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Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike Review Specs

From numerous points of view, the best bike is the one that fits a rider the best. That is the reason there’s the Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike. It is a straightforward idea that we took our CRF125F and set it up with bigger width wheels and a more extended swingarm that raises the seat stature by two inches. What’s more, for 2019, it gets some enormous upgrades. The demonstrated single-chamber motor with a four-speed transmission presently accompanies fuel infusion for roader power and better running in chilly climate and high heights, with less contamination. There’s additionally another twin-fight steel outline, expanded suspension travel for a significantly increasingly wild ride, and an electric starter. Measured for some riders with a comprehensive list of capabilities, the CRF125F Big Wheel feels perfectly on the path.

Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike – Features


With a 19-inch front wheel and the 16-inch wheel in the back, the Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike will fit taller riders somewhat better. The right-sized bike is as significant as wearing the right-sized boots or protective cap. Notwithstanding the back-suspension travel increment, we likewise gave the CRF125F Big Wheel more travel in advance for a reasonable, extravagant ride.

A dynamic linkage interfaces a solitary hard-core stun to the swingarm, conveying a fantastic blend of spring and damping rates over a full scope of riding conditions. This year the CRF125F Big Wheel gets almost an extra ¾ inch of suspension travel, as well.

Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike


The reliable four-stroke single-cylinder engine of the big wheel Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike offers excellent performance with a wide power range – perfect for a wide range of cyclists, including beginners. And for 2019, the new fuel injection makes it even better and more efficient.


Honda’s sturdy clutch is durable and helps promote smooth gear changes.


Less experienced pilots are hard on the equipment, especially when they are starting. It is why we have equipped the Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike with a new double-spar steel frame and swingarm which are built to handle the bumps and bumps of off-road driving. The four-speed gearbox is like a full-size motorcycle, giving your young rider all the control they need.

Another advantage of mounting the CRF125F Big wheel with fuel injection? Now it even meets California’s strict CARB emissions standards for all-terrain motorcycles – good news for everyone.

The front disc brake offers superior stopping power with the drilled front disc rotor for lighter weight and better performance in wet weather. New for 2019, fuel injection means that the CRF125F Big wheel starts immediately, even in cold weather. Compared to a carburetor bike, it also helps reduce emissions and improve performance and fuel efficiency. And say goodbye to the clogged pilot jets when you put this bike away for storage.

Cyclists can be tough on equipment, and taking a spill is a natural part of learning. But the CRF125F Big wheel can handle it: with hard plastic fenders, a tank and other body parts inspired by our most giant CRF motocross bikes, the Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike is designed to ignore the knocks of the real world.

Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike


Much the same as the master’s use, the Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike gets redesigned, the half-waffle design holds. Should begin them off right! It’s critical to have a bike that is estimated directly for your rider. The CRF125F Big Wheel’s 30.9 inches of seat height helps assemble certainty directly from the beginning.


Push-button beginning makes beginning simpler in a wide range of conditions, and the proficient structure includes insignificant weight than the 2018 Honda CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike.

For included security, the keyed ignition switch lets you control who goes riding and when significant on the off chance that one have more young riders in the house. The support free fixed battery guarantees that your CRF125F Big Wheel is prepared to ride when you are.

Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike – Price

BASE MSRP: $3,499

Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 124.9cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke 52.4mm x 57.9mm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Valve Train SOHC; two-valve
Induction Fuel-injection, 22mm throttle bore
Ignition Full Transistorized

Drive Train

Transmission Four-speed
Final Drive Chain

Check out the latest engine accessories as follows.

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Chassis Suspension and Brakes

Front Suspension 31 mm telescopic fork; 5.9 inches of travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link® single-shock; 6.6 inches of travel
Front Brake 220 mm hydraulic disc
Rear Brake Drum
Front Tire 70/100-19
Rear Tire 90/100-16

Check out some of the chassis accessories as follows.

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Rake 27°30′ (Caster Angle)
Trail 94 mm (3.7 inches)
Wheelbase 49.4 inches
Seat Height 30.9 inches
Curb Weight 199 pounds
Fuel Capacity 1 gallon
Ground Clearance 10.3 inches


Emissions This dirt bike meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) and EPA off-road emissions standards.
Available Colors Red
Model ID CRF125FB

Experts recommend the use of safety gears during ride.

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Factory Warranty Information

Duration Six Months transferable limited warranty; It has extended warranty available with a Honda Protection Plan.


In the conclusions, we can say that the CRF Performance Line innovation, fuel infusion, and twin-fight chassis design are currently offered on the CRF Trail Line, i.e., the 2019 Honda CRF125F Trail Dirt Bike and the Honda 2019 CRF125F Big Wheel Trail Dirt Bike. The electronically controlled Keihin fuel-infusion framework conveys smooth, consistent, direct power at any rpm and throttles setting—perfect for new motorcyclists and similarly profitable for cutting edge riders on the specialized path.

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