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2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike Review Specs Price

Do you have a song that makes you grin no matter what? The 2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike is that song in the motorcycle industry. This little bike is quite popular, and for good reason—it is lightweight, compact, and has plenty of zip. Since it is very fuel efficient, it also has a practical side. It is accessible. The Monkey, however, is not some return to past primates; the 2023 model has the same engine as our Grom, another beloved model. It is even more enjoyable thanks to a five-speed gearbox, and ABS ensures safer braking. But in the end, it’s the enjoyment component that triumphs most resoundingly. We could all use a bit more Monkey in our life these days. So why are you still waiting? On a 2023 Honda Monkey, go wild.

2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike

Honda is prepared to brighten 2023 with its little smile generator. Air-cooled 124cc engine, five-speed gearbox, steel frame, USD forks, 12-inch wheels, and IMU-controlled ABS brakes are a few of the specifications. The high finishing touches include a tidy LCD dash and full LED illumination.

The Monkey will be offered in the updated Banana Yellow, Pearl Nebula Red, and Pearl Shining Black for 2023. All of these colors have color-matched frames, forks, swingarms, and rear springs, as well as the traditional tartan seat cover and stylish tank infills that pay homage to the original Monkey design from the late 1960s.

2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike – Features and Specs

Small but Mighty

The Monkey’s 124 cc four-stroke engine packs a lot of power, and because it’s a Honda, you know it’ll be pretty dependable.

Modern Technology

The air-cooled engine of the Monkey has a long history, but you’ll find utterly modern technology within the well-known SOHC design. That implies you get things like contemporary electronics and fuel injection for practical, cost-effective performance.

2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike

Five-Speed Transmission

Even while the Monkey has a unique look, its five-speed gearbox and manual clutch function just like a typical full-size motorbike, offering the same advantages of dependability, control, and efficiency.

Light Weight

The Monkey has a dynamic power-to-weight ratio for an exhilarating performance and weighs just 104 kg when fully fueled. Additionally, the bike’s low weight and small dimensions make it simple to maneuver, park, store, and load into the back of an RV or pickup vehicle.

Smooth Handling

The Monkey has an inverted front fork, much like a top-tier sport bike, for confident control on various road surfaces. Additionally, the combination of wide tires, dual rear shocks, and a comfortable seat makes for a very comfortable ride.

ABS Disc Brakes

A bike this entertaining will be used often. Thus, it has to have excellent braking capabilities. For this reason, the Monkey comes standard with hydraulic disc brakes up front and down back. The Monkey gives you the confidence to bike on slick pavement or other dangerous road conditions.

2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike

Chunky tires

The 12-inch cast wheels and high aspect-ratio tires on the Monkey aren’t just for show. They’re also instrumental, providing plenty of traction and cushioning shocks on uneven road conditions.

Low Seat Height

The Monkey’s very low 776 mm (30.6 in) seat height makes it simple to maneuver and ride, whether you’re flat-footing it into a parking spot or have just stopped for a lengthy light.

Multi-Function Instruments

The instrument cluster of the Monkey blends the old with the new. The digital display includes a speedometer, odometer, A&B trip meters, fuel gauge, and an indication for low/high beam, but the circular casing is very 1960s. Even the moment you first turn on the bike, it welcomes you!

2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike

LED Lighting

Although the Monkey’s spherical headlamp has a vintage appearance, its functionality is very modern. It also employs LEDs for better visibility and lighting, much like taillight.

Comfortable Size

The Monkey is indeed little, but we sized it to accommodate adult riders. Consider the high-rise handlebar, which enables you to operate the controls and maneuver the vehicle without feeling crowded.

Sips Fuel

With a 5.6-liter tank and exceptional fuel economy, each fill-up will let you go farther than you ever imagined.

Let go and enjoy riding a motorcycle. The 2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike was designed for it.

Make Time

You grin when you first see a Monkey with its shiny new blue paint. With a Monkey’s brand-new engine, you’ll indeed have the most incredible smile when you ride one for the first time. Yes, it can fit behind a camper van and squeeze through gaps in downtown traffic when nothing else would do. But the pure, fundamental thrill of riding is what the Monkey genuinely is about. And that is its beauty.

