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Harley-Davidson Launched Project LiveWire Electric Motorcycle 2014 Review

Harley Davidson is very well-known for providing the most reliable, classy and quality motor bikes. Here today we have captured the details of the LiveWire, which is Harley Davidson’s new bike accomplishing the standards and will be winning the hearts of the riders. The LiveWire is said to be the first electric Motorcycle by the Harley Davidson. Every single detail is merged within this article. Significant points are discussed down here with proper headings for better understanding. Go ahead have a review… and decide yourself.

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Road King

Project Rushmore:

We have had a trip in order to determine what’s then and we did it in our own way. While riding with other riders, from all over the planet, we talked about our vision about our machines. We imagine everything again that how could the modernization and up to date equipment can be brought to a bike, and then we turned it into factual Milwaukee steel. A complete novel ride starts at present at Project RUSHMORE.

Control of LiveWire:

When we talk about the control of the Livewire, it is simply amazing. It passes quite fast, it is having a quality control when stopping and even seeing beyond at night.  The riders after ridding the LiveWire comment that they loved the way the bike felt to them.

Twin-Cooled High Output Twin Cam 103 Engine:

The Harley Davidson’s V-Twin Engine has come into being…. A next generation bike.  While driving it is observed that you would never know the line until and unless you are going to cross it. The LiveWire is said to be the first electric Motorcycle by the Harley Davidson.  This time the company has worked hard to bring modernization to the streets. By providing a better bike they have invited everyone to take a ride on.

road king 2014

Twin Cooling:

The Twin cool engine has been introduced within the bike, which includes 103 cubic inches of air and on the other hand precision- cooled V-Twin Harley Davidson. All the bikes constructed under the RUSHMORE project are based on the twin Cooled™ High Output Twin Cam 103™ engine.  The advanced compression ratio embedded within the bike has increased the competence and horsepower of the bike. According to the Harley Davidson they have been constructing engines for about 110 years and with no doubt they knew this by the smiles on their riders’ face. Riders say that there isn’t any engine that makes you feel so great.

Dual Halogen HEADLIGHTS:

The proper statement for the Dual Halogen headlights would be that you might become nocturnal for lights are wonderful and amazing.  There are about 986 lumens that are put on by the headlights providing the more lighting power while on the road.

LED Rear Lighting:

We have the backlight embedded in the bike and this time we have got your back through it. The back lights not only increase the classy looks of the bike but it has made you more eye-catching.

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Road King 2014

Braking System:

The bike has the most sophisticated and highly developed braking system ever built at Harley Davidson.  While riding a bike if often comes to the point where you need to stop at once and moreover you don’t bother or consider what type on road you are using.  The New Reflex™ Linked Brakes within the LiveWire are attached with ABS that will give you a height of confidence in your ability to apply brakes. The front and rear brake, both are connected to provide finest braking power to every wheel, dynamically and electronically.

Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS:

The bike has the most sophisticated and highly developed braking system ever built at Harley Davidson. The New Reflex™ Linked Brakes within the LiveWire are attached with ABS that will give you a height of confidence in your ability to apply brakes. Keeping the story short, when you apply brakes harder you receive maximum power to stop every time.  And a proper thanks to the ABS for with that the rider don’t need to worry about some accidental scrap of sand on the roadway sullying your day even when you’re frustrating to end it.


It is a kind of bike that allows its riders to keep their hands on bars and keeping the eyes on road while the engine and music cranks in good technology.

2014 Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Road King

Voice Command:

Now you can even call up for the finest song you like while on ride. Just imagine how great it would be that you would be able to play any kind of song you want to hear just by telling your bike to play for you. We have taken the technology beyond so you might practice things you haven’t experience before and the Voice command with your music is an example.

Stay Connected:

This time with the livewire, you are able to make a call, or answer the one, without even leaving the bars with your hands. Now you have many of the options where you can take a call or turn one off only by giving a voice command.  And all this could be done very easily without even slowing down the bike, pulling over it and even without keeping your hands off from the bars. This is the foremost and merely completely incorporated voice acknowledgment and touch screen system typically for using music, phone and GPS while motorcycling. It’s the class of machinery that makes a distinction.

new Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle

Boom! Box 6.5GT Audio System:

This bike is said to be the new sound of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
The new Boom!™ Box 6.5GT Radio with about 25 watts per channel at 1% deformation, incorporated satellite broadcasting, a factory-tuned, maximized equalizer that helps pumping  out more power and is able to be played louder at the same time as sustaining the clearness of your sound.
Everyone knows that it is impossible to do a road test until we have had a quantifiable distinction in the amount of the smile on the face of the rider
and person along for the ride.

