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Ducati Dealerships are Reopening after COVID-19

The “Ducati Cares” program has been recently launched by Ducati allowing the Ducati dealers to welcome back there customers, clients and fans to Ducati dealerships across the country.

Ducati Dealerships are Reopening after COVID-19 – Recent Press Release

Ducati Dealerships are Reopening after COVID-19

It is a summary of a press release from Ducati…

Mountain View, CA (May 13, 2020) –It was in April when the customers’ trust in Ducati was given a boost by Ducati North America, launching the “Ducati Delivers” program in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The plan was to facilitate the customers in the dealership and delivery at their doorsteps thus ensuring social-distancing.

Now showing the foresightedness of the leadership, Ducati has gone one step further by launching their “Ducati Cares” program ensuring the protective measures and safety against the COVID-19 as the Ducati dealerships are anticipated to re-open due to the increasing demand.

Jason Chinnock, Chief Executive Officer of Ducati North America, said that the company had been facing increased demand for their bikes and even some of the dealers had claimed that their April sales were higher than the previous year. He said that Ducati had always been an integral part of its customers’ lives and this relationship of trust was needed to be maintained in times of crisis. He further briefed that the company was directly in touch with their dealers to ensure the safety protocols for the customers to welcome them back as the environment of their respective areas got better. In the new crisis, Ducati has introduced various measures and programs to ensure the safety of the dealers as well as customers so that they may enjoy their purchases in this calamity-hit times.

“Ducati Delivers”

Because of the novel COVID-19 crisis, the markets are being moved to “Shelter in Place” rules, Ducati North America in collaboration with their dealers. Following the social distancing, guidelines have introduced the “Ducati Delivers” program. Ducati customers are accustomed to the top-level decency, looks, and performance of their bikes and the company has always come up to the expectations of its fans with their prime service. In a quick response to the COVID-19 crisis, the dealers have adapted themselves to these altered conditions to give their customers the same refreshing feel of service.

Ducati Dealerships are Reopening after COVID-19

With the “Ducati Delivers” program the company is making sure that the dealings of motorbikes between the dealers and the customers and their delivery must happen without any physical contact. Moreover, if any customer required the regular maintenance of his motorcycle, he will be provided with the service without any physical contact and in the minimum possible time.

These measures have resulted in an increased profit fr the dealers primarily in the areas which are most hit by the pandemic thus preventing joblessness in the local markets.

In one of the pandemic hit areas, a 24 percent increment was seen in the retails. Similarly, in Los Angeles, California and Orange County record retail was reported. Furthermore, in Miami and Sanford an increase in sales was seen.

“Ducati Cares”

Following the fantastic response of customers to the launch of “Ducati Delivers”, the company is now launching its “Ducati Cares” program to recover the customers from the detrimental effects of the pandemic and welcome them to their dream bikes throughout the world. The program has been introduced throughout the world, acting on the safety instructions so that the customers may feel at home during dealings.

Ducati Dealerships are Reopening after COVID-19

The program consists of ten steps that will include the company’s dealers to make sure the safety and ease of the customers. The dealers have been told to take the precautionary measures such as masks, sanitizers and, walk-through gates at their dealership stores. These necessary steps are taken to guarantee the health of the customers and fans.

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