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Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!


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For Years we expected it… as a famous BMW R1200GS, finally has just revealed us in South Africa the potential of its new “air/water” engine! Behavior, approval, performances, the evolutions are sensitive and must be with an omnipresent electronics.

Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!

Here, I have just fallen with the handlebar of BMW R1200GS for the year 2013. A climb in stones, a lack of technique undoubtedly, too short legs, and here I lay down below the new GS on the side of the rocky track. Posed on its avoid-cylinder, BMW R1200GS 2013 is widespread on a carpet of bushes as one finds some everywhere in the African south. At this time, I do not have any doubt: I will spend time to raise it and, if it is not any more, to as much give it on the path to set out again with the adventure.

Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!

Reinforced sportsmanship

Lastly, we find the motorcycle after the winter living rooms at the end of 2012. If it is possible to palaver the hours on the evolution of its look, it does not remain less certain about it than the spirit “terrain road” was preserved. Of profile, one indisputably recognizes this typical and atypical line, his driving boxer which overflows on each side, his tubular skeleton out of steel which always seems frail, and this duck nozzle become standard, even if some big DR. from Suzuki had inaugurated it before it. Incontestably, the German innovation releases a reinforced impression of sportsmanship, even of modernity via lines more tended and reducing forwards.

Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!

Flat with fleet

On their side, the new scoops color aluminum also dissimulates the smaller side radiators which nourish the engine… in liquid of cooling. Hey yes, you read well: if its cubic capacity remains fixed at 1,170 Cm3, the new twin-cylinder flat of the GS is seen henceforth cooled by water in complement of traditional natural cooling by air which comes to cherish the wings of its imposing cylinders.
You suspect it, as soon as we received the ignition keys on the day of the test; we hastened to make crack this new twin-cylinder. And? First report, the sonority often compared with that of the 2 CV is deleted with the wire of the years: the flat twin cooled by air and water sings (finally) like a modern and considered mechanics virile: a its dryness, which points out that of the Akrapovic silencer of the year 2012, whereas the rise in mode takes place with a still unknown ease at the famous flat twin of the brand… That promises.

Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!

As at the house

After having regulated the saddle in low position (to 850 mm all the same), I hasten to climb on board this very new BMW R1200GS 2013. New report, the amateurs of innovation to any hair will be disappointed: the ergonomics of this model 2013 seems nearly identical to that of the previous versions. How to complain some besides, since most gauges will find their account there, finding a very narrow motorcycle with the crotch, provided with slightly lowered footrests and a very broad and rather flat handlebar.
The innovation is more to seek at side of the ordering of clutch – definitely softened with the abandonment of the dry mechanism to the profit of an oil bath, and equipped with anti-dribbles in series – or of the handle of accelerator with short pulling, from now on the electronics (wrinkle by wire obliges) and thus not presenting more this feeling of reserve specific to the mechanical systems. Consequently, two or three gas blows are enough to realize that the torque reaction was still attenuated; it is almost nothing any more. End of the boot, I engage the first: no noise, no “klong”, and no starter of movement forwards! From now on placed on the left side of the motorcycle, transmission shafting and gimbals joint seem to have received the best attention…

Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!

Magic of facility

I start at the beginning of the course prudently, by discovering the African southern roads and in particular this strange feeling to roll on the left. From the start, the gear box of the BMW R1200GS 2013 appears really smoothie and precise in its handling, there is a true progress. Announced heavier of 9 kg with 238 kg in functioning order (we will not fail to weigh it), the news BMW R1200GS 2013 canned step minus the incredible agility of its predecessors. This magic behavior of facility, making Announced forgets the weight and the sizeable gauge.
Taking into account the room temperature bordering the 30°, no need to make heat the new pneumatic tires Metzeler Tourane Next during kilometers, then the BMW opener takes us along to the step of race towards sinuous solid masses. Reassured by the ergonomics and the facility of the part-cycle, I am without sorrow the small troop, while BMW R1200GS 2013 does not offer any resistance to the catch of angle. Better, in the successions of turns, it is placed on the trajectory with a frightening precision and a speed, what to encourage with a dynamic control.
Fifteen kilometers further, we approach interminable right ends. Heat helping, the desire for cutting the road at large speed V … The GS 2013 reveals an impressive directional stability then, without any doubt higher than what one knows old BMW R1200GS… with more than 180 km/h; the German motorcyclists will appreciate. The occasion also makes it possible to check the health of the engine and its 125 horses within the framework of a “maximum” use. The recoveries between 100 and 180 km/h seem gun; the GS sets out again very extremely of 130 km/h in sixth (4 600 tr/min, as before) to climb with more than 230 km/h in a handful of seconds!

Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!

Multi modes and approval

But everyone will not use the BMW R1200GS 2013 like a sport GT at bottom on the motorway, rather privileging the general approval of mechanics. And there still, the amateurs will not be disappointed. New the flat twin liquid shows a hair more flexible than its predecessors, vibrating a little while progressing on the level of the transmission. In parallel, the work carried out on air/water mixed cooling and the vertical admission bore fruit: driving operation is more regular.
We, for example, did not raise these phenomena of inconstant mode at speed stabilized or acceleration by well-known stages on the old GS. Here, if one starts from 1.500 rev / min by screwing the handle to the interrupter, the push is frank, continues, stripped of jolts, with Just a peak of power to the accesses as of 7500 tr/min. Moreover, contrary to many modern mechanics, the flat air/water win of BMW R1200GS 2013 preserves an engine brake worthy of a strong cubic capacity, although in regression despite everything, it seems to us.

 Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!

In addition, the feeling of couple is well with go. Sensitive as of the low modes, the force of the engine authorizes the entire goings beyond inevitably retrogressing. Thus, this new “flat with fleet” is not more pointed than its predecessor, it is even more powerful, and progresses in total approval. But that the fans of famous “Bayerische Karactere” reassure themselves: the GS did not at all add water in its beer, but preserves the main part of the feelings specific to the engines of the German large family. Consequently, would the perfection be finally of this world?
Not, certainly complete. The humming sonority of the exhaust, which takes part in the pleasure of piloting when the valve opens, on the other hand can become wearying in cruising or at constant speed. Also, the multiple modes of cartography of injection appreciably do not transform the behavior of the engine. Consequently, the Dynamic modes or Rain do not seem ultra relevant of normal use, whereas one prefers standard the Touring mode most of the time, which finally made any good. For as much, this management electronic engine is not completely useless… quite to the contrary.

Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!

ESA Dynamic with the service of comfort

Indeed, a little as on Ducati Multistrada 1200 S – another maximum trail ultra techno – the various modes acting on the cartographies engine also modify the adjustments of the suspensions, as well as the degree of intervention of the ASC (anti-skid with acceleration) or of ABS (anti-locking with braking).
Thus, in Dynamic mode, the accelerator answers more quickly and the suspensions are hardened, the ABS letting on its side work the tires more. Not on the other hand but almost, the Enduro mode involves a more progressive answer of the engine, fact of rising the motorcycle of a few millimeters on its suspensions and disengages ABS in the back to authorize wheel locking so necessary. The objective is obviously to facilitate the piloting of the BMW R1200GS 2013 in all circumstances, and it should well be recognized that certain progress is notable.
In particular, the anti-skid ASC is shown much more effective and regular that before: finished accelerations by jerks in the gravels, the BMW R1200GS 2013 more naturally finds adherence thanks to an electronics working more quickly and precisely. On its side, braking ABS is impressive of feeling and progressiveness, including with before in the stony descents! ESA Dynamic undertakes as for him to gum the imperfections of the roadway and it is true that this grinding 2013 of the BMW R1200GS arrives to well absorbing most shocks in Enduro mode, while limiting the large mass transfers in Dynamic mode. Remain there with control help and is not delivered of series, but accustomed brand had guessed it.
Finally, I return from there to my history of the departure: slept on the side, I take the time to seek true defects at this BMW R1200GS 2013… and the minutes pass. Hold, the lower part of the mudguard before is not entirely painted and let’s appear rough material, the muffler is perhaps too noisy with high mode, the too flat handlebar of use any ground obliges to curve the back. Trifles in truth

Test BMW R1200GS 2013: Super air water!

Assessment: Evolution techno and logic

Finally, that to retain with total of this first test of the news and very expected BMW R1200GS model 2013? It preserves the typical DNA of family GS, a trail traveler with the generous gauge but whose control reveals an ease except standard; that one gets a road behavior above all reproaches, doubled of an excellent comfort. But the GS 2013, it is also an especially a new stage in the sophistication specific to the BMW last: much succeeded electronic assistance; an approval re-examined upwards and doubled new performances on a flat twin.
With the image of one K 1600 GTL come to replace one K 1200 LT (to some extent), new the BMW R1200GS 2013 are shown much more dynamic than its predecessor while preserving her philosophy based on the versatility… and its image of adventurer. That is to say the obvious result and inspired of a started work there is already a long time, with the success which one knows.
Sold 15,150 € with the ABS of series starting from March 2013, the news BMW R1200GS will propose various options in the form of the well-known packs. Enticing accessories which will easily make climb the price of the last top-of-the-range trail to the mode until more than 18,000 €. Deutsche Technology has a price.

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