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Honda CTX1300 2014 Review, Price, Specs – A Real Sport Motorbike

Honda’s’ objective is to provide the crazy riders a unique bike which is state-of-the-art and beautifully styled. The CTX plea to riders to search for a genuine riding practice with prominent levels of calmness and equipment in comparison to what other brands offer, by riding Honda’s new CTX1300. With an extended wheelbase, quite extensive and swept back handlebar with fabulous low seat height the CTX1300 plays its part extremely well.

An advancement of CTX Family is the New CTX1300:

ctx1300 pics

Today we have an amazing bike trusted worldly i.e. HONDA. Many bikes are manufactured on the basis of some typical formula behind them and every time for a new version the manufacturer comes with a little innovation in the formula with the provision of some new exciting features. Here we have the new CTX family by the Hondas and this time they have beautifully puffed their set broad open and totally reinventing that.
The new CTX1300 is said be an excellent example in this regard where the CTX1300 also known as the Horsepower is induced with a remarkable engine which has a lot of power within it i.e. 1261cc V-4. Modernizations thrive in the incorporated framework. Above all, more likely to say, Best part of the family is that it comes up with the 2 versions which includes the CTX1300 along with the CTX1300 Deluxe; these are embedded with anti-lock brakes, blacked-out look, self-cancelling turn signals, Bluetooth Audio and the traction control within it.
Evolution…. One step beyond!!
Keep on making progress with complete evolution is the rule of natural world. You are capable to evolve or even to fall at edge. The bike we are taking into consideration is the new Honda CTX1300 and the construction of such a bike is exceptionally an evolutionary step in the bike world.

CTX1300 (How Innovative):

The CTX family of Honda is one of the most ground-breaking and inventive series of bikes Honda have had launched ever. With only a single glance you are able to tell the innovation hidden within it. Trusted World wide the Honda is a name which has had a way in pioneering the solutions, tools and machineries, and the best part of it is that no other bike company leads us to such a quality modernization. You are a little far to check out the new-fangled and original CTX1300 having an extensive list of characteristics and you’ll feel that how this bike can make you travel into the next century.

honda ctx1300

1261 cc V4 Engine:

The engine for the New CTX1300 is tuned particularly for an additional low-to-midrange turning effect (Torque); the CTX1300 provides a receptive power bands which has the ability to improve your understanding on the bike to the highest degree. Only a single ride yes …. One ride and you will understand what we are talking about.
Integrated Saddlebags:
Are you planning to go on a trip in vacations???  Then we will suggest you that the Honda’s new motorbike is an ideal choice to be taken, we need to thank to the smooth, glorious integrated saddlebags. With the presence of the low-cut windscreen, this makes it stylish, and the wind-cheating framework you look good and relaxed for the long pull.

honda ctx1300 2014
Make It Your Own:
Here is good news that we have a lot of Genuine Accessories of Honda that will be available to you very easily in order to provide your CTX1300 its individual and unique look. Here we have is a lofty windscreen, rear trunk (45L), bounty of chrome accents, 12V accessory socket, frenzied grips, backrest with pad and the LED fog light kit along with many many more!!
Low Seat Height
The new motorcycle has a very low seat height which is grand at the stoplights. The low height is also very easy for cruising as well it help in contributing to the low center of gravity of the bike, giving out a confidence-inspiring ride and making it more gratifying.

Honda CTX1300 Colors:

ctx1300 colors

The new Honda’s CTX1300 comes up in the exciting and eye-catching color combinations Metallic Black, Gray Blue Metallic and Candy Red.

Honda CTX1300 Price in Australia:

The price for the CTX1300 is MSRP $15,999/-

Honda CTX1300 Features:

The engine of the new CTX1300 is 1261 cc which is liquid-cooled and is mounted longitudinally 90° and is V-4. With the following as well

  • Adjustable suspension
  • LED Headlights
  • Comfortable seat
  • Incorporated Saddlebags

ctx1300 2014

CTX1300 Deluxe 2014 Specs:

The price for the CTX1300 Deluxe is MSRP $17,499/-
The engine of the new CTX1300 is 1261cc which is liquid-cooled and is mounted longitudinally 90° and is V-4. With the following as well

  • Adjustable suspension
  • LED Headlights
  • Comfortable seat
  • Incorporated Saddlebags
  • Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS)
  • Blacked-out styling elements
  • Audio package
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Self-canceling turn signals

 Honda CTX1300 2014 Specification:

ctx1300 2014 specs

Engine Type 78mm x 66mm
Bore And Stroke Four 36mm throttle bodies and PGM-FI with electronic control IACV
Induction 3-D mapping and electronic advance and with Computer-controlled digital
Ignition 10.0:1
Compression Ratio Four valves per cylinder and DOHC
Valve Train Five-speed transmission
Transmission Shaft Drive
Final Drive Inverted with 45mm of fork
Front Suspension Double back shocks with spring
Rear Suspension Dual 310mm front discs
Front Brake Single 315mm disc
Rear Brake 130/70R-18
Front Tire 200/50R-17
Rear Tire 28.5°
Rake 114.3mm (4.5 inches)
Trail 64.5 inches
Wheelbase 29.1 inches
Seat Height 3-D mapping and electronic advance and with Computer-controlled digital
Curb Weight 724.2 pounds. required fluids along with the full tank of fuel-ready to ride, Includes all standard equipment
Fuel Capacity 5.1 gallons
Available Colors CTX1300 comes up in Gray Blue Metallic, Metallic Black and Candy Red
Model Id CTX1300

honda ctx1300

Even with a quite bulky fully-fueled curtail weight of 724 pounds; in accomplishment the CTX is receptive for a bike by the virtue of its size. The deferment usually distributes an even ride but possessions do get a modest spongy sensation on an irregular road. A customer along with the  complete load of baggage will possibly amalgam this, however, it’s appeal to mention that the back shocks do permit the rider to dial-in diverse preload settings in order to enhanced the accommodation of heavier loads.
The clutch of the CTX features the hydraulic actuation which disposes a lightest pull and extremely progressive sensation. The CTX is an extraordinarily an easy bike to commence from a languish. The gearbox of the bike perform extremely well, but it would be more fine if it had a more protected appointment parallel to what the motorcycles of companies like Harley-Davidson or Yamaha/Star presently tender. Additionally, we’d adore noticing the expediency and breathtaking hurrying feel of Dual-Clutch deliverance.

honda ctx1300 red


The engine of the bike is in addition devoid of any intimation of maddening and hand-numbing throb. We also adore its resonance with a provision of much more up-to-the-minute involuntary tune than the conventional potato-potato rumble synonymous of the V-Twin. The Throttle response of the CTX1300 also verified to be exactly right with its contribution of an associated sense to the engine up till now not being too receptive.
Honda’s CTX1300 is a complete package in a bike that has been developed with devotion to provide the riders with an exciting riding pleasure that they will ever have had. With no doubts the suspension of the CTX1300 gets a slight lively and there aren’t any thoroughfare gracious onward foot rests, next to the two gripes it is very difficult to find any liability. Certainly with its sophisticated riding practice and just about too leveled engine the CTX won’t plea to more conventional V-Twin riding devotee. Though, if you’re in search of an easy, amusing and easy-to-ride on the road motorcycle, then here we got the Big Red, which has got you enclosed. Be the one to grab the bike first and enjoy!!

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