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Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

The time when 1000cc and 600s superbike was not less than £9k or £7k wasn’t long ago. However, with increasing technology, the prices aren’t the same anymore. Due to inflation, the price of bikes ranging near £5000 is now sold for £7000 or more. So, we have collected a list of Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World.

The total is more valuable than the monthly payment with an increasing number of bikes being sold by PCP or HP schemes. But for those who still love the old school style, they will go for it. We have the list of top ten cheapest bikes offered under £5k, which means that you don’t have to get disheartened for high prices and review this list for options. You can check eBay for pre-registered and ex-display offerings to get the bike you want.

The highest price on this list is £5k, which includes Yamaha MT-07 for £5,348 and Kawasaki ER-6N for £5,399. These are close to the price of £5k so you can also check them out. But here, we give you carefully picked bikes under £5000. 

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World – Top Rated

10. Royal Enfield Continental GT: £4,999

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

The performance and technology of Royal Enfield Continental GT are a great line up with its retro appearance and 1950s style. This cafe racer can compete with others in its line as it’s faster and the others are fitted with six-foot deep foundations in the ground. The bike is more about the real vintage looks and vibes rather than speed, and this is how it wins most of the hearts. 

9. Honda CB500F: £4,999

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

You can get the CB500F if you require reliability and the Honda label. Due to its consistency and vices, you will remember this bike with good memories. The new motorcycle also entails accepting the depreciation. This Honda will give you long term comfort and less cost throughout, even if it’s buying price is a little high. 

8. Suzuki SV650S: £4,999

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

The SV650 would be an excellent choice for you if you don’t want the CB500F and want more Japanese reliability and a bike that has many resales in the markets. This bike is being resales from the past 15 years and can have less price than £5k with more consistency and enjoyment. The bike can be available witching the range of £4K if you’re looking for an ex-displayed or pre-registered bike. 

7. Hyosung GT650R: £4,799

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

The bike was inspired by SV650 and is also close to Suzuki in terms of spec. It also gives other sportbikes looks and positions. However, if the bike is driven 10,000, then it’s value will undoubtedly be decreased. 

6. Royal Enfield Classic Chrome 500: £4,699

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

It’s surprising to see another Royal Enfield on the list but here it is. The Classic Chrome has a smaller 499cc engine and not the 535cc lump of a cafe racer, which makes it more retro and slower. This bike is a perfect thing for those who require summer days picnics and during days when Japanese vehicles weren’t in sight. 

5. Royal Enfield Classic 500/Battle Green/Desert Storm: £4,499

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

This one is similar apart from having less chrome. The performance is 250 four-stroke with 28bhp and 499cc, whereas the bike has a lever on the right side and a gearbox during these present days. The bike gets a more military feel with its Battle Green and Desert Storm models. 

4. Hyosung GT650P: £4,499

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

The P defined this bike is naked, and most of its qualities are described above in the GT650R bike review. This bike attracts the SV650 buyers who don’t have enough budget to afford a Suzuki. The bike is an excellent thought for keeping it long term if we ignore the fact of depreciation. 

3. WK 650TR: £4,399

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

This bike is known as WK in UK AND CFMoto in other areas and is also well known in Chinese markets and is also a good option in terms of money when t comes to beating its rivals. This 650TR is competing with much bigger machines with its full-on touring quality and is not a copy of Kawasaki ER6. The bike at a low price can be found online easily. 

2. WK 650i: £4,199

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

This bike has a sportier naked bike look and has a similar engine as TR. However, the price doesn’t need to remain the same as mentioned on the list because you can also find better deals and prices than this one of this bike. Its cheap pricing factor can ignore the depreciation. We have surely seen bikes worth £2500 in the last two years but this bike won’t disappoint the one who deserves it. 

1. Royal Enfield Bullet 500: £3,999

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World

It’s viable pilot seats as practicality is one of the main reasons why this Royal Enfield tops the list leaving behind Classic and Continental. This bike includes an electric started and a kickstart as well for making it more real.

It also contains 12v highlight electrics and halogen headlight, which means it has fewer kits than usual. There’s a research done which shows that the used version of this bike are available and are in good shape and condition to be worth more than £2k. If you want long term reliability, then ignore the depreciation and go for this beast. 

Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Over 500cc under £5000 in the World – Top List
1 Royal Enfield Bullet 500: £3,999
2 WK 650i: £4,199
3 WK 650TR: £4,399
4 Hyosung GT650P: £4,499
5 Royal Enfield Classic 500/Battle Green/Desert Storm: £4,499
6 Royal Enfield Classic Chrome 500: £4,699
7 Hyosung GT650R: £4,799
8 Suzuki SV650S: £4,999
9 Honda CB500F £4,999
10 Royal Enfield Continental GT £4,999


There might be more options viable and available to you under £5k, but our list contains carefully picked bikes under £5k to make it easier for you to select your dream bike and enjoy the dream.

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