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Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki Powerful Sports Touring Bike Review

There’s a lot more to the Kawasaki Concours14 ABS super sport-touring motorcycle than simply sheer power. With excellent performance and quick handling, it also defines the awesome sport-touring category. It can cut through canyons as well as a cruise along interstate roads in comfort. Thanks to Kawasaki’s supersport expertise, the Concours14 ABS includes industry-leading technology like K-ACT ABS brakes, KTRC traction control, and a Fuel Economy Assistance Mode. The seat is meant to give comfort and make reaching the ground simpler for the rider. Engineers developed a soft suspension package to avoid chatter but stiffen as the vehicle progresses, enabling it to maintain outstanding handling when transporting a passenger or luggage. The Metallic Matte Fusion Silver/Metallic Spark Black color scheme is available on the 2019 Kawasaki Concours14 ABS, with a starting price of $15,599.

Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki Powerful Sports Touring Bike – Features

Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki Powerful Sports Touring Bike

Heat-Dissipating Bodywork

Large apertures in the fairing were designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to let hot air escape fast. Hot air is delivered away from the rider’s legs by the fairing sides. When the rider is stationary, an exhaust pipe protection near the right footpeg helps shelter the rider from the heat.

Grip Heaters

When the temperature is chilly, grip warmers allow for a much more pleasant ride. The heat level may be fine-tuned using the stepless adjustment knob.

Locking Storage

When the ignition is turned off, the electromagnetic lock prohibits entrance and locks automatically when the vehicle speed exceeds 24 mph. The front of the gasoline tank has integrated hooks for fastening a tank bag.


The new VVT improves low-end and mid-range torque, allowing for smooth acceleration at any engine rpm while lowering emissions. Unique cam profiles enhance the VVT system. The engine is small and thin thanks to careful planning. For optimum durability at high power outputs, chrome composite plated (KP) aluminum cylinder bores are lightweight, robust, and swiftly conduct heat away from the combustion chamber and piston.

Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki Powerful Sports Touring Bike

Ram Air Induction

For optimal power production, this system pulls cooler, high-pressure air from in front of the fairing and directs it through the air cleaner and into the engine.

Digital Fuel Injection

An all-new 40mm throttle bodies are utilized for improved rideability and more linear low and midrange throttle response. Throttle response is excellent at all engine RPM because smaller diameter bodies enhance intake velocity. Dual throttle valves (KP) are installed in the throttle bodies and are controlled by the ECU to ensure accurate response and smoother DFI performance. To improve throttle responsiveness and control, a 32-bit electronic control unit is used in conjunction with a twin throttle valve system. For lower emissions and optimal fuel efficiency, a digital computer feeds the engine just the quantity of gasoline it requires.

6-Speed Transmission

The short first gear ratio makes use of the tremendous torque to make starting from a stop simple and improves handling in low-speed first-gear situations.

Sixth gear is an overdrive that lowers rpm at highway speeds for a more pleasant ride and excellent fuel economy—mated to a back-torque limiting “slipper” clutch (KP) for smoother corner entry by reducing rear-wheel hop while downshifting at high rpm.

Tetra-Lever Shaft Drive

A revolutionary four-shaft design avoids driveline lash and guarantees smooth acceleration from the potent engine by compensating for the rising and squatting tendencies of shaft drives when the throttle is opened and closed. The same natural riding experience as a chain is provided by smooth, direct power delivery. Inverted 43mm Cartridge Type Front Fork When braking, the damping rates offer a firm initial response to prevent front-end drop. The easy-to-use stepless rebound damping adjustment optimizes suspension performance.

Bottom-Link Uni-Trak® Rear Suspension

The suspension components were particularly tuned for the Concours 14 ABS to offer long-distance comfort and dynamic handling performance, and they provide exceptional bump absorption while being. With a person and baggage on board, the situation is marginally impacted. Preload may be instantly adjusted for varied loading scenarios using the remote hydraulic preload adjuster, which is conveniently accessible and does not need any equipment. Linkage rates provide progressive suspension action. The bottom-link design focuses weight lower in the chassis, resulting in a lower center of gravity and improved flick ability.

Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki Powerful Sports Touring Bike

Single-Piece Swingarm

The swingarm is made of one piece of cast aluminum and is both light and robust. Dual-sided Tetra-Lever swingarms have higher torsional stiffness than single-sided swingarms, and positioning the swingarm pivot within the frame, as on a chain-drive machine, increases the structure’s rigidity for more accurate handling.


For sport-touring riding, a more sophisticated version of the Ninja® ZXTM- 14R frame provides exceptional stability and responsiveness. To lessen the impact of additional weight on the machine’s handling, the steering head, top plate, and swingarm bracket were stiffened by 20%, boosting torsional stiffness by 20%. As a result of the additional touring facilities, the following features have emerged.

