Honda VT 1300 CX Fury is a good bike

Honda VT 1300 CX Fury is a good bike


Honda VT1300CX is undoubtedly an original motorcycle. A custom type with which the eye and the excited directions, order a custom efficacious which the same Asserts, same quality and same reliability as all other Honda.
Largely illustrated by a steering column high perched, an interminable tank and a saddle which is ultra-low, its shifted style holds the attention inevitably. Soft lines and an extreme attention paid to the details make of it a machine which seems straight exit of a workshop of high couture, rate put except for!

Honda VT 1300 CX Fury is a good bike

The heart of the Honda VT1300CX is a twin-cylinder out of V with 52° of 1,312 Cm3 which is characterized by a single crank pin crankshaft, a double beam of balancing of the vibrations and a feeding system per injection PGM-FI. This motorization delivers performances of first order at the same time as an incredible sonority while the consumption remains ridiculously low. Lastly, transmission shafting clean, reliable and without maintenance seems the warranty that the Honda VT1300CX will spend more time on the road than to the garage…
Dimensioned braking, the disc before ø 336 mm is assisted by a back element of ø 296 mm. A system combined with anti-locking ABS is also available in option, offering an optimal security and bracings perfectly making safe.

Honda VT 1300 CX Fury is a good bike

Comfort is also well beyond the current references custom. The forms of what seems to be a rigid framework dissimulate in fact a clever system of adjustable suspension in relaxation and reload (35 positions).

Principal characteristics

  • Twin-cylinder out of V with 52° of 1,312 Cm3 with single crank pin crankshaft, double beam of balancing of the vibrations and feeding system per injection PGM-FI.
  • Rims aluminum with pneumatic tire postpones of 200 mm and before 90 mm to create a reinforced visual impact.
  • Disc before 336 mm, disc postpones of 296 mm for a soft and powerful braking.
  • In option, system compound-ABS especially adapted to the style minimalist of the machine for a braking even more reassuring.
  • Distinctive back part dissimulating a suspension postpones with adjustable mono shock in relaxation and preload (35 positions), associated with an oscillating arm in aluminum.
  • Chrome headlight and LED taillight harmoniously complementing the simple and elegant style.

Honda VT 1300 CX Fury is a good bike


Black Graphite

Metal blue Glint Wave

Optional equipment

  • Honda Access Europe proposes a broad range of accessories and optional equipment intended for the VT1300CX to still increase its style and its versatility:
  • Chrome momentary splash plate
  • Cushion for splash plate
  • Front deflector in the coordinated colours
  • Preparing of mudguard postpones chrome
  • Cover external protection


Type: Twin-cylinder out of V with 52°, 4 times, simple ACT and 6 valves, cooled by water

Cubic capacity: 1,312 Cm3

Boring X chases: 89.5 X 104.3 mm

Volumetric report: 9.2: 1

Maximum power: 42.5 kW/4 250 min-1 (95/1/EC)

Mode of idle: 900 min-1

Oil capacity: 4.3 liters

Honda VT 1300 CX Fury is a good bike


Carburetion: Electronic injection PGM-FI with automatic choke

Body of injectors: 38 mm

Air filter:  Fat, with cartridge

Fuel capacity: 12.8 liters

Fuel consumption: 20.3 km/l (WMTC Mode*)

Electric system

Lighting: DIGITAL 3D with electronic advance

Ignition timing: 8˚ AvPMH (slowed down) | 57,7˚ AvPMH (5 250 tr/min)


Starting: Electric

Battery: 12 V/11,2 AH

Alternator: 381 W

Headlights: 12 V, 55 W X 1 (crossing)/60 W X 1 (road)


Clutch: Multidisc in oil bath

Box: 5 reports

Primary reduction: 1,758

Final reduction: 2,661

Final transmission: By tree with gimbals joint

Part cycles

Dimensions (LxlxH): 2,575 X 900 X 1,150 mm

Footing: 1,805 mm

Castor angle: 32 °

Trail: 90 mm

Turning radius: 4.1 m

Height of saddle: 678 mm

Keep on the ground: 126 mm

Full weight all facts: 303 kg (AV: 128 kg; AR: 175 kg), *309 kg (AV: 131 kg; AR: 178 kg)

Maximum transport capacity: 160 kg

Laden weight: 463 kg, *469 kg

All these characteristics are indicative and likely to evolve without notice

Honda VT 1300 CX Fury is a good bike

Data resulting from tests which were carried out by Honda in the respect of standards WMTC. These tests were carried out by a pilot alone, on open road and with a standard model without additional optional equipment. Fuel consumption can vary according to your style of piloting, the maintenance brought to the vehicle, the weather conditions, the state of the roads, the pressure of the pneumatic tires, the possible presence of accessories, the load, the weight of the crew and many other parameters.