Small Bike Big Heart

Nothing else compares to a monkey. It has a distinct sense of style. And character unlike any other. Chromized high-rise handlebars, a frame, swingarm, and shock absorber painted in the same shade as the peanut fuel tank, as well as the high-level mudguards and thick block-section tires, all catch the eye. However, it boasts a new, fuel-efficient 125cc air-cooled engine and a 5-speed gearbox attached to a strong frame with IMU-controlled ABS brakes below.

2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike

Additionally, it is 104kg in weight, compact, and has a plush seat that is just 775mm from the ground. A little bike with a huge heart, designed to make your function more enjoyable. Those are monkeys.

An Icon Reimagined

The first Monkey was a 1960s classic. Nothing has changed; it was the two-wheeled vehicle to be seen on. The redesigned check seat and two-tone silver metallic fuel tank on the 2023 model pay respect to the original, and the color-matched pearl nebula red adds the finishing touch to create a nostalgic vibe.

Efficient new engine and 5-speed gearbox

The brand-new 125cc air-cooled, EURO5-compliant engine on the Monkey is designed to provide pleasurable and adaptable around-town performance. Because of low-friction technology and PGM-FI fuel injection, it is also affordable. The additional gear makes lengthy journeys even more fun. The five-speed transmission is controlled by a clutch, precisely like a giant bike.

Sturdy Chassis

You never know where the Monkey will lead. Therefore, we made it sturdy just in case. Together with the swingarm’s oval section, the steel backbone structure of the device offers strength and stability. Upside Down (USD) front forks have a luxury Alumite finish, dual rear shocks have 104mm of axle travel, and now have 2-stage springs for added comfort. The 12-inch block pattern tires are fat and provide a comfortable ride, and the high-density urethane seat is velvety.

Funky Style and New Colors

With its high-level, chromed steel front and rear mudguards, as well as the expressively stamped exhaust shield and high-rise handlebars, our modern Monkey’s design is reminiscent of the original. We have added three additional color choices to allow you to customize your vehicle and give it the ideal contemporary touch.

Full LED Lighting

The Monkey has complete LED illumination, including the indicators, to ensure it sticks out from the crowd even more. You won’t ever lose your Monkey in a parking lot because of the key’s ‘answer back’ technology, which causes the lights to flash when a button is pressed.

Modern Instruments

Although it has a vintage appearance, the circular instrument cluster is entirely LCD and has a speedometer, an odometer with dual trip meters, and a six-segment fuel level indicator. The speedometer winks sarcastically when the ignition is switched on.

IMU-Controlled ABS Braking

The Monkey is intelligent in addition to being quirky. An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) controls the single-channel ABS to prevent the bike’s rear from lifting during hard braking. The stopping power is provided by a single 220mm front disc and a 190mm rear disc.

2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike – Price

The new 2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike is available at $4,249 only.

2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike

2023 Honda Monkey ABS Street Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 124cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke 50.0mm x 63.1mm
Compression Ratio 10:1
Valve Train SOHC: two valves per cylinder
Induction PGM-FI; 24mm throttle body

Drive Train

Transmission Five-speed
Final Drive #420 Chain; 14T/ 37T

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension 31mm inverted fork; 3.9-inch travel
Rear Suspension Twin shock; 4.0-inch travel
Front Brake Single 220mm hydraulic disc; ABS
Rear Brake Single 190mm hydraulic disc
Front Tire 120/80-12
Rear Tire 130/80-12


Rake (Caster Angle) 25°
Trail 3.2 inches
Wheelbase 45.0 inches
Seat Height 30.5 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.5 gallons (including 0.5-gallon reserve)
Curb Weight 231 pounds
Miles Per Gallon 169 MPG


Emissions Meets current EPA standards. Models sold in California meet the current CARB. Standards may differ somewhat due to emissions equipment.
Available Colors Banana Yellow, Pearl Nebula Red

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Included Unlimited mileage, limited warranty
Optional Extended Extended coverage is available, including a HondaCare Protection Plan®.

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