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Indian 2022 eFTR Mini Electric Motorcycle Review Specs Price

Compared to the previous eFTR Jr., the new eFTR Mini is more kid-friendly and easier to maneuver. The all-new electric child bike for youngsters learning to ride offers a more welcoming and accessible alternative.

To help parents educate their children to ride, the eFTR Mini Electric Youth Bike is the newest member of the eFTR family. The eFTR Mini, which has a maximum weight capacity of 140 pounds and a seat height of 18.4 inches, is suitable for children aged eight and above.

Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, has expanded its line of junior electric motorcycles with the introduction of the eFTR Mini. eFTR Mini, a new option for smaller, entry-level riders, joins the family of the eFTR Jr in allowing riders to pass on their passion for riding to the next generation.

Regarding the flat track, the Indian Motorcycle Wrecking Crew, which dominated the sport in the 1950s and has gone on to win each championship since returning to the sport in 2017, has a new electric youth bike to experience. It has a striking resemblance to the FTR750 racing bike in terms of design. More young riders will find the eFTR Mini since it is 20% smaller and 50% lighter than the eFTR Jr. It features a steel tube frame and costs $499. It is of excellent quality and will endure a long time.

“The eFTR Jr. was greeted with an exceptionally enthusiastic reaction from so many passionate riders and devoted Indian Motorcycle customers seeking to share their enthusiasm for riding with the youngsters in their life,” says Ross Clifford, vice president of parts, clothing, and accessories at Indian Motorcycle. With the eFTR Mini, we’ll be able to cater to a broader range of aspiring two-wheelers, thanks to our growing selection of young alternatives.

Indian 2022 eFTR Mini Electric Motorcycle

Regarding-inspired kid safety gear from Indian Motorcycle comprises a helmet, body armor, gloves, and a replica Indian Motorcycle Racing jersey. It’s no surprise that Indian Motorcycle Racing’s logo can be found on the junior electric youth clothing collection, designed with the rider in mind.

Indian 2022 eFTR Mini Electric Motorcycle – Features and Price

Great For New Riders

The eFTR Jr. and eFTR Mini are safe and dependable for children ages eight and above.

Two Size Options

The eFTR Jr. and eFTR Mini bicycles are available for parents.

FTR Race Replica Styling

They were modeled after the championship-winning bike.

Long Range Battery with High & Low Modes

Long Range Battery with High & Low odes in low mode, cyclists eight and up.

Twist Grip Throttle

The throttle may be shifted by twisting the grip.


Easy for little riders to maneuver.

Indian 2022 eFTR Mini Electric Motorcycle

Rear Suspension

The eFTR Mini has a sturdy frame, while the eFTR Jr. has a mono-shock for added comfort and shock absorption.

Braking system

To improve stopping power, the eFTR Jr. and eFTR Mini brake systems include both front and back brakes and rear brakes for more stable control.

Indian 2022 eFTR Mini Electric Motorcycle – Price

The new Indian 2022 eFTR Mini Electric Motorcycle is available at $499 only.

Indian 2022 eFTR Mini Electric Motorcycle

Indian 2022 eFTR Mini Electric Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

Battery Power

  • 24v Rechargeable Battery
  • Includes Battery Charger
  • Throttle Twist Grip
  • Low Mode Ages: 8+
  • Top Speed: 10 Mph / 16 Km/H
  • High Mode Ages: 13+
  • Top Speed: 14 Mph / 23 Km/H

Body & Suspension

  • Frame Steel
  • Seat-Height 18.4 Inches
  • Max Weight 140 Lbs / 64 Kg
  • Suspension Rigid Frame
  • Fairings/Body Shatter Resistant Plastic
  • Kickstand Retractable
  • Grips Soft-Rubber
  • Foot Pegs Folding, Metal

Indian 2022 eFTR Mini Electric Motorcycle

Brakes & Wheels

  • Brakes Hand Operated Rear Brake
  • Wheels Spoked with 12” Knobby Tires

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