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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Honda GoldWing F6B Bagger 6 Cylinders


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Honda looks closely at the tendencies, in particular with regard to the US market of the custom. Over there, the GT becomes lighter, that it is on the level of the weight like equipment, to become baggers. A receipt which likes, and that Honda wishes to adapt with the news Honda Gold Wing F6B, narrowly derived from famous the GT.

News motor bike 2013: Honda GoldWing F6B, the bagger 6 cylinders

To strip a GT, to reduce it, strip its some of the equipment to make it lighter to control, while giving him a racy pace, such is the goal of the bagger kind which prevails in the United States with one big hit. The model references of such a kind are Harley-Davidson Street Glide and Victory Cross Country. Honda chose to involve itself on this crenel with the news Honda Gold Wing F6B, which could know a career even more successful than the F6C, in particular in Europe.

The obscure side of Gold

News motor bike 2013: Honda GoldWing F6B, the bagger 6 cylinders

Considering the technical maturity posted by the holy sacra Honda Gold Wing 1800, Honda preferred not to upset the data sheet of its imposing GT to transform it into bagger. The news for Honda Gold Wing F6B adopts a modified preparing: shortened bubble, saddles entirely re-examined, new handles and classical momentary footrests, side satchels reviews and ablation of the top puts.
Inevitably, thus stripped, Gold in version F6B will not have any more the favors of the motor bikes taxis, but rather of those which want a GT lighter and which remains very comfortable. Honda promises a feeling of control worthy of a convertible, and when one knows the general stability of Gold Wing and the smooth breath of sound six cylinders, there is extremely to bet that this F6B will be even easier to lead downtown or on the small roads.

News motor bike 2013: Honda GoldWing F6B, the bagger 6 cylinders

28 kg less!

The improved preparing and the disappearance of certain equipment (like the airbag or GPS) made it possible to reduce the weight of the GL1800 of 28 kg: Honda announces a weight 384 kg whereas, for recall, we weighed Honda Gold wing 1800 model 2011 not Airbag to 407 kg.
Nevertheless, the disappearance of the top puts integrated will also condemn carrying the helmets once gotten out of the motor bike. Is necessary to know what one wants! On the other hand, certain equipment which improves approval like the speed regulator, the automatic call-back of the indicators or the heating saddles, disappeared. The travelers will undoubtedly show themselves criticizes on these choices, but they will have always the leisure to listen to the music, via an audio system with 4 high speakers.

News motor bike 2013: Honda GoldWing F6B, the bagger 6 cylinders

The part cycles, just like the fabulous six cylinder motor flat, remain unchanged. Honda Gold Wing 1800 has already a balance of behavior bluffing as soon as his gauge was integrated; the half turns are carried out with ease then it should still better be with 28 kilos less and one center of gravity lowered by the reduction in the weight located in height.
The engine six cylinders flat of 1832 Cm3 develop a couple of 167 Nm with 4.000 rpm / min, providing transportation to the occupants in a world of softness and the accelerations. Strengthened year behind unequaled linearity. There still, the loss of the weight that will give wings to new excavator from Honda. If the availability of this innovation is not known yet, and one can imagine that the US market will be provided in first, Honda announces in spite of very that its price will be competing. Remain to know the delta with Honda Gold wing 1800, sold 28,990 € (at the 11/11/12).

News motor bike 2013: Honda GoldWing F6B, the bagger 6 cylinders

Honda Gold Wing F6B, essence:

  • Excavator version of the GT Honda Goldwing GL 1800 re-examined preparing, short bubble, side satchels reviews
  • Disappearance of the file integrating the top puts
  • New saddle controls/momentary
  • New handles of momentary maintenance
  • Weight in fall of 28 kg (384 kg, all full facts)
  • Engine six cylinders flat of 1832 Cm3
  • Power: 118.3 CH in free version with 5500 tr/min
  • Couples: 167 Nm with 4000 tr/min
  • Audio system with 4 high speakers of series with catch I Pod and USB
  • Braking C ABS of series
  • Many options available:
  • Momentary splash plate, heating handles, carry luggage, avoids breeze high, central crutch…

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