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Test BMW R1200R Classic Boxer which Flat ego

The most preserving roadster of the range BMW, the BMW R1200R Classic Boxer perpetuates the tradition with a sober and classical line and impossible to circumvent twin-cylinder boxer (or flat twin).

However, the year 2011 adopted the cylinder heads with double camshaft houses, which reinforces its couple with mid-mode and offers many options and assistance to control. Then, this Classic: waltzes, rock’ and’ roll or techno?


BMW R1200R Classic Boxer: The test

The BMW R1200R is not the model of the BMW range more snuffed French motorcyclists. For the anecdote, a good amount of dealer of the brand to the propeller passed the same remark to us: “to each time I lend my R1200R of courtesy to the one of my customers, it returns while telling me: it is super good this motorcycle, it would largely be enough for me, good, and my GS/RT, it is ready?” Without comment … However, the roadsters have the dimension rather on our premises: the statutory pace of BMW “flat’ doesn’t it terabit” not sufficiently the ego?

It is undoubtedly what pushed BMW to evolve its BMW R1200R Classic Boxer for 2011. Unless it is not about a pure industrial logic, since the roadster adopts the cylinder heads with double camshaft coming from range HP2 and which equips the BMW R1200GS and BMW R1200RT since 2010. The standardization, that has sometimes well.

And to add a little seal to this face lift, BMW makes double hit since two versions – R basic” and Classical 1200 R “- technically similar, except the rims, will cohabit from now on with the catalog. We for our part tested the Classical version.


The Classic is played it techno-retro

The BMW R1200R Classic Boxer, especially in this Classical version, is with 100 miles of the current mode. Here, the round forms mix with the radiated wheels: all the reverse of the tanks cut with the bill hook and the “anorexics” sticks of rims in vogue on the roadsters of strong cubic capacity. At least, BMW imposes its style, while playing on nostalgic fiber, even if one is far from white net the black tank of mythical R32.

The whole of the motorcycle releases a great impression of serious, even of austerity on the level of the instrument panel for example. Surprised – almost a disappointment – at the time to start the engine: the flat twin Does not crack as much with the gas blows, that of the BMW R1200GS (Whose stamp, however, the pilot charms, can aggravate the purpose passenger, in Particular on motorway).

Test BMW R1200R Classic: The boxer which flat ego

Sonority evokes a “2CV of competition” whereas one expected something moreover rock and roll. It is all the more damage, which some vibrations invite to the festival, making aspen the tank with the idle. In fact, the valve of the exhaust of the BMW R1200R Classic Boxer is not gauged like that of the BMW R1200GS. Moreover, the roadster benefits from an adjustment of injection which is clean for him. By taking seat on board, one discovers the ergonomics very resting, frankly relaxed.

The height of base, according to the saddle chosen with the order, can vary between 760 mm and 830 mm. In its intermediate configuration (800 mm), it makes it possible to pose the two feet on the ground, but not flat, when 1,70m is measured. A minute to be accustomed to the orders of indicators dissociated (Teutonic conservatism obliges) and it left…

Test BMW R1200R Classic: The boxer which flat ego

The full one with couple

The catch in hand hardly poses problem: the massive motorcycle, one nothing, shines finally by a feeling of lightness, its broad handlebar facilitating the operations. It is just necessary to take care of the cylinders when one threads between the bumpers. The first speed interlocking is rather sound, but the ordering of clutch and the accelerator are very soft.

If the sonority of the engine does not have anything exuberant, the situation is quite different couple. As of the low modes, the twin of 1,170 Cm3 does not hesitate to propel you ahead, putting at severely tested anti-skid our machine of loan when one puts gas into large under 3500 tr/min.

Since the sensors record a too large differential of rotation between the wheels, the cuts of lighting make the engine hiccup … and if one chooses to disconnect the ASC, the tire postpones Metzeler must with the only box 11.4 mkg of couple, letting the BMW R1200R Classic Boxer sometimes tighten itself on its aft wheel, for little that it is at temperature.

Test BMW R1200R Classic: The boxer which flat ego

Do not panic: this generous trunk does not transform the BMW R1200R Classic Boxer into wild horse for as much. Stripped of mechanical brutality, the couple offers much force to the motorcycle and – roof of pleasure – one finds the flexibility of the flat twins modern BMW.

Then, very quickly, one goes up in the higher reports of box and one requests the couple to leave oneself the curves. The best of the useful beach concentrates between 3500 tr/min and 6,500 tr/min: in this slice, the engine is full, rather sharp and prompts with the entire goings beyond, with effectiveness and all carefully.

Some will regret the relative discretion of the engine brake, which goes hand in hand with the reduction in the inertia of the engines BMW boxer, which “pitch” less and less with the wire of the generations.

Test BMW R1200R Classic: The boxer which flat ego

The discrete charm of the effectiveness

The mechanical availability corresponds too close with the usual paces. Approval is then to go on all the grounds, been well useful by the typical part-cycle of the brand. Admittedly, Telemeter appreciably gums the information feedback of the front tire, but it is especially a question usually.

One rather quickly takes the measurement of this part-cycle whose plate varies little and one discovers a motorcycle which Marie with brilliance certain comfort and effectiveness. The BMW R1200R is part of these motorcycles which give the impression to control a flying carpet.

Equipped with option ESA, she is played of the irregular bitumen’s, without losing in precision. A little likes a BMW R1200GS in fact: what could be more normal taking into account their close features.

The directional stability, stability on the angle or the agility is frankly out of criticism. One can thus roll up at good rhythm whatever the ground, while playing of the gear box to intend to whirr the engine or while benefiting from the flexibility and the couple, by saving the movements of ankle left.

Test BMW R1200R Classic: The boxer which flat ego

To roll far, it will certainly be necessary to yield to temptation to equip the R1200R with a jump-wind, not very gracious, but saving for the cervical ones. The BMW R1200R Classic Boxer also proposes points of anchoring for the side bags of the brand: a detail which does not mislead on the versatility of the animal.

Test BMW R1200R Classic: The boxer which flat ego

Assessment: Should it be more villainous?

Little represented on the market, the BMW R1200R Classic Boxer suffered from a rather austere image, almost banal in a category where the look counts almost as much as the performances. For 2011, the interested customers will have at least the choice between a sold basic version 12,270 € and a sold Classical version 13,075 €. In both cases, these prices are given except options… many and quickly making climb the addition.

Our BMW R1200R Classic Boxer d’ loan, equipped inter alia computer with edge, heating handles, ESA and ASC, reached 14,165 €. That made the R1200R a rather top-of-the-range roadster. On the ground, it does not remain about it less than it shines by its versatility, its effectiveness worthy of the references of the market, its approval. In short, it is shown attaching to the daily newspaper, even if BMW could have made it a little more villainous by the means of a more dynamic esthetics or sonority even more alive.

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