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Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle Review Specs

A moderate look contrasted with the Adventure Sports model. 2Kg lighter, yet with a similar fluid cooled, 998cc 8-valve equal twin-engine and changed fumes. The Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle features double Clutch Transmission, Throttle by Wire, with three ride modes. Furthermore, the motorcycle also owes G switch, Honda Selectable Torque Control, and Engine Braking, 18.8-liter fuel tank, and completely movable SHOWA suspension framework.

Consolidate the pinnacle intensity of 70Kw @ 7,500rpm, with 99Nm force @ 6,000rpm and you get a lot of stable, increasing speed when you need it. The CRF1000L’s engine gives the ideal equalization of feel and rear-wheel footing.

CRF1000L’s new engine has a lighter parity shaft and an updated bay and fumes framework to improve the mid-run force. It’s a mix that conveys an anxious and vivacious reaction – on request. Along with the engine the board control bundle, this machine ingrains incredible certainty when riding over a wide range of landscapes, in the city, the nation, or the desert.

Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle – Features and Price


The Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports styling is less moderate than that of the Africa Twin. The double headlights are shared, yet the Adventure Sports has a bigger fairing coordinated with an 80mm taller screen to offer more noteworthy breeze assurance. Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle additionally comes standard with warmed grasps and a 12V embellishment attachment, encouraging more extended visits in wide-extending conditions.

Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle

Brushed-aluminum cowling boards add extreme intrigue and class to this adventure-prepared machine. At the same time, the rear curved guard and steel rack can be handily expelled. Aluminum side cases are accessible, just like an aluminum top box with mounting hardware explicit to the CRF1000L2 Africa Twin Adventure Sports. On account of a 1.4-gallon bigger, 6.37-gallon fuel tank (contrasted with 4.97 gallons on the standard model), run for the Adventure Sports model is broadened.


For stretched out rough terrain use, the Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle seat includes a compliment profile than the standard model, and seat tallness is 1.2 inches higher. The place changes .8 inches, for a seat stature of either 35.4 inches or 36.2 inches (contrasted with 33.5 inches and 34.3 inches). There’s likewise a rear stockpiling pocket concealed on the right side. To coordinate the raised seat tallness. The handlebar position is about 1.3 inches higher and .2 inches further back than that of the standard model. It brings about an increasingly upright riding position to enhance riding pleasure.

Chassis / Suspension

The new 2019 Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports share a steel semi-twofold support outline. It gives deft on-street habits in addition to stable, rapid attributes, just as certified rough terrain capacity. The Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle offers 10.6 creeps of ground freedom (.8 inches more than the Africa Twin). Check weight for the Adventure Sports is 533 pounds (556 pounds DCT). The standard model tips the scales at 507 lbs. (529 pounds DCT).

Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle

The Adventure Sports’ 45mm Showa cartridge-type upset fork has 8.9 crawls of suspension stroke (up to .9 creeps from the standard Africa Twin), offering fantastic long-travel execution. At the Adventure Sports’ rear, a Showa stun conveys 9.4 creeps of movement. On the two models, the stun has a low upper mount for mass centralization. It includes a 46mm remote store for stable damping control under progressively extraordinary rough terrain conditions. Spring preload can be balanced utilizing a dial on the stunning body. Bounce back and pressure damping is additionally entirely movable.

Smaller two-piece, outspread mount, four-cylinder calipers work double 310mm “wave” coasting rotors through sintered cushions and present steady halting force and feel on-street or off. The rear rotor has a breadth of 256mm and includes a “wave” plan. The lightweight two-channel ABS can be killed at the rear. Consistent with their rough terrain legacy, the Africa Twin models highlight talked front and rear wheels in size 21 and 18 inches, individually, wearing 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 tires. The spokes are produced in treated steel for improved solidness and simplicity of care.


The 998cc SOHC eight-valve equal twin-engine utilized in both Africa Twin models is matched with a two-into-one downpipe. It feeds fumes through two catalyzers into an essential two-chamber suppressor. Bore and stroke are set at 92 mm x 75.1mm, with a pressure proportion of 10.0:1; the 270° staged driving rod, and lopsided terminating span makes the engine’s particular pulse and feels for rear-wheel footing.

The crankcases are part vertically; the water siphon is housed inside the grip packaging, with an indoor regulator incorporated into the chamber head. The engine’s balancer shafts drive the water and oil siphons. These highlights add to the engine being reduced and short, and to ideal ground leeway, a principal component to go romping execution.

The engine utilizes a semi-dry-sump and in-tank lower crankcase oil stockpiling, permitting a shallow dish profundity and decreasing by and large engine stature. As the weight took care of the siphon is situated inside the oil tank. There is no requirement for a weight feed section, again sparing weight and space. Auxiliary vibrations are killed by the commonly responding movement of the cylinders. The utilization drops the essential inertial and coupling vibrations of biaxial parity shafts while the front balancer shaft utilizes two loads, the rear just a solitary weight.

