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2019 Minitrails Electric 20 Drive Beta Dirt Bike Review Price

The Beta brand is very famous for its quality dirt bike, and now it is hitting the mark in the world of electric bikes. This year in 2019, the Beta brand has launched the new 2019 Minitrails Electric 20 Drive Beta Dirt Bike for those riders who prefer riding electric bikes with style.

This electric dirt bike offers a powerful output from its high tech motor. Its new seat has been carefully designed to ensure better riding pleasure. Its review with a price and technical specifications are given below.

2019 Minitrails Electric 20 Drive Beta Dirt Bike – Features and Price

2019 Minitrails Electric 20 Drive Beta Dirt Bike


The 2019 Beta Minitrails Electric 20 Dirt Bike comes with the latest programmable digital switchboard that has been developed primarily from the experience of the Beta team. This control system is available with three power levels.

All of these levels feature the initial soft engagement to eliminate the abrupt on or off feature of electric motor. These settings are suitable for new riders, for wet conditions and advanced riders.


The chassis of the 2019 Beta Minitrails Electric Dirt motorcycle features the robust aluminum frame and strong swingarm. The structure has been designed after proper hardness heat treatment to ensure an ultimate strength like in 2019 Beta Minitrails Electric 16.

The overall weight of the construction is limited to 25 kg only. Its total weight has been carefully distributed to achieve an optimized center of gravity for the comfortable ride, plus it also provides maximum traction.

The new Shimano Hydraulic brake provides perfect braking. It is considered to be the mark of quality and reliability for the younger rider. The suspension system consists up of front fork of 25 mm tubes with an adjustable compression spring in an oil bath with an air shock for its rear suspension.

The front brake and the drive chain are enclosed with the guards to ensure perfect safety. This unique chain guide guarantees a proper guide for the chain to reduce the chances of failure.

2019 Minitrails Electric 20 Drive Beta Dirt Bike – Price

The new 2019 Minitrails Electric 20 Drive Dirt Bike is available under $2,299 only.

2019 Minitrails Electric 20 Drive Beta Dirt Bike – Technical Specifications


Frame Aluminum tube
Front Suspension 25mm hydraulic
Rear Suspension Adjustable air shock
Front Wheel Travel 2″
Rear Wheel Travel 2″
Front Brake Hydraulic disc w/160mm rotor
Rear Brake Hydraulic disc w/160mm rotor
Front/Rear Rim 20″


Wheelbase 38″
Seat Height 21.6″
Ground Clearance 11″
Footrest Height 12.2″
Weight 56 lbs.


Motor 750 Watt/36 volt
Batteries 3) lead acid batteries 12v each
Run Time/Slow 3 hours
Run Time/Medium 2 hours
Run Time/Fast 1 ½ hours
Transmission 3-speed variable


Warranty 12 Month Limited Warranty


This review article provides the maximum details of 2019 Minitrails Electric 20 Drive Beta Dirt Bike, and it is covered under Bikes Catalog. It features the latest and high tech batteries with excellent power output. The chassis is stable and robust that ensure the best stability and rigidity throughout the rough terrain. The suspension and braking system offers the best performance of all times.

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