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2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike Review Specs

Playfulness comes when combining light, agile handling with a fast engine. The supermoto-specific suspension, wheels, and brakes are built for performance, and the overall aggressive design of the bike speaks volumes. In true supermoto style, the 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike brings joy to the streets. The KLX300SM and its dual-sport sister, the KLX300, were developed simultaneously. Both models have comparable engines and chassis.

The KLX300SM has several parts inspired by the Supermoto, but other than that, the models are similar in terms of styling and functionality. It includes street tires on 17″ front and rear wheels, supermoto-tuned suspension, and aggressive styling. These changes make the KLX300SM the best lightweight Supermoto available. The KLX300SM will be available in Neon Green and Ebony colors.

2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike

2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike – Features and Specs

Performance and Power Create Excitement

A 292cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine powers the new 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike. Enjoy a satisfying power distribution across the rpm range. Motorcyclists of all skill levels can maneuver stop-and-go city traffic, navigate back country roads, or experience the thrill of supermoto racing at their local track thanks to smooth power delivery and sharp throttle response. Fuel injection helps in reliable starting in different conditions and improves fuel efficiency. An electric start makes starting easy.

Supermoto Advanced Performance

The 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike is designed with a lightweight and slim frame, making it agile and stiff at high speeds. The short wheelbase, caster angle (25°), and small front wheel provide quick handling. Suspension performance is perfect for a supermoto ride, with 9.1 inches of travel in the front and 8.1 inches in the rear. Compression damping on the 43mm inverted cartridge-style front fork can be adjusted to individual preferences and conditions, maximizing the fork’s performance.

2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike

Riders can customize the shock settings to their preferences with the Uni-Trak rear suspension’s fully adjustable preload, rebound damping, and bump capabilities. A large 300 mm semi-floating petal disc and twin-piston caliper at the front, 240 mm petal disc, and single-piston caliper at the rear provide outstanding stopping power. Adding road tires and 17-inch wheels enhances the Supermoto’s performance and improves handling in urban environments.

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Super Moto Attitude

The race-inspired 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike meets an aggressive supermoto-inspired bodywork. The blacked-out bodywork, wheels, forks, and chassis make it a street standout. The aggressive lines of the headlights, mirrors, and front cowl are sharper due to the shorter width of the handlebars. The entire instrument panel, which includes a digital speedometer, bar-type tachometer, clock, odometer, twin trip meters, and several warning and indicator lamps, is visible from the cockpit.


The new 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike features a 292cc engine that is 17% more than standard 250cc class models, providing more power without sacrificing the 250’s lightweight and agile feel. An 11.1:1 compression ratio is also developed using flat-top pistons with a pan-trough combustion chamber. The new lightweight connecting rod, piston, and piston pin enable power-generating rpm without unnecessary vibration.

Furthermore, a gear-driven engine balancer ensures smooth power distribution across the powerband, improving rider comfort on long rides. Denso radiators offer high cooling efficiency with a large capacity of the 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike. The radiators are light and compact due to their narrow profiles and densely packed cores, and their unique fin design allows for superior heat dissipation better than the 2022 Kawasaki KLX300SM.

When maneuvering through heavy traffic, the radiator fan cover, mounted behind the radiator, directs hot air downwards and away from the rider, significantly enhancing comfort. Redirecting air increases rider comfort by keeping the tank and other components in contact with the cooler.

The 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike meets stricter emission laws and is eligible for sale in all 50 states thanks to a secondary air system that assists and acts as a catalyst to reduce emissions.

Electrofusion cylinder

It provides tighter piston-to-cylinder clearance for increased horsepower, excellent lubrication retention, abrasion and seizure resistance, and enhanced heat transmission with reduced weight, all in an exceptionally stiff aluminum cylinder bore. It was made possible by the coating.

DOHC Cylinder Head With 4 Valves

The new 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike’s camshaft profiles help deliver excellent performance and sharp throttle response. The 4-valve cylinder head provides maximum valve area for ideal flow. It increases torque at low RPM, and the new cam profiles add smooth, high-speed engine character and go well with the intake port design. For high-rpm performance, The cam lobe weight is reduced with shim under-tappets on each valve.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike is comfortable to ride in an upright, relaxed position. A thickly padded seat, rubber-dampened footpegs, and a 33.9-inch seat height make it easy for riders to reach the ground during stops—all enhance confidence—and complement ergonomics designed for riders. For greater comfort in traffic, the revolutionary design of the radiator fan directs hot air downwards and away from the rider, as well as to high-touch areas.

