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Yamaha XJ6 2014 Malaysia Review, Price

Days are passing on and now we are living in the most advanced era, which is yet to groom. Each day comes with an evolution in technology and here we are grabbing that technology for you only. Bikes always attract the one crazy for them and even the one who are not.  When you ride it’s like you are flying and here we have a stock of such amazing bikes where you will feel safe and enjoy too. In the category for the most superb bikes we have today with us Yamaha XJ6 2014.
Hong Leong Yamaha has a grand name in bikes for providing most reliable, secure and classy bikes to their customers. And this time they have again worked hard to manufacture such a bike that will grab the rider’s attention at once. XJ6 is constructed so beautifully that while fulfilling the major objects of a typical bike, many new features are also induced with in it that will make the ride more comfortable and secure.  With the factors of security, reliability and ease of you it is also beautify with amazing colors and most importantly with a reasonable and affordable price.
Now come to the motorbike, if you don’t know anything regarding it then don’t worry at all, we had already captured the details for you. Starting with its engine to the single minor detail of the color and price you have everything in hand through us.  The motorbike Yamaha XJ6 is one of the most amazing bikes we are known to, it is very handy giving classy looks through artistic colors and perfect setups inside it. Experts say that it is going to be the customers’ first choice as soon as it is released, and this year 2014 is going to be a year of greater competition among the bikes.

Yamaha xj6


The Yamaha XJ6 2014 “ANYTIME . ANYWHERE” is observed to be the bike which has the ability to locate the standard within the middle weight group.  This motorcycle comes up with the very modern framework of motorbike and with advanced state-of-the-art features. With all of these exciting specifications and characteristics XJ6 is said to be the most well-liked, accepted, trendy and admired motorbike. Another thing about the motorbike is that it merges its exceptional and dazzling all-round presentation with trouble-free management and spiky looks. The compact chassis that is embedded within the XJ6 is there featuring quite a light in weight tubular framework and not only this it have had the feature for consisting a low seat height. Actually what we believe is that due to its low seat height the handling and control are made very easy to tackle along with the alertness evolved and increased. The heart of the bike is always an engine and here in it, a versatile motorbike, the engine is quick and consistent and trustworthy that is 600cc inline 4-cylinder. This engine transmits even and leveled command for the provision of well-built hastening. This motorcycle appeared to get benefit due to the presence of its dual front discs along with the brand new glossy side panels. In order to compete with such a winning package it needs to be decorated and embroidered with remarkable and exceptional features within it.

yamaha xj6 2014


The heart of the bike is always an engine and here in XJ6, a versatile bike, the engine is quick and consistent and trustworthy that is 600cc inline 4-cylinder. This engine transmits even and leveled command for the provision of well-built hastening (acceleration). Whether you’re riding about any city or taking the pleasure in a flash while being on the unlocked path, the presence of this extremely fast and consistent engine which is responsible of transmitting bounty of useable power, and with no doubt it fulfills its duty. With the combination of a light in weight 4-into-1 exhaust along with the mid ship muffler the new XJ6 looks as excellent as it felt.

new xj6


This motorbike is specifically designed so that when it is ridden with adoption of any sort of mood it amuses you to its full extent. It makes certain that you practice quite a classic and ease ride at every point. Moreover it is prepared with such handlebars which can be changed or modified accordingly.  Pooled with the short double seat along with the molded fuel tank, it permits you to craft the main ergonomic riding posture in order to attain better riding contentment.

2014 yamaha xj6


One of the most important characteristics embedded within the new XJ6 is the presence of the compressed tubular framework, which is integrated within the bike in order to lessen the weight and proportions of the motorbike as a whole for nimble road holding. The bike is having a low seat height of just about 785 mm which permits the riders to catch their feet on the ground easily for the highly developed manoeuvrability for low-speed.


The XJ6 is motorbike to be called acquiring a truly racing-style. This Racing style gadget console focuses on a tachometer on the right side which is quite easy to read on. Along with the multi-function digital demonstration which comprises a speedometer placed on the left side. For the provision of an additional visibility at night time the console of the bike helps the rider by its glowing white tachometer pine needle.

hong leong yamaha xj6


Do you think what would be the thing that makes the XJ6 of first-class and high in quality in a multiplicity of riding circumstances….. Yes it is due to the existence of its compact chassis. It features a light in weight tubular framework, which is prepared with the front forks of about 41mm along with the Yamaha’s well-known mono cross suspension system (rear), this nimble middleweight provides an even and positive ride.

Yamaha XJ6 2014 Specs:

Yamaha XJ6 2014 Engine:

Type DOHC, 4-stroke, Liquid-cooled 4-valve
Cylinders In-line, 4-cylinder
Displacement 600 cm3
Bore x Stroke 65.5 x 44.5 mm
Compression Ratio 12.2 : 1
Maximum Horsepower 57.0 kW (77.5 PS) @ 10,000 rpm
Maximum Torque 59.7 N*m(6.1kgf*m) @ 8,500 rpm
Lubrication System wet sump  and Force-feed lubrication
Fuel Tank Capacity 17.0 liters
Carburetor Fuel injection
Ignition System TCI stands for Transistor controlled ignition

yamaha xj6 specs

Yamaha XJ6 2014 Transmission:

Type 6 speed  Constant mesh
Clutch Type Wet and enduring multiple disc

Yamaha XJ6 2014 Chassis:

Frame Type Diamond
Overall Length 2,120 mm
Overall Width 770 mm
Overall Height 1,210 mm
Seat Height 785 mm
Wheelbase 1,440 mm
Min. Ground Clearance 140 mm
Wet Weight 205 kg

2014 Yamaha XJ6 Brakes & Suspensions:

Front and Rear Brakes Hydraulic disc brake and  Dual Hydraulic disc brake
Rear suspension Swing arm suspension
Front suspension Telescopic suspension

2014 Yamaha XJ6 Tires:

Front (tubeless) 120 / 70 ZR17M/C or 58W
Rear (tubeless) 160 / 60 ZR17M/C  or 69W

yamaha xj6 2014

2014 Yamaha XJ6 Price:

Price is not given yet.


The XJ6 is an amazing motorcycle that comes up with the extremely modern structure of motorcycle and with sophisticated state-of-the-art features. With all of these electrifying specifications and characteristics XJ6 is said to be the most well-liked, accepted, trendy and admired bike.  This was all for the Hong Leong Yamaha XJ6 2014, be the one to grab the motorcycle first and have the pleasure of an exciting ride.

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