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Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

The bikes of the sub-500cc section have ballooned in recent years; it can be related to the license rules, a reflection of increasing awareness of fuel or backlash comparing the performance to big bikes, and rising insurance cost, these bikes are always there. There was a tiny place for bikes between the off-raiders specialist and the progression would be from L plates and 125cc single. The people who wanted road bikes for a decade get stuck between the choice of Honda CB250 or CB500, Kawasaki ER-5 or Suzuki GS500, which had chasm between 125cc and 600cc. So, today’s article will provide the complete list of Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc.

The desire for small models was always there and the booming Japanese market of 400cc proved it as it only needed some more attention. There are a lot of riders who want a small and straightforward bike rather than a traditional 600cc. It means that the situation is different now as most of the producers are making 250cc to 500cc which were a response to 47hp A2 license regulations. The whole perception of the sub-500cc bike can be a lot different from what we’ve selected as there are a lot of machines being offered. But here’s the list of top 10 that we have chosen for you. 

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc – Top Rated

10: Hyosung GD250N/GD250R

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

The sample has to be done of these two hiatus in Hyonsung being imported to the UK. The latest model of the company’s 250 had good reviews and the right technology with reasonable prices and styles. The water-cooled DOHC singles and 28hp are available in ‘N’ and ‘R’ models with under. £3,000 price. They can come at the top of the list if they become readily available. 

9: Daelim Roadsport 250

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

The water-cooled superbike with a 25hp single cylinder is £2,800 Daelim which looks a little older than two generations but is a good option for money value. The price is less than Honda CBR300R and is £1,200 less. It is quite different when it comes to percentage and this might make you wonder if the warrants of all the extra cash for Japanese bike is worth or not.  The bike is a fun, cheap, and consistent motorcycle; this was our idea when we rode it last year.

8: Suzuki Inazuma

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

Naked or faired, the Suzuki GW250 Inazuma is a motorcycle that’s something of an unsung hero. Yes, it’s ugly in all its forms, it’s slow and built down to a price, but basically, it’s a twin at a price that would typically only bag you a solo and has a particular sort of back-to-basics appeal. It’s the sort of motorcycle that will be thrashed in all weather, get put away dirty and allowed to become feeble before its time. 

This bike is a hero. However, it’s not very good looking and worth the price as it is also slow. The bike gives a primary appeal and can be suitable for all weathers and might get worn out before it’s time. 

The bike price proves that it is cheap but not disposable and might suit the owner with time. The bike is a transport and not an accessory so it’s not such good looks can be overshadowed. 

7: Yamaha SR400

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

The bike can be justified when it comes to performance and technology, and a person who can give £5,200 for this one doesn’t need to see other bikes on the list. However, they have gained a lot of attention in the UK after the reintroduction as a retro machine with the option of customization and several years of unavailability; this bike is back in the game. 

6: Honda CBR300R

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

The bike has good looks and technology, with ABS and the reputation of Honda for £4,000. It might have more cost than Daelim which is similar to performance. It shows that the ownership cost can cut the cheaper competition it has. 

5: Kawasaki Ninja 250SL/Z250

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

This one makes more sense than it’s other models as this one is slower, cheaper, and newer than the Ninja 300/Z300 twin cylinders model. The prices are also less than the Honda CBR300R as the price for ninja is £3,849, and for Z, it’s £3,649. The value holds for the Kawasaki name on its tank gives it more power. 

4: Honda CB500 (All Versions)

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

The whole range of CB500R can be included in the number one choice. This includes CBR500 for £5,499, CB500F for £4,999 and CB500X for £5,499. These bikes have more capacity and performance with the Honda name to provide more value. It has backups and designs, especially for A2 riders. It’s a good choice and not a bad one. 

3: KTM Duke 390/RC390

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

The bikes of Duke 390 range of KTM is the best choice if you’re looking for performance in your sub-500. Some however many models are identical but are mostly above the league when it comes to price and performance (£4.5k for Duke and £5k for the RC). The difference among these includes capacity, the competition it holds at 375cc is the power and performance. They can compete with entry-level sports bikes if you include KTM lightweight design and excellent handling. 

2: Kawasaki Ninja 300/Z300

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

This bikes has its root back from GPz250 and is now included with the Z300 model of the sub-500cc class. However, this model is being pushed backward by its competitors when it comes to price and performance. It is sportier as a twin but the prices are high for example £4,349 for Z300 and £4,899 for ninja. 

1: Yamaha R3

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc

It has two cylinders, which means more revs and power but it has less capacity. The price is lower than RC390 but is still high at £4,799 and has excellent value with being the greatest and latest within its class. Its bold shape differentiates it from its competition. This bike was the most exciting when we compared its ride with the others. 

Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Bikes under 500cc
1 Yamaha R3
2 Kawasaki Ninja 300/Z300
3 KTM Duke 390/RC390
4 Honda CB500 (all versions)
5 Kawasaki Ninja 250SL/Z250
6 Honda CBR300R
7 Yamaha SR400
8 Suzuki Inazuma
9 Daelim Roadsport 250
10 Hyosung GD250N/GD250R


 These bikes included in the list might not be the only top 10 for you as there are several more in the globe that can fulfill your dream and wishes. But we have surely put in the effort to give you the best-picked bikes.

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