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Test 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure


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More than one evolution, the news KTM 1190 Adventure marks a new course for KTM. Halfway between the trail typified rally raid and the large supermotard of travel, the news KTM Adventure 1190 obtains all technological refinements to the mode to try the delicate compromise between sport and comfort. Successful bet?

Test KTM 1190 Adventure: More serious… less fun?

Usually, at KTM, at the end of 15 minutes of press conferences, we have tightened the keys quickly for going to make a turn. For its news KTM 1190 Adventure, the Austrian brand took care to explain us all completed work. The persons in charge also insisted on the new strategic positioning of their large trail, which wants to be more touring that never.
Born in 2003, the KTM 950 Adventure respected the DNA on any ground of the brand, with a typified pace rally raid, narrow wheels of 21 and 18 inches and very first twin-cylinder LC8. Ten years later, the lines moved, technologies evolved the expectations of the market also. The new generation of KTM Adventure 1190 wants to be more techno that never, exploiting the higher bid all the points: cubic capacity, weights, power, and assistance’s electronic…
History to mess up the whole, KTM completely redrew it. Forget the ultra enveloping careen-age and the double silencer placed under the saddle: on KTM 1190 Adventure, imposing it careen-age obtains a bubble with manual adjustment, while the back of the motorcycle displays a single silencer established in low side position.
Rather imposing, the new KTM 1190 Adventure does not present of it less one learnedly studied ergonomics, like often at KTM. The height of saddle (860/875 mm) would have what to frighten any average gauge, but the narrowness with the crotch brings a certain comfort to the stop. With 1.70 m, I never really suffered the height of saddle.

Test KTM 1190 Adventure: More serious… less fun?

Catch in hands worthy of one 650 Cm3

The position is relaxed, with an unspeakable view on the new instrument panel, which abounds in information. With starting, the engine escapes sonority always with a dry, but the singing exercises are definitely metal than on the block of 990 Cm3, pointing out the twin-cylinder of Aprilia RSV1000. Cold, the LC8 derived from that of the RC8 R emits a not very pleasant rattling. Some gas blows quickly recall that one deals with a sporting mechanics: the rise in mode is very sharp, even more than on Ducati Multistrada 1200, reference of sportsmanship at the trails SUV!
Good pickaxe on the level of the catch in hands, which is simply childish. The anti clutch dribbles shows an incredible softness and of a perfect proportioning. The electronic gas handles answers with precision, practically without with blow, even on the small thread of sometimes indelicate gas with the wrinkle by wire. From the start, one notices the general lightness of the new KTM. Fears of the catch of weight are deleted then, cheer!
While crossing the villages, one notes quickly that left foot should be knitted. The large LC8 slightly progressed in flexibility compared to the 990 precedent – and it is already well taking into account its higher cubic capacity – but it is always necessary to play of the selector at low speed. Less than 3500 tr/min, the engine is quickly put to knock and balks to set out again. Fortunately, the gear box is more to quote among the strong points of the motorcycle: specify, fast and accompanied with a selector with short clearance, frequent KTM.

Test KTM 1190 Adventure: More serious… less fun?

Mass transfer to be tamed

As of the first kilometers on the sinuous portions, one notes an important phenomenon of mass transfer whereas breakings are yet not very supported. Admittedly, KTM Adventure 990 was prone there, but one expected it much less on behalf of the new KTM Adventure 1190, which wants to be more typified definitely road. Sometimes moreover, the motorcycle pains to be stalled on the angle and it are necessary to be begun again there with twice to place it like desired. Fortunately, its great agility allows all the audacity or almost in controls the instinct.
This slightly vague character curiously recalls the first kilometers carried out to the handlebar of the last Ducati Multistrada equipped with the Skyhook suspension. Here also, KTM placed at our disposal of the motorcycles all options, equipped with new electronic suspensions GT. They are not however active suspensions amending the hydraulic laws in real time, as on a BMW HP4. Here, the adjustments of hydraulics are defined by permutable modes in the handlebar.
With the pause, technicians KTM suggest us modifying the adjustments in order to find the compromise most satisfactory. At the mid–day, the adjustment sport/solo with luggage seemed to me most suitable, partly eliminating this marked diving. But it will have been necessary to play with the control unit of left which manages the assistance with control.
Another notable point, the indicator of anti-skid very often ignites, quite simply because except in Off mode, it always remains on its guards, to prevent less evasion, to even limit the elevating of a powerful and light motorcycle of the front one. Let us recognize that 150 horses placed in a frame of road trail require guard insane, even if once the anti-skid one disconnected KTM Adventure 1190 remains drivable despite everything.

Test KTM 1190 Adventure: More serious… less fun?

