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2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike Review Specs

All incarnations of the Africa Twin for 2020—the standard model and the Adventure Sports ES, both of which are available with both manual and automatic DCT transmission—take significant strides ahead in terms of features and capabilities due to a comprehensive list of enhancements. Furthermore, the two variants differ in words of specialty, with the regular version refined to increase its sporting and off-road performance, and the Adventure Sports ES benefits from technology that promotes comfort and confidence when traversing long distances.

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike – Features

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike

Design / Styling

With 6.5 gallons of the fuel tank for maximum range, an extended front fairing for extra wind and weather protection, a full aluminum skid plate, and an aluminum rear rack, the Adventure Sports ES version has a dignified but rugged appearance. The Adventure Sports ES version includes a redesigned screen that adjusts between five settings through a knob. It’s taller than the regular kind. To adapt to different body shapes and to ride circumstances (165mm higher in the low position, 225mm higher when in the high place), Tubeless tires have been added to the Adventure Sports ES. The seat has been reduced nearly two inches to match the basic version. Standard features include heated grips and an auxiliary charger. Pearl Glare White/Blue is the color scheme for the Adventure Sports ES.

The Adventure Sports ES has a curb weight of 530 pounds, which is 3 pounds lighter than the previous 2019 Honda Africa Twin Adventure model, while the standard version has a curb weight of 501 pounds (a 5-pound reduction). DCT adds 23 pounds in both situations.

Electronic Technology

While focused on riding, a bright new 6.5-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD touch display facilitates seeing, comprehending, and controlling a profusion of data. Depending on personal desire, users can choose from three screen-display configurations and backdrop colors.

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike

The Adventure Sports ES version for 2020 includes three-stage cornering lights for optimal illumination depending on the corner. The technology uses data from the IMU to calculate the motorcycle’s lean degree and provides supplemental lighting from a pair of lights beneath the headlights; the higher the slight angle, the more light is dispersed toward the inside of the corner. On both variants, cruise control is now standard.

Engine / Drivetrain

Engineers intended to enhance output to improve touring potential. Therefore the Africa Twin’s engine was expanded by 86cc, from 998cc to 1,084cc, thanks to a 6.5mm stroke increase from 75.0mm to 81.5mm (the bore remains unchanged at 92.0mm). Horsepower is increased by about 6% thanks to this and a new cylinder head. The eight-valve, water-cooled, single-overhead-cam, parallel-twin engine layout remains the same. Still, piston and crank profiles have been upgraded, and the cylinder sleeves have been replaced with aluminum.

The engine is now 4.9 pounds lighter with a DCT and 5.5 pounds lighter with a manual gearbox than before The water pump is located within the clutch casing, with a thermostat incorporated into the cylinder head, and the crankcases are divided vertically. The engine’s balancer shafts drive the water and oil pumps. These characteristics help to keep the engine small and short, as well as enhance ground clearance, which is critical for off-road performance.

Exhaust System

The Africa Twin’s increased displacement demanded revising the whole exhaust system (both advanced hardware and exact software). Engineers took advantage of the chance to create a world-best benchmark for environmental friendliness. The muffler has a single intake and two outputs, with an Exhaust Control Valve (ECV) positioned slightly downstream of the split in the main pipe, identical to the one found on the CBR1000RR sportbike. At low rpm, the exhaust valve seals off the giant tube, creating a pulsing effect, but at high rpm, it opens, allowing gases to leave via both lines for enhanced output.

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike


On the 2020 Africa Twin, Honda’s sophisticated automated DCT technology has been upgraded. It’s now 4.9 pounds lighter, and the new IMU enables cornering detection for better shift timing. The algorithm has also been improved to ease acceleration from a stop.

The new 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike is a pioneer in Powersports, introducing DCT on 2009 VRF1200. The Africa Twin’s reappearance in 2016 brought DCT to the adventure category. It was well-received, due in part to the fact that it allows riders to concentrate on line selection and throttle control when off-roading without fear of stalling. Approximately half of Africa’s twins live in the United States customers choose DCT versions.


The Africa Twin retains its steel semi-double-cradle frame. Still, it has been revised to reduce weight by nearly four pounds, to cope with the engine’s improved power output, and to optimize rigidity/flex characteristics under challenging situations such as carrying luggage, riding two-up, or off-road riding. Even with the previous version’s front cross pipe removed, the steering head’s stiffness has been tuned to increase front-end feel and grip.

