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Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike Review Specs Price

The new Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike is one of the fun motorcycles that most people love. The primary objective behind the Dorsoduro is to achieve the maximum road riding fun. The Aprilia engineers have utilized all of their skills and experience to make the best super-motards possible, resulting in an advanced technical solution with an agile performance at the top of its category.

It is truly a unique bike that has a perfect chassis architecture combined with a high-performance powerplant. Thanks to the collaboration with the Aprilia Racing Department, which can earn 54 world titles in the most selective and challenging competition where they have participated, 7 of which in the World Supermoto Championship.

The new Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike has been designed to gain maximum riding fun. To achieve it, the engineers have reduced the superstructure to its minimum indispensable resulting in more performance. The technical elements play an essential role in the bike’s performance and designers have introduced all the possible modification that helps get outstanding riding pleasure. Furthermore, the full review of Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia with its price and specifications has been written below.

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike – Features and Price

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike


The new Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike is the motorcycle that ensures perfect riding fun in all conditions. To achieve this objective, engineers have reduced all the superstructures to reduce the minimum indispensable to get greater riding pleasure.

The technical elements play an essential role in getting more excellent riding performance and engineers have made all the possible modifications in it as well. The new handguards on the handlebar and number plate on the front highlight the close bond with the racing world.

The overall shape of the center area presents a perfect sporty design. The engineers have used a long and flat saddle that is derived from the sports world, which is capable of ensuring the most effective riding position at all times.

The tail section of the motorcycle represents the aesthetic aspects of Dorsoduro due to its sleek and slender appearance. The new double exhaust presents the perfect solution that allows for exceptional proportional symmetry and weight distribution. The frame and cylinder head covers have been painted red that offers sporty features while the gritty finishing combines with graphics in Adresnalinic Silver color scheme.

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike

Engine Features

The new Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike comes with a quiet, powerful 750cc, 90-degree V-Twin engine base known for its instant throttle response. The objective behind this 900cc engine was to obtain more torque and response at low and medium rpms for a thrilling riding experience.

The Aprilia V-Twin was revisited in various details to achieve this purpose. The engine capacity was attained by increasing the stroke from 56.4mm to 67.4 mm while leaving the bore unchanged at 92mm. These improvements help get maximum power output at 95.2 HP at 8,750 rpm while the maximum torque achievable goes from 82 Nm at 4,500 rpm on 750 ccs V-Twin to 90 Nm @ 6,500 rpm on 900 ccs V-Twin.

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike

The overall architecture remains unchanged at a 90-degree angle between two-cylinders and the timing system with four-valve-per-cylinder and dual overhead cam and liquid cooling. The engine goes various changes that help obtain reduced friction with completely redesigned and now characterized by a unique anti-friction feature on the mantle. In contrast, the pins have led to a lightening of the alternated parts in motion. The crankshaft has been balanced differently.

The new efficient semi-dry carter internal lubrication circuit reduces losses of power due to shaking, plus it keeps the consumption and temperature of lubricant to a limit. The engine also comes with highly efficient injectors with improved fuel/air mixture spray achieved by increasing fuel pressure benefits consumption and emissions, thereby contributing to the engine’s compliance with the limits established by the Euro 4 emission standard.

The engine of the Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike is also mounted with an automatic decompressor that makes it easier to start the motorcycle at low-temperature conditions better than 2019 Aprilia Dorsoduro 900.

The clutch lever load has been decreased by 15 percent, giving additional comfort with the clutch action. In contrast, the primary drive reduction ratio has been changed to optimized the exploitation of the available power. The Aprilia 2020 Dorsoduro 900 is also available in a limited 35 kW version, ideal for newly licensed riders.

Electronic Management

The electronic engine management is now monitored by the more powerful Marelli 7 SM ECU, the same hardware that has been used in V4 bikes from Noale. It comes with the latest Ride-by-wire electronic acceleration system that is wholly built into the throttle grip allowing more accurate management parameters that include engine speed, gearbox position and airflow.

The engine can distribute an ideal torque and offer the best acceleration to satisfy the fun ride. It allows the weight reduction of 550 grams compared to the previous Ride-by-wire equipped with Aprilia Dorsoduro 750.

All-new electronic management helps in offers the possibility of changing engine mapping. The Sport setting offers an immediate and aggressive throttle response while Touring provides a smoother response, ideal for touring and daily use. The Rain map decreases available power to about 70 HP and it is, therefore, suitable in the event of severe weather conditions or on slippery road surfaces. These mapping can be easily changed at any time, even during a ride by pressing the engine start button.

The new Aprilia Traction Control system comes as standard equipment including the sensitivity adjustable to three levels limiting the rear wheel spin by acting on ignition and injection throttle valves. This system is combined with Continental two-channel ABS that has been developed calibration in order not to take anything away from the sporty and adventurous ride. The ABS feature can also be disabled as well.

An all-new electrical system places the engine control and its management system in communication with the new color TFT digital instrumentation. The Dorsoduro 900 is among the High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India.

