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Two New CFMoto Papio Models Ready to Launch

We broke the story at the beginning of the year about the XO Papio Racer and XO Papio Trail, two new models of CFMoto’s 126cc Papio minibike that debuted in China, and it seems like they’ll hit the US market in 2024. So, Two New CFMoto Papio Models Ready to Launch and full news is covered below.

Two New CFMoto Papio Models Ready to Launch – Details

Two more variations of the Papio, CFMoto’s competitor to the Honda Grom, are listed as 2024 models in documents filed with CARB and the EPA. The XO Papio Racer and Trail, which have previously debuted in China, are probably identical bikes despite their dissimilar names.

Two New CFMoto Papio Models Ready to Launch

CFMoto’s US-market sport bikes are branded as SS. Hence, the Papio is the first new machine announced. The United States markets CFMoto’s sportbikes under the “SS” moniker, even though the rest of the world calls them “SR” models. The new Papio SS shown on the emissions paperwork is likely a faired, sportier variant of the Papio that answers the call of the XO Papio Racer.

Underneath its skin, the Racer (or SS?) is mechanically identical to the standard Papio; nevertheless, it has a different fairing, dual headlamps, a shorter belly pan, and lowered handlebars. The appearance is evocative of endurance racebikes from the 1980s, although shrunken and cartoonified versions of the real thing.

The Papio CL, the second new model listed in the emissions documentation, shares a name with the locally available, unfairly priced 700CL-X versions. This moniker might fit the Chinese-market XO Papio Trail, which is based on the XO Papio Racer but lacks the latter’s fairing and includes certain adventure bike elements.

Similar round headlights are used, but this time, they are housed in a narrow cowl attached to a tall front bumper. The Trail shares the Racer’s 1.8-gallon fuel tank and under-seat exhaust with its sibling, but the seat is essential, and the Trail lacks the belly pan. The upside-down fork seen on both bicycles is a step up from the standard fork found on the Papio.

The XO versions’ exhaust is different. Thus, their engine revs down to 8,250 from 8,500, but otherwise, all Papio models have the same 126cc air-cooled fuel-injected single and 9.4 horsepower. They both have a wheelbase of 48 inches and a weight of 251 pounds, according to the Chinese specifications. However, the CARB and EPA papers indicate a 22-pound increase for the two new versions compared to the basic Papio, so that final number seems slightly off. The weight shown on the emissions paperwork is not the actual weight of the bike alone but rather a rounded-up Equivalent Inertial Mass (EIM) value meant to reflect both the bike and the rider.

Since the two new Papio variations are so identical to the basic $2,999 model offered here now, they may undercut the $3,599 Honda Grom, which is its main competitor.

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