BMW R1200GS 2013 Presentation in France


The road show news for BMW R1200GS, started on October 11th in Lille meets such a great success that BMW Motored decided to add six new dates to the calendar to allow a large number of coming to discover the design and the technological contents of the new maximum German trail. Next stage of the French round held today Wednesday, October 24 at Grand Prix Motor bikes, in Annecy, as from 5 p.m.

BMW R 1200 GS 2013: Dates of presentation

BMW R1200GS 2013: Dates of presentation

The dates scheduled for the presentation of the BMW R1200GS are as under:
The first date is scheduled On Wednesday, October 24, in Annecy – Grand Prix Motor bikes, as from 17:00

  1. On Thursday, October 25, in Paris – Brand Blind BMW George V, as from 20:30.
  2. On Friday, October 26, in Lyon – Recchia Motor bikes, as from 18:00.
  3. On Saturday, October 27, in Toulon – R.T.M., as from 17:00.
  4. On Sunday, October 28, in Avignon – Castle of the Fine Rocks, of 10:00 has 19:00 with tests of the BMW range.
  5. On Monday, October 29, in Toulouse – Motor bike Wrinkles 19:00 has 22:00.