The main spars are straighter when viewed from above, boosting longitudinal rigidity for enhanced handling under braking. The forms of the pivot plates on the frame remain unaltered, though The material has changed, with 600MPa high-strength steel replacing the old pressed steel. The rear cross pipe in the top section, which joins the left and proper pivot plates, is now aligned with the shock stroke, resulting in direct transmission of surface information to the frame for an improved rear-wheel feel.

Furthermore, the rear subframe is now independent and aluminum, saving weight while maintaining baggage capacity. The front seat rails have been narrowed by 40mm (195mm vs. 235mm), making stand-up riding easier and letting the rider’s knees reach the ground more readily when stopped.

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike


Showa’s EERA intelligent electronic suspension is now available on the Adventure Sports ES version of the Africa Twin. The system responds quickly to optimize damping force depending on the suspension stroke speed while riding and the vehicle’s operating condition, intending to achieve high-level suspension characteristics for various scenarios experienced on adventure trips.

The basic version of the Africa Twin’s front and rear suspensions are entirely adjustable, including preload, compression damping, and rebound damping, with tuning adjustments made via typical dials and knobs Both Africa Twin models include a 45mm cartridge-type inverted Showa fork with the most significant travel in the class (9.1 inches), and settings have been tweaked to increase on-road comfort and off-road performance. The top of the triple clamp is made of cast aluminum, while the bottom is made of forged steel.

The Pro-Link® rear-suspension system has 9.4 inches of travel, and the shock is now centralized, whereas it was previously somewhat off-center. At the top of the shock, a spherical, solid cushion ball mount is utilized to reduce deflection and achieve an accurate feel in varied situations. The new aluminum swingarm is based on the CRF450R motocrosser’s swingarm. Despite being nearly a pound lighter than its predecessor, it is pretty stiff. The Africa Twin has a ground clearance of 9.8 inches, making it ideal for off-roading.


For 2020, the Africa Twin will keep ABS, but new technology will improve braking performance and rider confidence in various settings. On-road and off-road braking modes operate in tandem with the riding methods to provide application-specific braking performance.

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike

Additionally, the system now can respond during trail braking: When the IMU detects a lean angle (showing that the rider is cornering) and the wheel sensors see deceleration (meaning that the rider is braking), the system closely monitors both wheels’ slip rates and adjusts the braking pressure as appropriate. When braking suddenly, ABS analyses IMU data to identify rear-wheel lift and accurately regulates braking pressure to counteract it for better control and confidence.

It’s important to remember that ABS is an auxiliary braking system that aids the rider. ABS, like ordinary braking systems, necessitates sufficient deceleration before turns, for example.

When the rider chooses independent front and rear braking performance, such as to brake-slide the rear wheel for off-road handling, the Africa Twin’s rear ABS may be turned off. Compact two-piece radial-mount four-piston calipers operate dual 310mm petal-style floating rotors via sintered pads, providing constant stopping power and feel on and off the road. The rear rotor measures 256mm in diameter and has a petal shape.

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 1,084cc liquid-cooled Unicam® four-stroke 22.5o parallel-twin
Valve Train SOHC; four valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 92.0mm x 81.5mm
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Induction PGM-FI electronic fuel injection w/ 46mm throttle bodies (Throttle By Wire)
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric
Transmission 6 speed automatic DCT
Clutch (2) multi-plate wet
Final Drive 525 Chain

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike Specs


Front 45mm inverted Showa telescopic fork w/ EERA; 9.1 in. travel
Rear Pro-Link® system w/ single Showa shock w/ EERA; 9.4 in. travel


Front Two four-piston hydraulic calipers w/ 310mm disks; ABS
Rear Single one-piston hydraulic caliper w/ 256mm disc; ABS


Front 90/90-21
Rear 150/70R-18

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike Specs


Rake (Caster Angle) 27-degree
Trail 113mm (4.4 inches)
Length 91.7 inches
Width 37.9 inches
Height 61.5 inches
Seat Height 34.3 inches / 33.7 inches
Ground Clearance 9.8 inches
Wheelbase 62.0 inches
Fuel Capacity 6.5 gal.
Color Pearl Glare White/Blue
Curb Weight 553 lbs.

2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike Specs


The new 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Honda Bike is an impressive adventure motorcycle with many unique features. The bike has got a powerful engine, attractive chassis, more fantastic capacity fuel tank and much more in it. In other words, the new Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT Motorcycle is the perfect partner for adventure rides.

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