On the manual-transmission forms, the aluminum grip focus and weight plate use “help” cams to ease moving (with light switch feel). The “shoe” cams for deceleration and downshifting. Oil-gathering ribs on principle dairy side of the essential apparatus guarantee reliable grease for the rigging, damper spring, and essential sub-gear. The lightweight six-speed manual gearbox utilizes a similar move cam plan as found on the CRF450R to guarantee positive changes. A lightweight (5.1 lbs.) lithium-particle battery offers an extraordinary life span, both as far as life and the capacity to hold a charge.

Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle


Honda’s propelled programmed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) conveys steady, fast, consistent apparatus changes, and rapidly turns out to be natural to utilize. It uses two grasps—one for startup and first, third, and fifth riggings, the other for a second, fourth, and 6th, with the primary shaft for one grip situated inside that of the other. The additional advantages of toughness, the difficulty of slowing down, low-stress urban riding, and decreased rider exhaustion add to the intrigue of DCT.

Its electro-water driven circuit freely constrains each grip. At the point when the device change happens, the new framework pre-chooses the objective rigging through the grip not right now being used. The original grip is then electronically separated as the subsequent grasp at the same time locks in. As the twin grips move drive starting with one apparatus then onto the next with negligible interference to rear-wheel drive, gear-change stun and pitching of the machine are limited. It brings about movements that are smooth, however immediate.

Three methods of apparatus change activity are accessible. Manual mode gives full manual control, permitting the rider to move with the handlebar triggers. Programmed Drive mode is perfect for city and parkway riding and accomplishes ideal eco-friendliness. Programmed Sport mode offers three degrees of sportier riding. The ECU lets the engine fire up somewhat higher before moving and moves down sooner while decelerating, for additional engine slowing down.

The Africa Twin models’ DCT is additionally wholly prepared to work in an adventure domain. The rough terrain usefulness improved by the G switch situated on the right side of the instrument board. In any riding mode, the pushing of the G switch diminishes the measure of grasp slip during gear changes. Further usefulness for the DCT framework comes as slope recognition, adjusting the apparatus move design contingent upon the evaluation of a grade.


The whole Africa Twin stage uses a Throttle by Wire (TBW) framework that highlights four excellent riding modes and an all-new Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) framework. The utilization of TBW permits a variety of decisions for overseeing engine yield, feel, and rear-wheel footing. It is conceivable to turn HSTC off, and there are likewise three degrees of intensity and engine slowing down accessible.

Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle

In an arrangement previously utilized on the RC213V-S. Three riding modes offer preset mixes of every boundary, reasonable to various riding situations and situations. Visit mode utilizes the most powerful (1), Engine Braking (2), and high HSTC (6). The URBAN model uses mid-level Power (2), Engine Braking (2), and high HSTC (6). Rock mode permits the most reduced Power (3), Engine Braking (3), and high HSTC (6). A fourth mode—USER—permits the rider to set and spare their favored mix of Power, engine slowing down, and HSTC levels. These Riding modes and HSTC level can be changed whenever utilizing the control.

Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle – Price

The New 2019 Honda Africa Twin DCT is available in $14,399.

Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 998cc liquid-cooled Unicam® four-stroke 22.5º parallel-twin
Bore And Stroke 92 mm x 75 mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Induction PGM-FI electronic fuel injection (Throttle By Wire)
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric

Drive Train

Transmission 6-speed Manual
Final Drive Chain

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension 45mm inverted telescopic fork; 9.1 inches of travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link® system w/ single shock; 8.7 inches of travel
Front Brakes Two four-piston hydraulic calipers w/ 310 mm disks; ABS
Rear Brake Single one-piston hydraulic caliper w/ 256 mm disc; ABS
Front Tire 90/90-21
Rear Tire 150/70R-18


Wheelbase 62 inches
Seat Height Standard position 34.3 inches/Low view 33.5 inches
Curb Weight 506.8 lbs
Fuel Capacity 4.97 gallons including 1.0-gallon reserve


Model ID CRF1000L
Emissions It meets the current EPA standards. The models sold in California meet the current CARB conditions, and it may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.
Available Colors Matte Black Metallic, Blue/White/Red

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Included The transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty
Optional Extended Extended coverage is available with a HondaCare Protection Plan®


This Honda 2019 Africa Twin DCT Adventure Motorcycle has excellent wind resistance and has a lot of slots to allow a lot of air to pass without any chattering. One of the most user-friendly motorcycles you will encounter. The Honda Adventure Sports model comes standard with a bigger sump watchman and front light bars.

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