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Ducati Hypermotard, Hypermotard SP And Hyperstrada

Ducati held its press conference yesterday preceding the opening by the living room of Milan. Within the range 2013 of the Italian manufacturer, one notes especially the arrival of a very new family of Hypermotard, been driven by a very new engine of 820 Cm3. Hypermotard, Hypermotard SP and Hyperstrada are the Ducati innovations of the year 2013!

News motor bike 2013: Ducati Hypermotard, Hypermotard SP and Hyperstrada

Definitely, Ducati seems to believe hard like iron in the Hypermotard concept. A still young family of motor bikes in the range of Bologna, which, did not succeeded yet in reaching will have it of Super-bike and other Monster, nor the fulgurating commercial successes of Multistrada 1200 or Diavel. Nevertheless, Hypermotard are part of Ducati more “frequent able” and most effective with the daily news paper or on road.
And as Ducati has continuation in its ideas, for 2013, the mark reveals a very new family of Hypermotard which also inaugurates a very new engine.

News motor bike 2013: Ducati Hypermotard, Hypermotard SP and Hyperstrada

Engine Testastretta 11° 821 Cm3: New the twin of Bologna

The engineers of Bologna took again the great receipts of the mark and one recognizes the forms characteristic of the engines from Ducati, but the fans of the mark will have noticed, rightly, the absence of wings on the cylinders or the presence of the radiator behind the careen-age. Indeed, new twin-cylinder 820 is cooled by water. What could be more normal for a very new engine, but that also marks the official stop of the Hypermotard family motorized by Demoded with air. It is obvious, the engines cooled by air from Ducati live their last hours in 2013.
Let us cease crying and take interest in this new engine. With 821.1 Cm3 exactly, it develops 110 ch with 9250 tr/min and a couple of 10.5 mkg with 5550 tr/min: relatively reasonable values for a very recent engine. Specify and Ducati to que le Placed emphasis was on the couple and the availability was broad beach of the way and not maximum power. This twin Testastretta with 11° (chock taken again in Multistrada) uses good number of last technologies of the mark as an oil type clutch which requires little effort to the lever and which integrates a system of discs into slip limited to avoid wheel locking postpones with the downshift.
The wrinkle by wire allows the installation of three distinct, adjustable cartographies of injection with the handlebar: Sport, Touring, and Urban. This last cartography will develop nothing any more but 75 horses. To note, and that also shows the perseverance of Ducati as regards image of reliability, the intervals of revisions are spaced every 15,000 km (or a year), and the adjustment of the valves intervenes every 30,000 km.

News motor bike 2013: Ducati Hypermotard, Hypermotard SP and Hyperstrada

Ducati Hypermotard: Line entry not basic

First model of this family, Hypermotard (very short!) constitutes the ticket of entry in the family. The framework lattice out of steel presents a new drawing. It is associated with polymeric, rigid and a back light material loop. A little like Ducati Multistrada 1200 or the KTM 690 Duke. This back loop also has a role to accommodate part of the reserve of 16 liters, which will offer certainly more autonomy than tiny the reserves of the models, Hypermotard precedents.
This kind of back loop also makes it possible to limit the weight overload and the Hypermotard news announces a dry weight of 175 kg or 198 kg all full facts. With a weight so contained, it could be addressed to the greatest number, but its height of saddle of 870 mm will penalize the smallest gauges. The Hypermotard news also has Safety Ducati Pack, that is to say the association of the ABS and anti-skid of the mark. Hypermotard news will arrive in March 2013 at the cost of 11,490 €.

News motor bike 2013: Ducati Hypermotard, Hypermotard SP and Hyperstrada

Ducati Hypermotard SP: Lend to undo some

Ducati Hypermotard SP presents more sporting equipment with a preparing way “paintings of war” and carbon parts taking part in its fall of weight of 171 kg dry or 194 all full facts. The peripherals like the suspensions or the brakes are also re-examined, like always on versions SP. Here, the Marchesini wheels are not any more run, but are forged. The reversed fork Marzocchi of 50 mm has a triple adjustment, just like the shock absorber postpones Ohlin’s.
The new suspensions will be supposed to absorb the shocks more and to increase the sporting capacities of the version SP which has a higher saddle (890 mm) and a better ground clearance. The clamps of Brembo brake are here of piece type; let us hope that they will remain measurable, but in any event, Ducati Safety Pack delivered of series (ABS, anti-skid), will take care of the grain… this HM SP will be available in March 2013 at the cost of 14,590 €.

News motor bike 2013: Ducati Hypermotard, Hypermotard SP and Hyperstrada

Ducati Hyperstrada: Supermoto of the cities, supermoto of the fields

Third model of the family Ducati Hypermotard 820, and can be not the least interesting, Hyperstrada represents the road vision of this new family. She receives a high bubble, which will more protect the bust from the pilot. The crew will also be able to take seat on a saddle more comfortable, lower with 850 mm, which remains rather high in the absolute, but this Hypermotard news is fine.
The side nylon satchels are removable and will be Able to Facilitate the weekend while the departures in Central crutch moreover will allow more Easily Maintaining the chain. Like other Hypermotard, the Hyperstrada news has Ducati Safety Pack (ABS + anti-skid), as well as a predisposition to the installation of the heating handles or GPS. Hyperstrada has also two catches 12 V additional to facilitate the installation of accessories. It will arrive in March 2013 at the cost of 12,790 €.

News motor bike 2013: Ducati Hypermotard, Hypermotard SP and Hyperstrada

Ducati Hypermotard, Hypermotard SP and Hyperstrada, essence:

  • Twin-cylinder 821.1 Cm3 cooled by water
  • 110 horses with 9250 tr/min
  • 10.5 mkg with 5750 tr/min
  • Injection with three modes: Sport, Touring, Urban (75 ch)
  • Tally lattice steel, buckles back out of polymer, will monograms oscillating out of aluminum
  • Braking ABS and anti-skid of series
  • Version SP, equipped with brakes, suspensions sport and of a preparing carbon
  • Hyperstrada: model comfort with high bubble, saddles comfort, bags out of nylon, central crutch
  • Availability: March 2013
  • Price: Hypermotard: 11,490 €; SP: 14,590 €; Hyperstrada: 12,790 €

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