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Test 2013 Benelli Macis 125

Manufacturer of motorcycles more than centenary, Benelli also proposes scooters, the new large-wheels 2013 Benelli Macis 125. Original look and race, made manufacturing in China, which this anti Honda SH 125i is worth displayed 1,000 € of less than Japanese. One week of complete tests enabled us to take a decision!

2013 Benelli Macis 125

To combine flavors of an area with another being located at the antipodes, when that is done with taste and reflection, excites the papillae of the gourmets in search of originality. With 2013 Benelli Macis 125, that we test this week, it is a little same thing, applied to the field of the scooter it gets along!

One takes on its side for what our Italian neighbors are universally recognized (inter alia), their control of the design, which one associates with industrial know-how and the experiment of an Asian manufacturer of origin which showed its mettle. Result: A very distinguished vehicle is visually obtained, whose manufacturing is beautiful and who is proposed with a competitive price.

This Chinese manufacturer is Qianjiang, which repurchased the brand of Benelli motorcycle and which is also owner many other signs throughout the world, of which the Keeway brand in France. To have tested many Keeway models, of which the GT Silver blade 125 EFI the year spent, with the 2013 Benelli Macis 125, we know a priori with what to expect us side customer service and reliability, since it is technically identical to a Keeway scooter.

What we are unaware of on the other hand, is the way in which the large-wheels 2013 Benelli Macis 125 behaves proof against the road. To give answer to this question, Scooter-Station faced the snow and the temperatures (more than negative) of season, to propose this complete test to you. To your fleece-lined gloves… leave!

2013 Benelli Macis 125

2013 Benelli Macis 125 – Cut for the large gauges

Our Benelli of test is installed on its central crutch, driving lit. The icy climate in this is at the end of January forces to lengthily make heat it’s mounting before mounting it. While the large-wheels go up in temperature, we contemplate, in the details, its fairings and original parts returning it to the first glance if attaching.

Like before with in the back, its surprising light units mark its personality. And of profile, the plastics located under the saddle are integrated with perfection into the low parts, transmission casing on the left and muffler on the right, in an elliptic form. The design and the preparing of the pot are remarkable.

With a saddle perched to 800 mm of the ground, almost the same height as that of Honda SH 125i ABS 2013 (perched to 799 mm height); we imagine an access as easy as on Japanese, reference of the scooters to large wheels. Error! Because taking into account the width of sat Macis, it is differently. Your servant, 183 cm under the small rule, pains to put his two feet flat on the ground, of what to strongly disconcert the small gauges. The ergonomics of the orders is on the other hand very good.

The handles installed on the curved handlebar are nothing with an ideal height and catch instinct. Admittedly, it is noted that the guard with the levers is too important, but as we announces it Benelli France, our mounting of the day is a reproduction. By the addition of new Master-cylinders in particular, the versions soon present in concession will not have any more this problem.

2013 Benelli Macis 125

2013 Benelli Macis 125: Its catch in hands is obvious

Like Honda SH, 2013 Benelli Macis 125 has the first quality which will charm the beginners: its facility of catch is in hand. As a result, he tames down quickly and taking into account its narrowness and of its lightness, it threads downtown ideally. Thanks to its small turning radius it hardly poses problem of handling at the time of parking. However this point of the sight, we prefer Kymco Agility City 125 or Peugeot Tweet 125 to him.

Hardly ground, our machine of test appeared not very prompt to us to take off with starting. Requested right handled thoroughly, it is indeed necessary to wait more than one half-second before the mono one tractor draws. Passed this alarm clock a late bit, rise to power, without mitigating, and is perfectly linear.

Up to 80 km/h its recoveries are honest. With acceleration as with the stop, one feels certain vibrations on the level of the base, but there is no what in speaking to its osteopath. The sonority which emanates from the pretty pot is not too noisy. As for its braking, if it is true that the guard with the levers of our machine of test (a reproduction) is impressive, we appreciate the progressiveness of the front brake all the same. The back, blocks to him too quickly.

Test Benelli Macis 125

Comfort, protection of Macis: Key points to improve

Scooter with large-wheels cut perfectly to reassure its pilot and to thwart circulation downtown, 2013 Benelli Macis 125 is not however the ideal weapon at the time of transporting the fruit of a meeting of shopping. One finds a vacuum-pocket in the apron, nice, but in view of the presence of wheels of 16 inches, its trunk under saddle cannot accommodate the helmet, being small.

Its floor is flat, certainly, but when the feet of the pilot rests there, it proves too much skimped to place the least bag there. Its future owner will have to thus think of equipping it with a top puts, but not that! Indeed, in the presence of a mini jump of wind overseeing the block instrumentation, the pilot is particularly exposed. With a rather narrow apron, the protection of the low parts is also not most convincing.

Addition of a windshield, sleeves to see of a protective apron, the well-being pilot is largely perfectible, in particular the winter. Thus provided, to travel on fast axes will be easier. On this playing field, 2013 Benelli Macis 125 reveals its good handling. Launched at its maximum speed (115 km/h meter = 103 km/h in GPS), it remains perfectly online. In curve, he shows precision, but attention with his suspensions.

Connections of bitumen, bandages, degradations of the roadway, on the way of certain irregularities the droughts of the fork and compound of shock absorbers are cruelly made feel.

2013 Benelli Macis 125

Assessment: Large wheels with the sporting look for townsman in search of originality

Large-wheels with the town sporting look, 2013 Benelli Macis 125 does not miss visual attractions. Approval and consumption of the engine (it is watered of 3.7 l/100 km), facilitated with catch in hand, gravitational rate of 2,199 € are other arguments pleading in its favor.
Admittedly, on the segment of the scooters with wheels of 16 inches one feels more comfortable and more protective. For which would like a utility in order to be different downtown, this scooter 2013 Benelli Macis 125 falls at point.

Remain such kind always allured little French crowd. What damage! Because with comparable rate, we find much more qualities to him than many scooters equipped with wheels of 12 inches, current stars of the centers town. Starting with its handling.

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