Split stream vent:

Due to the Split Stream Vent the ride catches better with fewer airstream knocking at your skull. Thanks to Project RUSHMORE, because due to this the science of deceiving the wind just took an immense jump onward.

Passenger Comfort:

The livewire is built for the passengers as well, for whenever the passenger speaks someone is here to listen. So the passengers, from now onwards you time in the lumber just got enhanced because Harley Davidson heeded you. We ride on the road and restructured your riding practice. We have finished the passenger area keeping it deeper and wider than before and have moved the saddlebag guards to provide more rooms for your legs.

Triple Vent System Jacket:

The bike is approved by riders and has undergone the Wind-tunnel test. There’s only a single mode to lay the vents in the casing at the accurate position the wind punch you while you’re on the ride. It’s just like getting in the wind tunnel where the science is done with a rider tiring the jacket on the bike.

Electric Motorcycle Road King

Style of LiveWire Electric Motorcycle:

One thing just remains the same, even when you change every other thing.  It is still very pure, instantly recognizable and iconic even while bearing much advancement it is still a pure Harley Davidson’s Style.

True Harley-Davidson Style:

These innovative and fresh motorbikes will revolve your garage into a picturesque overlook.  Allow your eyes to take a journey above the new styling.  Even with the look is sleeker with the new LiveWire still the baggage room is bigger. Livewire is a completely fresh look bike with classy looks, being iconic and the jaw-dropping Harley-Davidson all at the same point. It is always done at its best and this time again we have done it better.

One Touch Design:

The livewire is embedded this time with a one touch technology, where you need a single touch to operate different things. And if it doesn’t release with one touch, it didn’t go on with the bike. Hundreds of hours have been spent on these minor details. Since a motorbike isn’t ideal until each aspect works accurately right.

Open Brake Rotor:

The Project RUSHMORE is all about highest visual crash. It’s about manufacturing each detail to work collectively in an ideal way. Just keep in the view the way the novel open brake rotor depicts other of the custom front wheel. We have gone this far since if you discontinue at “good enough” you by no means get to the grand.

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Road King Specs:

Here in detail you can find the specs and price of Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Road King.

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Road King specs

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Road King price:

Vivid Black $18,249
Option of Security $395
Option of Wheel $510
Option of ABS $795
Freight $435
Custom Color Option $19,254
Option of Two-Tone $19,054
Options of  Color $18,674

Electric Motorcycle Road King:

Trail 6.7 inches
Rake 26 degree
Length 96.5 inches
Laden Seat Height 26.7 inches
Unladen Seat Height 28.2 inches
Ground Clearance 5.3 inches
Wheel Base 64 inches
Luggage Capacity Volume 2.3 cu ft
Oil Capacity (w/filter)4 qt.
Fuel Capacity 6 gal.
Front Tires specifications BW 130/80B17 65H
Rear Tires specifications BW 180/65B16 81H
Weight when shipped 779 lbs
Weight (Running order) 814 lbs
Engine High Output Twin Cam 103™ with integrated oil cooler,Air-cooled,
Bore 3.87 inches
Stroke 4.374 inches
Fuel System ESPFI stands for Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Compression Ratio 9.7:1
Displacement 103.1 cu inches
Primary Drive Chain 34/46 ratio
First Gear Ratio 9.593
Second Gear Ratio 6.65
Third Gear Ratio 4.938
Fourth Gear Ratio 4.0
Fifth Gear Ratio 3.407
Sixth Gear Ratio 2.875
Exhaust Chrome 2-1-2 dual exhaust with tapered mufflers
Front Wheels Impeller  Type Cast Aluminum
Rear Wheels Impeller Type Cast Aluminum
Brakes Caliper Type32 mm, 4-piston fixed front and rear
Torque 104.7 ft-lb
Torque (Testing Method) J1349
Lean Angle (Right) 32 degrees
Lean Angle (Left) 32.1 degrees
Fuel Economy 42 mpg

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Road King


The Harley Davidson’s LiveWire is the newest bike with extraordinary features. Most of the features induced within the bike are incorporated for the very first time and they had passed the test conducted for the quality assurance of the bike. Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Road King Specs and price is also mentioned above. Take a decision to take a bike along a ride ….. I mean be the first to grab the bike and give others a chance to look what you got.

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