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YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike Review Specs


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The YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike offers next-generation R Series style, advanced electronic control, supersport braking and suspension performance. YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha has a high-performance cross-plane engine; this bike is ready to compete.

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike – Features and Price

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike

Top Features

MotoGP® race bike uses a 998cc inline four-cylinder engine. Every component of this one-of-a-kind engine is designed to excite. The R1 is equipped with a cableless Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T®) system that converts the rider’s inputs into motion as well as a full array of IMU-powered electronic rider aids that redefine the term “rider confidence.”

The braking system of the YZF-R1 is designed for track use with powerful 4-piston radial-mount front calipers, stainless steel front brake lines, oversized 320mm front rotors with high-friction pads a small ABS unit. Bridgestone® RS11 tires provide real racetrack traction while maintaining a balanced road feel and performance. Beautifully integrated bodywork and sleek, elegant lines give the YZF-R1 an aggressive aerodynamic character.

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike

The YZF-R1 highlights nearly 20 years of chassis technology established on racetracks worldwide, thanks to Yamaha’s sophisticated Deltabox aluminum frame technology and high-spec, fully-adjustable KYB® suspension. Yamaha engineers used comments from top-level riders and the world’s most challenging race tracks to create the R1. The engine, suspension, brakes and aerodynamics round out the package while advanced electrical technologies increase rider confidence and control.


The YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Bike has proprietary cross-plane crankshaft technology originating from Yamaha’s YZR-M1 MotoGP® race bike used in the R1’s 998cc inline-four-cylinder engine. The CP4 motor gives a direct impression of linear torque by equalizing inertial forces at the crankshaft offering the rider the full link between the throttle grip and the rear wheel. Yamaha’s precise fracture-split technology is used on titanium connecting rods to achieve the most excellent dependability with the lowest weight.

These lightweight elements when combined with titanium intake valves and forged pistons, allow the CP4 to reach its high redline and over-rev potential because the cylinder block is displaced from the crankshaft friction loads on the pistons and bores are reduced. To improve part-throttle performance, the cylinder head, intake system, fuel injectors and air box. All work together; new injectors can spray fuel directly against the intake valves for increased fuel atomization by generating a narrower and shorter intake tract.

Compact rocker-arm valve actuation uses improved geometry to allow more excellent valve lift than traditional cam-driven systems while reducing friction losses with lower cam lobes and lower spring pressure. A muffler and heat shields made chiefly of lightweight titanium are included on the R1. For best handling, the small midship muffler also centralizes mass low in the frame and as close to the middle of the machine as feasible. To best fit the high-revving engine, a 6-speed transmission has close-ratio gearing.

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike

The input/output shafts are also “stacked” in the transmission to centralize mass and keep the overall engine size shorter front-to-back which improves engine placement in the frame for excellent weight balance. When entering bends aggressively, YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Bike gets assistance by a slipper clutch to allow the rider more confident downshifts while still smoothly handling the torque of the R1’s high-output power plant.


The new YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Bike has a brake Control (BC) System, which was developed on racetracks all over the world, works in conjunction with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to reduce brake slip while braking aggressively or on less-than-ideal terrain. The customizable BC System uses the IMU to give progressive brake force intervention. The lean angle increases giving the rider more confidence when braking in the middle of a bend. YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Bike for exceptional stopping power, the YZF-R1 has 4-piston radial-mounted front calipers riding on huge 320mm rotors with a high-friction pad composition. It is supplemented by a 220mm rear disc with a small floating caliper.

The ABS hydraulic unit is small and light with high-quality braided stainless steel front lines that provide firm but responsive control and feel. YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Bike is an excellent front-end feel on the track, and the R1 has an inverted KYB front fork featuring 43mm inner tubes and a 4.7-inch stroke with full adjustability. Under aggressive situations, the shim-stack damping pistons improve the road feel. To make tuning more accessible, all adjustments are made on the top of the fork legs. The rear bottom link pivot location on the fully adjustable KYB® shock is optimally situated to give superb handling and optimum engine torque transmission to the track surface.

Internal settings have been updated to match the front fork modification. The R1 is equipped with Bridgestone® RS11 tires, engineered to provide real racetrack traction while maintaining a balanced road feel and handling. The 10-spoke cast magnesium wheels have a lower rotational mass than traditional aluminum cast alloy rims resulting in less unsprung weight and more excellent responsive handling.

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike

The slim aluminum Deltabox frame, magnesium subframe, and aluminum swingarm all work together to provide a small chassis with excellent track-focused performance. YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Bike is suitable for ideal rigidity balance and superior cornering performance on the race track, and the motor mounts utilize the engine as a stressed element of the frame. The aluminum alloy fuel tank offers the rider a naturally lower body connection to the machine and weighs 3.5 pounds less than a comparable steel tank thus decreasing total weight.

Additional Features

The new YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Bike has stunning integrated bodywork, and sleek, elegant lines give the YZF-R1 an aggressive, aerodynamic character. LED headlights are small and light that allows for a more streamlined front cowling design with good visibility. The lights provide a wide range of lighting.

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Bike is suitable for enhanced aerodynamics; LED front turn signals are integrated into the mirrors while the LED taillight is elegant and extremely visible. The R1 has a bright full-color thin-film transistor (TFT) meter with front brake pressure and fore/aft G-force readouts that provide rider input. It has a street mode and a track mode that concentrates on performance data like YRC settings (including EBM and BC systems), a zoomed-in view of the tachometer in the upper rpm range, a lap timer, gear position indicator and speed.

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike – Price

The new YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike is available at $17,599 only in Team Yamaha Blue and Performance Black color options.

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 998cc, liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder DOHC; 4-valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 79.0mm x 50.9mm
Compression Ratio 13.0:1
Fuel Delivery Fuel injection with YCC-T and YCC-I
Transmission 6-speed; wet multiplate assist and slipper clutch
Final Drive Chain

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike Specs


Suspension / Front 43mm KYB® inverted fork, fully adjustable; 4.7-inches travel
Suspension / Rear KYB® single shock, fully adjustable; 4.7-inches travel
Brakes / Front Dual 320 mm of a hydraulic disc; Brake Control System, and ABS
Brakes / Rear 220 mm of a hydraulic disc; Brake Control System, and ABS
Tires / Front 120/70ZR17 Bridgestone BATTLAX RACING STREET RS11F
Tires / Rear 190/55ZR17 Bridgestone BATTLAX RACING STREET RS11R

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike Specs


L x W x H 80.9 inches x 27.2 inches x 45.9 inches
Seat Height 33.7 inches
Wheelbase 55.3 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 24-degree
Trail 4 in
Maximum Ground Clearance 5.1 in
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal
Fuel Economy 33 mpg
Wet Weight 448 lb

YZF-R1 2022 Yamaha Powerful Sports Bike Specs


Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

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