Electronics takes care of the grain

Once the assimilated general behavior, one finally comes from there to peel the general character of the motorcycle, its performances, and its approval. Incontestably, the new KTM 1190 Adventure is shown of bluff ante effectiveness on almost all the courses. Undoubtedly the maximum nimblest trail of the market, it always offers this touch of road typically GT, which gums and swallows all the difficulties of the roadway. One then regales oneself to balance the KTM from one angle to another without no reserve, that there are bumps or not, while the corrections of trajectory are worthy of a rolled average.
There is all the same little spirit of the KTM SMT 990 in it, the more so as assembles it Continental in 19 and 17 inches shows an excellent adherence. Braking ABS combined watch a good approval of fast rolled up use, but its distribution in the road modes requests the back brake seriously and the disc turned blue more once during the day. Not to cook it, it is enough to zap the brake pedals, because the combined system distributes the power of braking between the clamps before and back.
The geometry of the Adventure news shows beautiful neutrality, the motorcycle boxing breaking on the angle without being raised. Qualified of superfluity by the official press kit, the shock absorber of direction however does not seem to make figuration, because the directional stability, always healthy, puts all the same ahead the lightness of the direction. There still, KTM 1190 Adventure points out the KTM SMT 990. Not less than 27 pins of mountain later, I do not put myself any more any question about the entry of curve or the re-acceleration. Remain the effectiveness of a skilful motorcycle which deletes the most vicious pins ultra easily, but I regret several things then.

Test KTM 1190 Adventure: More serious… less fun?

An engine especially adapted to the sport

Firstly, relative lack of feeling of large couple which brings pleasure as much when one starts again a twin-cylinder on a usual beach of mode. With Aprilia 1200 Dorsoduro or a BMW R1200GS, one surfs with mid–mode and one has fun to arise from the curves to the liking of the rumbling of the engine.
The LC8, tractor draws in a linear, progressive way to him and finally chooses to be expressed higher in the turns. With final, one retains definitely more the feeling of acceleration starting from the mid–modes that the effect of the couple. It is not a tractor; it is more a Formula 1 which adores exploding beyond 6500 tr/min. And taking into account the cubic capacity and of the power, speeds reached are quickly very high. The sportsmen will appreciate, it is sure. Fans of touring strengthened, perhaps less.
Admittedly, the mode any ground loses 50 horses compared to the Sport mode, but the action of embarked electronics is so permanent that one does not have the feeling to lose or to gain as much of it of it when one rocks from one mode to another. Actually, it is quite simply because it is rather well done, the assistance is gauged with just for the effectiveness, from where one felt relatively constant.

Test KTM 1190 Adventure: More serious… less fun?

Comfort with sauce KTM

While going down again in the valley, one finds oneself in contact with the bumpers of some motor homes. One benefits from it to appreciate the superb landscapes while it never keeps engaging the sixth under 85 km/h, because the twin watch then his disapproval. Adventure makes it possible to thread the turns in descent like pearls to the motorway. To 130 km/h in sixth, the engine has a kip there with 4750 tr/min.
Protection, with the bubble in high position, is convincing. The air is ducted, but some movements leave think that certain competitors like Triumph Tiger 1200 to explore, play it more rampart side protection. Comfort, in this rectilinear exercise, should make it possible to empty the reserve of 23 liters in any comfort, even if beyond 130 km/h, the vibrations are done increasing, while the saddle seems firm – but not lasts – in the end of the day.


Assessment: A KTM of compromise remains a KTM

At the time to return the keys of KTM 1190 Adventure to staff KTM, I meditate on the whole of this new motorcycle. From a technical point of view, KTM provided very large efforts. Completed work on certain points -, work handling of damping, softness of the orders – is remarkable… In the chapter of approval, on the other hand, twin LC8 as velvety as is not announced.
Other engines are better to cruiser the nose with the wind, but recognize that the KTM are especially recognized for their sportsmanship. There, not of problem, KTM Adventure 1190 can roll perfectly quickly, and on all the courses. Of all the maximum trails, it is perhaps most powerful, with this erudite driving cocktail of power associated with an incredible agility.
But such a vice of power required the installation of a sophisticated electronics, guarantor of a facility of preserved control. But this assistance smooths certain aspects of control. Side comfort with the long course, the fondant of the saddle or protection is already convincing, even if one expected some better.
On the other hand, the KTM Adventure 1190 preserves two advantages of size with the control of its weight and its agility. Arguments which make also the force of certain a BMW R 1200 GS, indirect competitor of the KTM 1190 Adventure which drives out more on the grounds of Ducati Multistrada. Sold 13,990 €, this new KTM intends to convince the fans of the brand and to allure a new public. It is all the evil which we wish him.

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