The compact unit with 4.3 inches of the screen offers plenty of information that is always very handy to the rider. The information displayed includes odometer, speedometer and selected gear indicator with selected engine map and clock.

One of the optional features is the new AMP installation kit, Aprilia Multimedia Platform that connects with the smartphone to the vehicle to offer an exceptional quantity of information useful for the ride. The instrumentation allows the rider to view all the data related to incoming and current calls on the screen.


The new Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike comes with a perfect chassis architecture that offers the highest level of riding pleasure. The frame helps achieve greater efficiency, ideal balance of tight ride and accurate track riding but at the same time, it is accessible and intuitive for daily use.

The frame takes full advantage of Aprilia’s experience that has been gained from racing competition. The new trellis upper part in steel tubing is combined with widespread aluminum lateral plates using special and high-resistance bolts to gain too rigid but lightweight structure. Another strongly distinctive technical element is the lateral and inclined position of the shock absorber that not only gives unique damping force but they also have created precise space for an optimum exhaust manifold layout without having any impact on the length of the motorcycle and without stressing the shock absorber thermally.

The new aluminum swingarm is sized to withstand the asymmetrical stress due to the lateral positioning of the shock absorber. It claims the torsional stiffness and excellent elasticity characteristics indispensable for precision at rest and the ride feeling in the transitory stages.

The new Kayaba fork has been combined with forged-aluminum steering yoke plates of 450 grams lighter. It is perfectly adjustable in spring preload plus they are capable of withstanding the pressure of sport riding and absorbing bumps and jumps on the road surfaces. They ensure greater perfect control in aggressive riding and greater comfort for relaxed rides.

The better performance of the suspension system is due to the new pair of three-split spoke wheels which are more than 2 kg lighter than those used in Aprilia Dorsoduro 750. They reduce the gyroscopic effect that increases handling and acceleration and offer better benefits for suspension performance because of the decrease of unsprung masses.

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike

The new chassis structure is completed by the use of a new braking system. The front end comes with radial 4-piston calipers and a pair of 320 mm steel floating discs with lightweight and capable of ensuring reduced braking distance and excellent module ability.

A single-piston caliper grip the new 240 mm of the rear disc with both the front and rear system has braided metal lines derived from the aeronautic sector that eliminate the annoying buffering effect of conventional lines ensure precision and resistance to force.

Original Aprilia Accessories

The new Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike comes with a wide range of accessories that comprises up of;

  • Brake and Clutch Fluid reservoir covers
  • High-Quality Finishing CNC mirrors
  • Tank Side Bags
  • Side Panniers and Much More

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike – Price

The new Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Motorcycle is available at $11,995 only.

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike – Technical Specifications


Type Aprilia V90, Longitudinal 90-degree, V-twin, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, double overhead camshaft (DOHC) including mixed gear/chain timing, four-valve-per-cylinder, Ride-by-wire system.
Fuel Unleaded petrol
Bore x stroke 92 mm x 67.4 mm
Displacement 896.1cc
Compression ratio 11: 1
Maximum power @ crankshaft 70.0 kW (95.2 HP) @ 8,750 rpm
Maximum torque @ crankshaft 90.0 Nm (9.17 kgm) @ 6,500 rpm
Fuel system Integrated engine management system. Injection including 3-map Ride-by-wire throttle valve opening management (Sport, Touring, Rain)
Ignition Digital electronic, integrated with the injection
Starter Electric
Exhaust 100% stainless steel 2-in-1 exhaust system with three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor
Alternator 450 W at 6,000 rpm
Lubrication Wet sump

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike Specs


Gearbox Six speeds
Drive ratios 1st 14/36,
2nd 17/32,
3rd 20/30,
4th 22/28,
5th 23/26,
6th 24/25
Clutch Multi-plate wet clutch, hydraulically operated
Primary drive Straight cut gears, drive ratio: 38/71 (1.87)
Secondary drive Chain-driven

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike Specs


Frame Modular tubular steel frame secure to aluminum side plates by high strength bolts. Dismountable rear frame
Front suspension Upside-down fork, stanchions ∅ 41mm. Adjustable hydraulic rebound damping and spring preload. Wheel travel 160mm.
Rear suspension Aluminium alloy swingarm
Hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable extension and spring preload
Wheel travel 160mm.
Brakes Front Dual ∅ 320mm of stainless steel floating discs. Radial, four-piston calipers.
Metal braided brake hose
Brakes Rear ∅ 240mm of stainless steel disc. Single piston caliper. Metal braided brake hose.
Continental two-channel ABS
Wheel rims Aluminum alloy
Wheel Front 3.50 X 17 inches
Wheel Rear 6.00 x 17 inches
Tires Radial tubeless tires
Front Tire 120/70 ZR 17
Rear Tire 180/55 ZR 17
Max length 2210 mm
Tank 12 l (range > 200 km)

Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike Specs


This article provides the full details about the new Dorsoduro 900 2020 Aprilia Naked Bike and it is covered under Bikes Catalog. The motorcycle features a high performing engine that is known for its more excellent throttle response and greater output. The chassis provides incredible riding pleasure on both on- and off-road ride.

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