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ducati monster 796

We have always provided you with the quality information about the bikes by providing the bike lovers with the reviews, views, prices along with the minor details of the innovative and the newest most bikes. Today we have a blasting bike with us by Ducati naming Ducati Monster 796. The article is decorated with every single detail of the bike. Ducati Monster 796 price comes up to us just for NSP (RM) 79,000 along with the ABS 2014 at 84,000.

Urban icon:

The Monster 796 by Ducati is a splendid bike with amazing features embedded within it.  It is famous for being called as an Urban Icon.  It is an ideal blend connecting the sports performances, each day’s riding contentment and aesthetics. It is the perfect bike for perfect style and it symbolizes the greatest progression of the Monster family in particular.

ducati monster 796


The concept that stood behind this amazing Ducati Monster 796 made it the most demanded and ideal bike for the riders. This is having a ‘less-is-more’ philosophy enduring within it. Every sole constituent has been designed and developed again in order to provide more than before. With a few facts mocking from the Monster concept being eradicated, ‘less-is-more’ furthermore means ‘less-is-Monster’. It’s less weight along with the more torque equals fun-enriched riding. When we talk about its engine, it is extremely new-fangled, light in weight and has had a Desmodue power unit which is considered to offer the torque, for the leveled and pleasant personality renowned of all Desmodromic L-Twins.


ducati monster 796 2014

796 Desmodue
The engine of the new Ducati Monster 796 is extremely new-fangled, light in weight and has had a Desmodue power unit which is considered to offer the torque, for the leveled and pleasant personality renowned of all Desmodromic L-Twins.
APTC clutch
the bike is having an APTC clutch which is actually ‘wet’ that is helpful in giving a ‘slipper’ type achievement that stops the threats of rear-end beneath violent down-shifting. It also provides the additional advantage of a super-light sense at the lever, a huge advantage in normal city traffic or during your ride for longer journeys. The clutch of 21-plate oil-bath having 11 frictions and 10 steel is here to represent a power-increasing weight drop over the ‘dry’ system and with that they are having an extremely quiet operation and requires fewer continuance.
Lightweight crankcases
the new crankcases in the Ducati Monster 796 hugs the internals of gearbox very much faster in order to make a lesser and more dense outline and attain substantial weight savings over earlier cases.

Power & torque curves:

ducati monster 796

The Monster 796 is having an ability to produces 84hp or 64kW @ about 8250 rpm of power with the torque to 58lb-ft  or 78Nm @ about 6250 rpm.
The crankshaft uses a light in weight 848-type flywheel and has a stroke of about 66mm as an alternative of the 696’s 57.2mm.

Exhaust system:

providing a profound and wealthy exhaust tone within present sound and emission policy, it is no mean achievement, but the Monster unquestionably offers the L-Twin sound which is a famous component of Ducati. Its audacious, sophisticated twin mufflers additionally make an outstanding style statement. The exhaust system within the Ducati Monster 796 has one Lambda check out devoted to each container, allowing exact fuelling for a smoother power relief along with fulfilling with present emission policy.
Monster Trellis
An enormously tough but light tubular steel “Trellis frame” with aluminum back subframe is actually the illustration and structural backbone of this amazing Monster. Transmitting supreme firmness with least mass, the framework blueprint is wholesome Ducati in its inventiveness and minimalism. All aluminum but separate sub-frame helps in saving the weight and put in a pleasant stability with the aluminum foot rest hooks and dull ended swing arm.


ducati monster 796

The Monster had a triple-parabola headlight which is there to utilize the most up-to-date visual expertise and superior structure procedure in order to supply an extremely dense illumination package. In spite of its condensed mass, the headlight of the monster flings a wide and a very profound ray to offer an exceptional visibility and it makes dark riding secure. Inspected from the side, its distinct outline mimics the essential figure of the fuel tank.
Monster Itself:
The Ducati Monster 796 is an amazing bike which is one of the most multi talented Monsters developed by the Italian companies. The motorbike is boosted by a trivial Desmodue engine which transmits the power of 84hp or 64 kW at 8250 rpm along with the 58lb-ft or 78 Nm of torque at 6250 rpm. The unit is shared with a six speed communication which comes up with an APTC clutch with the specialty for being “WET” in order to provide the improved performances.
The engine of the Monster is escalated on a Steel Trellis frame which is a lightweight Tubular one, which sits on 43mm forks and a back modifiable mono shock. Other characteristics that are typically offered by the Ducati Monster 796 comprise of the front and rear disc brakes, a 15 liters fuel tank, ABS and Digital Instrumentation.