System Kawasaki DFI

A sub-throttle on a 34mm throttle body aids mid-to-high rpm performance. A 10-hole injector with ultra-fine atomization enhances performance and offers a smooth throttle response. DFI offers smooth affordability, easy starting, better performance, and improved fuel efficiency.

Electrical igniter

Starting a new 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike is easy, thanks to the latest electric starter and Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release (KACR) (KP), which automatically lifts an exhaust valve at cranking rpm.

Digital Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)

Well-timed ignition helps to deliver robust and user-friendly power at low and mid-range rpm, seamlessly transitioning to a powerful top-end. Regardless of how fast the RPM fluctuates, the digital ECU controls the timing—reliability, and simplicity of commissioning in harsh environments. DFI offers better fuel efficiency, easier starting, seamless, and better performance.

Using an electric starter

The new Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release (KACR) comes standard, which automatically expands an exhaust valve at cranking rpm, and an electric starter makes starting the 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike extremely easy.

Digital Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)

This system creates a smooth transition from low to mid-range rpm to powerful top end thanks to optimized ignition timing. The system is powerful yet user-friendly. Digital ECU maintains accurate timing management regardless of how quickly RPM varies. Furthermore, it is reliable in harsh environments and simple startup.

Uni-Trak Rear Suspension

Reducing unsprung weight is aided by Uni-Trak Rear Suspension’s lightweight, ultra-strong aluminum D-section swingarm. The rear suspension linkage and damping settings create a firmer ride and a more planted feeling in turns. Remote reservoir rear shock with nitrogen-filled aluminum body features 16-way compression and rebound damping adjustment with threaded spring preload.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

The new 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike comes with Petal brake discs that save weight, and the wave pattern cleans the brake pads for better stopping power. A single-piston rear caliper and 240mm disc also deliver robust and reliable performance. The dual-piston front caliper grips a large 300mm disc for excellent stopping power.

Wheels and Tires

The new 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike has street tires on 17-inch wheels.

Relaxed Ergonomics

The rider enjoys the upright, comfortable seating for easy control and maneuverability. The handlebar of the 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike is slightly thinner than the KLX300, which adds to its distinctive design.

2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike

The thickly padded seat enhances comfort on long journeys. The footpegs are positioned close to the bike’s centerline for a slim riding position suitable for both on and off-road. Seat design and height were thoughtfully chosen to help riders reach the ground and give them more confidence when stopping.

The 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike boasts stylish mirror shapes that add an aggressive look. The narrow petrol tank, lockable, with a touch top, contributes to a comfortable riding position.

Digital Instrumentation

A bar graph tachometer, digital speedometer, clock, twin trip meters, and warning lamps are all included in the digital instrument panel.

2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike – Price

The new 2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike is available for $6,299 only.

2023 Kawasaki KLX300SM Dual Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 4-Stroke, Liquid-Cooled, DOHC, 4-Valve Single
Displacement 292 cc
Bore & Stroke 78.0 x 61.2 mm
Compression Ratio 11.1:1
Fuel System DFI with 34mm throttle body
Ignition Digital DC-CDI
Transmission 6-Speed
Rake/Trail 25.0°/2.8 in.


Front Wheel Travel 9.1 in.
Rear Wheel Travel 8.1 in.
Front Tire Size 110/70-17
Rear Tire Size 130/70-17
Front Suspension 43mm Inverted Cartridge Fork including 16-Way Compression Damping Adjustment
Rear Suspension Uni-Trak with Adjustable Preload, 16-Way
Front Brake Type 300mm Petal Disc
Rear Brake Type 240mm Petal Disc


Wheelbase 56.5 in.
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.0 gal.
Ground Clearance 9.3 in.
Seat Height 33.9 in.
Curb Weight 304.03 lb.
Warranty 12 months
Kawasaki Protection Plus 12, 24, 36 or 48 months

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