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Honda SH 125i ABS 2013 First look

By integrating a clever system of deactivation of the engine into the stop, an ABS of origin and a trunk able to contain a crash helmet, the version 2013 of Honda SH 125i cumulative the assets to rise with the row of ideal urban scooter.

Honda SH 125i ABS 2013: the urban tool

In the small family of the scooters, SH 125i 2013 fact appeared with some reference. All rolled European sale confused, one sees his discrete silhouette with the corners of each European large capital, such as Madrid, London or Rome, place of our test. In France, the user was sulky still his absence of true trunk and his lack of protection.
Today, its capacity to overall protect you from the bad weather is still not its fort (the large windshield remains an option), the throw weight is not more an obstacle: the SH 125i 2013 is from now on a capable one to transport integral under its saddle.
It also benefits from a new frame (more open to let pass the helmet), new careen-ages with the particularly neat assembly, of one (too much small) arrangement in the apron as well as new more readable instrumentation and from now on supplements (watch, gauge, double trip).

Honda SH 125i ABS 2013: the urban tool

Optimal efficiency

In side motorization, the Honda SH 125i still passes a great course while inheriting the mechanics of Honda PCX. This small engine of 12 ch, cooled by water, is rather voluntary and makes it possible to quickly reach 120 km/h with the meter.
It is also, by far, most sober of the market (2.3 l/100km checked) thanks to its system of deactivation signal intelligence to the stop which makes it possible to lower the consumption from approximately 7% in urban cycle…
The only disadvantages with this system “start and stop”: the light shift (1/2 dryness) between the restarting and “takeoff” with the fire of the machine. In a hurry however; will be able to disconnect it. One will also regret the absence of kick; however it is available on the versions dedicated to the Asian market.

Honda SH 125i ABS 2013: the urban tool

Urban tool

It’s also fine and light, the Honda SH 125i 2013 remains a reference in term of handiness. Being played of the bumps of the road with its large wheels, it benefits from adjustable suspensions of good invoice (5 notches against 3 before) and of a brake not coupled, but having an effective ABS and little interventionist resulting from the SH 300.
What to spin good progress through the city, in a relative comfort, the saddle being well cut and the position of control optimized even for largest (E) S. only the feet of the drivers will suffer due to a certain lack of space, passed classic 42. Lastly, at the time to park it, a new side crutch will facilitate the spot, even if the power station remains easy to unfold.

Honda SH 125i ABS 2013: the urban tool


Easy and pleasant to use, equipped particularly well and cash among the most sparing machines with the market, Honda SH 125i 2013 allows surveying the city effectively all while being made forget. Sold 3290 Euros, it is rather cheap… What to satisfy many French users.

Honda SH 125i ABS 2013: the urban tool

Our test in the middle of Rome enabled us to check the agility of new Honda SH 125i 2013 in the traffic, like its low fuel consumption: 2.3 liters were enough to buckle 100 km with good progress.

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