Ducati Monster 796 Malaysia Specs:

ducati monster 796 2014

Engine type L-Twin cylinder,air cooled , 2 valve per cylinder Desmodromic
Displacement 803cc
Bore x Stroke 88mm x 66 mm
Compression ratio Ratio of 11:1
Power 64 kW or 87 hp @ 8,250 rpm
Torque 78 Nm or 58 lb-ft @ 6,250 rpm
Fuel injection 45mm choke body and Electronic fuel injection
Exhaust Light in weight 2-1-2 system that has a  catalytic converter having the twin lambda probes
Gearbox 6 speed transmission
Primary drive Straight cut gears having 1.85:1 Ratio
Ratio 1st  Ratio: 32:13, 2nd  Ratio: 30:18, 3rd Ratio: 28:21, 4th Ratio: 26:23, 5th Ratio:  22:22, 6th Ratio: 24:26
Final drive Chain: Front and  Rear sprocket of 15 and 39 respectively
Clutch APTC wet multi plate clutch having a hydraulic control
Frame Trellis frame Tubular steel
Front suspension 43mm upside-down forks
Front wheel Light alloy, Y-shaped 3.50 x17, 5-spoke
Front Tyre 120/70 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso.
Rear suspension Progressive connection with preload and rebound adaptable mono shock
Rear wheel 5-spoke in light alloy 5.50 x 17, Y-shaped
Rear Tyre Diablo Rosso 180/55 ZR17 Pirelli
Front wheel travel 120mm or 4.7 inches
Rear wheel travel 148mm or 5.8 inches
Front brake 4-piston radial caliper, 2 x 320mm discs
Rear brake 2-piston caliper, 245mm disc
Instrumentation Digital unit displaying: scheduled maintenance warning, trip fuel, rev counter, turn signals,  clock, lap time, neutral, Speedometer, oil temperature, warning light for low oil pressure, fuel level, fuel reserve, overrev, immobilizer. Ready for DDA system
Dry weight 167kg or 369lbs / 169kg or 373lbs ABS version
Wet weight (KERB) 187kg or 412lbs
ABS wet weight (KERB) 188kg or 414.5 lbs
Seat height 800mm  or 31.5inches
Wheelbase 1450mm or 57.1inches
Rake 24°
Trail 87mm (3,42 in)
Fuel tank capacity 15l – 3.8gallon (US) / 13.5l – 3.6gallon (US) ABS version
Number of seats Dual seat
Warranty 2 years unlimited mileage
Maintenance service intervals About 12.000 kilometers
Valve clearance check 12.000 km or 7.500m
Emissions and Consumption (Europe version Standard Euro 3) – USA: follows the US Federal Regulation
Price $11,695
Seats Dual number of seats

ducati monster 796

The bike Ducati Monster 796 is available at the price of $11,695 only. Grab your bike right now!!

Ducati Monster 796 price in Malaysia:

Ducati Monster 796 price Comes up to us just for NSP (RM) 79,000 along with the ABS 2014 at 84,000.

Monster Story:

In 1992 Ducati disclose a novel model that was to develop into an icon. The Monster’s drastic fashion has also supplied the motivation for an intact after-market sector specializing in hot-rod components for this renowned machine. The Monster is characterized by an extended and victorious record, by its opening during the days of copious cylinders and uncountable color choices, but above all by a steady technical development that this year carries us to the origin of the most recent account which is the Monster 1100EVO i.e. the  “The eventual Monster”.

ducati monster 796

Lightweight 5-spoke wheels:

The tremendously light in weight aluminum Y-shaped alloy, 5-spoke wheels decrease the un sprung weight and advance liveliness. The 3.50×17 front wheels are built-in with a 120/70ZR tyre while the back 5.50×17 wheel has a 180/55ZR.

Monster Style:

  • sophisticated and urbane, the Monster 796 is arrogant to show its distinctive style as the ‘Italian ambassador’ in the planet of Biking.
  • The great width tube structure flows into the cast aluminum stern sub-frame which contest the lusterless black back swing arm and foot rest hangers.
  • The brilliant white elucidated show, the fashionable red edging of the novel seat, the Italian flag and the original Ducati logo on the border mudguard complete the spotless and modest style of this new-fangled municipal icon.

The digital demonstration is mechanical with a stopwatch utility that, on enabling, can be prompted by using the high-beam flicker button and each documented time accumulated in a memory.

ducati monster 796


The new Ducati Monster 796 is the bike which has proved to be one of the best bikes in the bikes world.  It endures a powerful engine, a reasonable price, exciting features, up-to-date technology and classy and aesthetic looks.  This is a quality bike that gives its riders a pleasant feeling while riding. When on ride this is going to be an exceptional riding experience you ever have had.