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2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle Review Specs Price

The 2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle is ready for the battle to come. The nimble RM-Z250 marries the smooth, race-arranged appearance of the RM-Z450 with a versatile engine and a responsive case to pass on transcendent execution. Using Suzuki’s “RUN, TURN and STOP” thinking, producing plant engineers have made the RM-Z250 an altogether more noteworthy competitor.

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle – Features and Price

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle

Engine Features

Fitted with a center port chamber head, the fuel-imbued, 249cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, four-valve, DOHC engine remains showed and strong. The engine passes on strong zenith power and excellent gag response through the entire fire up range. The fuel implantation structure has extra-smooth power transport, high eco-invitingness, splendid trustworthiness, and a specific tuning limit.

The primary fuel injector is at the lower part of the stifle body and sprinkles fuel at the butterfly valve for exceptional fuel and air atomization. The helper injector is an arranged perceptible all-around cleaner narrows conductor so the fuel and air have a greater chance to mix and cool before entering the engine. The phenomenal arrangement of the stifle body sheds complex control linkage, so the rider feels a more transparent relationship with the engine.

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle

The affirmation camshaft profile has more valve lift than the prior age RM-Z250, growing force at all engine rates. The diminished aluminum chamber is finished with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material covering for robustness, lightweight, and capable warmth move. The high-stream exhaust system has a more drawn out head-pipe, fixed midsection, and multi-layer silencer with incredible travel through the entire fire up the range, with a complement on low-rpm execution.

Advanced Electronics

The 2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle features a severe and faster traction the heads structure that reacts to engine speed changes quickly. The Electronic Control Module reliably evaluates gag opening, engine speed and apparatus position. Later, it modifies the beginning planning and fuel injector term to change the engine respect pass on the best traction for the riding conditions.

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle

The RM-Z250’s traction the heads structure isn’t exactly equivalent to a street bike traction control system, as it doesn’t measure back tire turn. Since the necessities of a motocrosser are exceptional corresponding to a street bike, this structure offers reliable change that lifts balance reliably. There are three different S-HAC modes riders can choose for the best option per their capacity level and starting conditions.

In mode A, S-HAC changes begin timing right now of dispatch and the ride over the entryway to decrease wheel slip to pass on a smooth flight. Moreover, advances begin timing during this gathering for more grounded speeding up.

In mode B, when conditions toward the starting portal have better balance, and a more powerful dispatch is needed. S-HAC will drive the beginning planning to allow extended stifle response and more grounded speeding up off the line. The beginning planning shift is in a similar progression as Mode A, anyway, with extended as a rule arranging. One of three conditions will reestablish the beginning of average action. After six seconds or when you show up at fourth gear, the system stops and returns to everyday beginning planning.

Transmission and Drive Features

The five-speed transmission’s subsequent mechanical assembly extent and, as a rule, the last extent arranges the engine’s more grounded yield for outstanding stimulating and most extreme speed. Reliable with Suzuki transmission rules, the apparatus move action is smooth and definite. Intentionally arranged parts like the unquestionably machined change came and looking at gears makes a transmission a racer can rely.

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle

The hydroforming cycle engaged fashioners to make fixed swingarms that extended unyielding nature while diminishing heavier social affair welding. The sub-layout rails are moved inner to thin the bodywork yet are raised to give additional room to the more significant air all the more perfect. Not solely is the new sub-layout tight, anyway the total of the bodywork is slight so that the rider can move uninhibitedly in the cockpit, especially during spirited riding.

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle – Price

The new 2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki is available at $7,899 only.

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 249cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, DOHC
Bore x Stroke 77 mm x 53.6 mm (3 inches x 2.1 inches)
Compression Ratio 13.75:1
Fuel System Fuel injection, dual-injector type
Starter Primary Kickstarter including automatic decompressor
Lubrication Semi-dry sump

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle Specs


Clutch Wet multi-plate
Transmission 5-speed constant mesh
Final Drive Chain, DID 520DMA4K, 114 links


Suspension Front Inverted telescopic, oil damped, coil spring, adjustable damping force
Suspension Rear Single unit, link type, oil damped, coil spring, adjustable spring preload, and damping force
Brakes Front Disc brake, single rotor
Brakes Rear Disc brake, single rotor
Tires Front 80/100-21 M/C (51M), tube type
Tires Rear 100/90-19 M/C (57M), tube type
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.3 L (1.66 US gal.)
Color Championship Yellow No. 2

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle Specs


Ignition Electronic ignition (CDI)
Spark Plug NGK CR8EIB-10


Overall Length 2185 mm (86.02 inches)
Overall Width 835 mm (32.9 inches)
Overall Height 1255 mm (49.4 inches)
Wheelbase 1485 mm (58.46 inches)
Ground Clearance 330 mm (13.0 inches)
Seat Height 955 mm (37.5 inches)
Curb Weight 106 kg (233 lb.)

2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle Specs


Warranty Not applicable


The new 2020 RM-Z250 Suzuki Dirt Motorcycle, the updated machine, is undoubtedly unique compared to the prior-generation model. With only different colored accents on the graphics for 2020, the RM-Z250 once again finished the records but remained a good bike with plenty of potentials. With its low-to-mid powerband, the 2020 Suzuki is one of the most comfortable bikes to ride. It is at its strongest.

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