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Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle Review Specs Price

The Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle is another amazing dual sports bike that most of the people loves. One of the best things about the bike is that it contains a highly efficient engine that not only ensures outstanding power delivery but massive torque as well. The TW200 is highly adaptable and suitable for fat tires, low seats, and smooth driving, making it a practical universal machine.

Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle – Features and Price

Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle

The Main Functions

Those big and fat tires can provide excellent traction and rider comfort on all kinds of terrain, and make the Yamaha 2019 TW200 dual-sports motorcycle the unique dual-use machine. The low seat and compact chassis help inspire confidence in the use of the TW200, making it one of the most user-friendly road/cross-country bicycles on the market. Electric start and a full set of street equipment mean you can comfortably ride the TW200 no matter where you are going.

Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle


The powerful 196cc air-cooled four-stroke single-stroke engine provides medium to low power with high torque, making it ideal for off-road adventures. The maintenance-free CDI ignition system ensures precise and reliable sparking, resulting in excellent engine performance at all speeds.

An all-new five-speed gearbox equipped with the latest manual clutch shift smoothly, placing a sturdy power belt on the ground to achieve the best off-road performance. The new built-in engine balancer can reduce vibration and provide you with a more comfortable all-weather service. Straightforward and robust push-button electric start. Programmed cam chain tensioner methods insignificant upkeep and longer motor life.

Chassis / Suspension

The 33mm retractable front fork has a 6.3-inch stroke and retains knocks for happy with riding experience. Fat 130/80-18 front tires and 180/80-14 rear tires provide excellent traction, control, and TW200 unique dual-use style.

Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle

A lightweight box-shaped rocker arm and a single rear shock absorber with 5.9 inches of travel help improve handling and overall comfort when off-road. Hydraulic front disc brakes ensure Reliable and straightforward braking power for Yamaha 2019 TW200 dual-sports motorcycle with less effort.

Additional Features

Two-tone long, off-road motorcycle-style bench seats create a balanced seating position, allowing the rider to get the best movement and comfort. The durable and full front fenders are designed to prevent dirt on the dirt bike. Frame-mounted passenger feet provide bi-directional riding capability.

Enduro style 60/55-watt halogen headlights the unique high beam/low beam lights. The flexibly installed turn indicator has a higher resistance to breakage. The durable front fork guard helps prevent rock and debris from damaging the front fork slider.

Standard gauges include speedometers with odometer and a resettable trip meter, as well as neutral, high beam and turn signal lights. This bike also features a reliable and low maintenance battery.

Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle

Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle – Price

The 2019 Yamaha TW200 is available at $4,599, and it comes in Sandy Beige color options.

Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 196cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 4-stroke, two valves
Bore x Stroke 67 mm x 55.7 mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Fuel Delivery Mikuni® 28mm
Ignition CDI
Transmission Constant-mesh 5-speed; multi-plate wet clutch
Final Drive Chain

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Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle Specs


Front Suspension Telescopic fork; 6.3 inches travel
Rear Suspension Single shock; 5.9 inches travel
Front Brakes Single disc, 220 mm
Rear Brakes Drum, 110 mm
Front Tires 130/80-18
Rear Tires 180/80-14

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Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle Specs


L x W x H 82.3inches x 32.3inches x 44.1inches
Seat Height 31.1 inches
Wheelbase 52.2 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 25.8°
Trail 3.4 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance 10.4 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.8 gallons
Fuel Economy 78 mpg
Wet Weight 278 lb

Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle Specs


Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

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Yamaha 2019 TW200 Dual Sports Motorcycle


You can ride the city rides all day and enjoy every minute. The iconic TW200 is versatile and user-friendly, with a reliable 196cc air-cooled engine, electric start, fat tires, and a full set of street equipment to provide comfortable off-road capabilities. The 2019 Yamaha TW200  is distinguished by its low seat height, compact chassis, and estimated fuel economy of 78 mpg, so it is confident to explore new terrain.

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