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Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

The roads are becoming more and more congested; inflation causes fuel prices and insurance premiums to increase. All of these mentioned facts are forcing people to think about the cheap scooters that provide reliable and economic urban mobility. The plus point of the scooters is that they are easy to handle, and riders of any age and gender can comfortably ride them. This article is going to cover the Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World so that readers can have a brief idea about market trends. So, here is the top ten best 50 cc scooter list collected by the team of Bikes Catalog.

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World – Top Rated

10. WK TTR50

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

In the tenth position, we have WK TTR50. It has been designed to tug at the heartstring of the younger generation of step-through moped riders. Its funky angular looks, appealing paint, and the affordable price tag make it one of the most affordable bike. Its combined braking system means that the rider needs not to worry about stops; moreover, the tires guarantee to have an ultimate grip. It provides a powerful output of approximately 3hp ensuring that rider will never worry about traffic. This scooter is available with a price tag of £1399.99.

WK TTR50 Spec:

Power 2.8hp
MPG (claimed/est) 134mpg (claimed)
Seat height 780 mm

9. AJS Firefox 50

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

Up next to the list of Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters, we have a sporty machine, which has the looks inspired by Benelli Tre Tornado. This moped features the wavy-discs, USD forks, and a staggering 166 mpg that makes it the most frugal bike on the list. The scooter provides the best performance and quality ride under extreme conditions, as well. The price of AJS Firefox is £1380.

AJS Firefox 50 Spec:

Power 3.2hp
MPG (claimed/est) 166mpg
Seat height 825

8. Lexmoto Nano

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

Another 50cc scooter in the list is the Lexmoto Nano, which contains interesting looks, styling appearance, clean lines, and supreme red accents. This Nano does not require any regular maintenance, as well. The amazing thing is that it has passed the Eure4 standards and features digital dash, under-seat storage, and USB port with LED indicators. The overall styling maybe attracts the new and disco-type generation of riders, but it has conquered the heart of older riders. The price of Lexmoto Nano is £1299.99.

Lexmoto Nano Spec:

Power 4hp
MPG (claimed/est) 100mpg (est)
Seat height 780mm

7. Gilera Runner 50

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

The Runner has been the best seller since 1997 when it was launched. The natural habitat for this brand is the McDonalds carpark surrounded by outstanding teenage fellows. This near-mythical status is guaranteed to make the latest version of the big hit, especially with exciting, moody paint jobs. The price tag of the scooter is £2499. It can deliver superb ride with sporty suspension and disc brakes front and rear.

Gilera Runner 50 Spec:

Power 4.5hp
MPG (claimed/est) N/A
Seat height 810mm

6. Kymco Agility City+ 50

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

The Kymco Agility City+ looks like a bit of a bust. Its engine can deliver 2.6hp, which makes this vehicle one of the most massive and least power. It is the only bike in the list of Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters that have big wheels. The rim size of 16 inches provides a smooth riding and superb handling experience. Its stylish design makes it more attractive with an overall weight of 116kg. This Kymco Scooter comes with a price of £1899.

Kymco Agility City+ 50 Spec:

Power 2.6hp
MPG (claimed/est) N/A
Seat height 780mm

5. Peugeot Django 50

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

The Peugeot is one of the Famous Scooter Brands in the World that manufactures the best scooters of all times. The Peugeot Django 50 is placed on the fifth position among the Best 50cc Scooters in the World. It contains the dual throne seat, chrome details, and grabs rails that add to its vintage styling. Its engine delivers the power of 4hp and is available for £2599. It features the open face lid, LED lighting, and semi-digital dash and front glove box with the USB port. This vehicle is available with an unlimited mileage of two years.

Peugeot Django Spec:

Power 4hp
MPG (claimed/est) N/A
Seat height 770mm

4. Piaggio Zip 50 4T

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

The Zip 50 was introduced back in 1995, since then it was well-known for its high performance and beautiful design. The scooter is easy to handle, reliable, and ensures the fun ride. The styling cues hark back to the original four-stroke version of 2005, and the Piaggio Zip 50 is compact and fresh looking. The bike has a three-valve motor that can deliver the 3hp output, and its 110mm of rear drum brake ensures ultimate braking. The Piaggio Zip 50 is available in £1929.

Piaggio Zip 50 4T Spec:

Power 3.12hp
MPG (claimed/est) 84mpg
Seat height Adjustable 750/765/780mm

3. Peugeot Speedfight 4

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

The Speedfight 4 from Peugeot has gained the third position in the list of Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World. This vehicle has been a bestselling bike for the French marque since its introduction in 2000. The bike features the sporty styling, attractive design with an eye-catching paint job. The checker-board inserts and LED lights have been designed especially for the bike that looks amazing. The four-stroke 2018 bike was featuring a fuel tank attached in the running boards for a lower center of gravity, digital dash, USB port, and helmet storage and rear spoiler. The scooter is available for £2299.

Peugeot Speedfight 4 Spec:

Power 3.7hp
MPG (claimed/est) N/A
Seat height 800mm

2. Aprilia SR50

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

The Aprilia SR50 has achieved the second position in our list. Aprilia has manufactured the 800,000 SR50’s model since 1992. This motorcycle has claimed to be one of the most advanced 50cc bikes on the planet. It contains the 13 inches of wheels, front and rear disc brakes, fuel injection and liquid cooling. This motorcycle includes an inspired styling with front air-scoop and lights that give the whole bike an aggressive and sporty look. The price of the Aprilia SR50 is £2629.

Aprilia SR50 Spec:

Power 5hp (claimed)
MPG (claimed/est) 90mpg (est)
Seat height 820mm

1. Vespa Primavera 50

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World

The Vespa brand is also the position in the first place among the list of Top Ten Best Scooter Brands in the World. Its Primavera 50 is placed on the first position among the list of best scooter brands. This bike features the best styling, design, and excellent engineering of all time. Its four-valve Euro-4 approved engine delivers impressive power output. The bike is available with the 24-months warranty and digital dash. It is possible for £3429.

Vespa Primavera Spec:

Power 3.2hp
MPG (claimed/est) 81mpg
Seat height 790mm

Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World Power Price
1 Vespa Primavera 50 3.2hp £3429
2 Aprilia SR50 5hp £2629
3 Peugeot Speedfight 4 3.7hp £2299
4 Piaggio Zip 50 4T 3.12hp £1929
5 Peugeot Django 50 4hp £2599
6 Kymco Agility City+ 50 2.6hp £1899
7 Gilera Runner 50 4.5hp £2499
8 Lexmoto Nano 4hp £1299.99
9 AJS Firefox 50 3.2hp £1380
10 WK TTR50 2.8hp £1399.99


The article is about the list of Top Ten Best 50cc Scooters in the World, and it is covered under Bikes Catalog. These scooters provide the best riding pleasure of all times under a suitable price. These vehicles consist of the high-tech and latest equipment that offers bike performance at all times. Those who own any one of the motorcycles mentioned above must share their experience with us.

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