirit

274kg in mud, Oh my God…

If the ground is dry, one notices once again the very good work of the suspensions. With 190 mm of clearance for the fork and 194 mm for the shock absorber, to digest the holes is almost a formality. If mud is invited, the very good road tires Metzeler Tourane EXP see their sculptures filling quickly and their adherence put at evil.
To hope to face the tracks as it should be, it will thus be necessary to think of equipping Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC of gums designed for the exercise. It should be noted that, if the maximum trail Triumph is found lengthened, the presence of the handles passenger, or the large handlebar, are a good help to give it upright. The avoid-cylinders are also very robust. A good point

Test Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC: Range Rover spirit

Assessment: Distort adventurer, true tourist

Sold 15,590 € against 14,890 € for the standard version, the news Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC has a true mouth in this version. The details would be this only the beautiful radiated rims, improve the look and the price difference, considering the added equipment, proves contained.
The engineering changes relating to the packing of the motorcycle especially, the strong and weak points of Triumph Tiger 1200 do not change. With its three cylinders rather alive, the XC are really shown with its ease as soon as it was a question of aligning the kilometers, in solo or duet, but does not balk either to roll the every day.

Test Triumph Tiger 1200 explorer XC: Range Rover spirit

Comfortable in all circumstances, it is about trail more directed tourism than sport. It is a choice of Triumph, which undoubtedly did not want that one, finds his Tiger Explorer too close to Tiger 1050 for example. Nevertheless, after a few days with his handlebar, one understands completely why it if is voted by plebiscite in bikescatalog.

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