From the steering head to the swingarm pivot, the frame is a hollow aluminum box that arches over the engine. It’s slender, powerful, stiff, and light. The engine is firmly attached to strengthen the torsional stiffness of the monocoque. Furthermore, by utilizing the engine as a stressed frame component, the frame’s weight is reduced by around four pounds. Cast aluminum is used in the steering head and swingarm pivot locations for further strength and stiffness. The steering stem bearing seal has a low friction coefficient, which helps to light and smooth steering.

Radial Mounted Petal Front Disc Brakes

Front brake calipers with four pistons positioned radially. The radial design has integrated attachment points at the top and bottom of the caliper, with mounting bolts inserted via the rear of the caliper rather than the side or front. The caliper becomes stiffer as a result, which increases the braking feel. For each piston, a different brake pad is employed. Individual brake pads have higher cooling effectiveness and absorb more heat without deforming, ensuring constant braking feel—brake discs with a petal pattern offer improved cooling and warp resistance. Front brake master cylinder with radial pump enhances braking performance and lever feel.

Electrically Adjustable Windscreen

At higher speeds, the adjustable windshield vent decreases the negative pressure effect in the rider cockpit, smoothing airflow and reducing helmet buffeting. The vent has two open settings and maybe completely closed depending on the weather. The windshield works in tandem with the air passageways under the screen to ensure that air flows more smoothly around the rider and helmet, resulting in a more pleasant ride. When the ignition is switched off, the windshield retracts automatically. When the ignition is switched on, a memory function restores the screen to four preset locations, selectable via the multi-function meter. The rider may still fine-tune the windscreen height with step-less adjustment. The Concours 14 ABS windshield and front cowl do more than merely block the wind; they aerodynamically twist the wind around the rider and passenger, reducing buffeting. An easy-to-reach switch on the left handlebar allows for quick adjustments.

Standard Spacious Storage Hard Luggage

The detachable bags are placed closer to the machine’s midline for optimum mass centralization thanks to the slim, integrated burdensome baggage design. The lightweight rear carrier is standard equipment and is intended to work with a top case attachment (maximum carrying capacity: 22 lbs.).

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

While riding, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts riders of tire pressure abnormalities. The sensors continuously monitor air pressure, and the results are shown on the multifunction LCD meter. A low-pressure alert appears when air pressure falls below a specified threshold to alert the rider. Tire pressure sensors (TPS) are standard on both the front and back wheels.

Comfortable Riding Position

The front seat is small with a flat seat surface, allowing passengers to reach the ground with their feet more readily. The back region is long and flat, allowing passengers to modify their posture without sliding forward easily. Double-stitched seams enhance the aesthetic, and the slip-resistant material is pleasant. With a 10mm low-rebound urethane layer for enhanced cushioning and better long-distance comfort, as well as a more extensive and flatter passenger area, the Accessory Touring Seat raises the comfort bar.

Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki Powerful Sports Touring Bike

A unique cover material that keeps you cool in the sun. Handlebars approximately four inches taller and farther back than the ZX-14R provide a more comfortable and upright riding stance. The seat is almost a half-inch more elevated than the ZX-14R, and the footpegs are lower and farther front. The seat is also reasonably firm and foam-filled for long-distance comfort. Passenger footpegs are cushioned with rubber for enhanced comfort.

Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki Powerful Sports Touring Bike – Price

The new Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki is available at $15,599 only.

Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki Powerful Sports Touring Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled
Displacement 1,352cc
Bore x Stroke 84 mm x 61 mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Maximum Torque 100.5 lb-ft at 6,200 rpm
Fuel System DFI® with 40mm throttle bodies (4)
Ignition TCBI with digital advance
Transmission 6-speed
Final Drive Tetra-Lever shaft drive


Front Suspension / Wheel Travel 43mm inverted, telescopic fork including adjustable rebound damping and spring preload/4.4 inches
Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Tetra-Lever featuring stepless rebound damping adjustment and remote spring preload adjuster/5.4 inches
Front Tire 120/70 ZR-17
Rear Tire 190/50 ZR-17
Front Brakes Dual floating 310mm petal-style rotors with four-piston calipers, ABS
Rear Brakes Single 270mm petal-style rotor, single-piston caliper, ABS


Frame Type Monocoque Aluminum
Rake/Trail 26.0°/4.4 inches
Overall Length 87.8 inches
Overall Width 31.1
Overall Height 52.9 in/57.7 inches (windshield down/up)
Ground Clearance 4.9 inches
Seat Height 32.1 inches
Curb Weight 690.2 lb
Fuel Capacity 5.8 gallons
Wheelbase 59.8 inches
Color Choices Metallic Matte Fusion Silver/Metallic Spark Black
Warranty 36 Month Limited Warranty
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional) 12, 24, or 36 months


The new Concours 14 ABS 2019 Kawasaki Powerful Sports Touring Bike is touring motorcycles that most people love. The bike features a powerful engine that delivers instant throttle response. Its stylish chassis make it an attractive and most loveable motorcycle while the comfortable seat makes it the perfect choice for distance riders.

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