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Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

It is effortless to line up any motorbike in rank from the highest speed to have the engine, but there are many other things which are considered to be ranked even the most practical information of the seat height is part of the facts. So below, we will be discussing the top ten motorcycles that have the lower seat height. But warning having a small seat type of bike is not so ideal for the people who have a short height. Other lower parts of the bike are also mentioned like the key, pegs distance to the bars. But not so much of a good idea having a bike for short legs unless you have large hands like a gorilla. These are the Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights found on sale. Hopefully, we did not miss any major one.

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights – Top Rated

10. Harley-Davidson Breakout 660mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

Harley Davidson has many models where they have the word low in their names, but none of them had made it to the list. But the soft tail Breakout which is 660 mm, made it. The short-legged users have appreciated this bike very much, but you will need longer arms to reach the handle.

9. Victory Judge/Boardwalk 658mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

Better is coming on this list, and here is the winner now. With 658mm, the Judge and Boardwalk models version are the only one with fraction lower than the hammer 8 Ball. But its mm and every number counts. Both of them are quite different in looks and missions and know which buyer to aim definitely. The seat height is the most likable reason that they match so much.

8. Harley-Davidson CVO Softail Deluxe 655mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

This bike, the Softail Deluxe, is still tall for the list here with 670mm but its price is compared to the CVO version up to 23,195 pounds lower at 655 mm. A seat with different height and size could make a little change to stock Softail. But we do not need to discuss on this list.

7. Victory Magnum 654mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

This bike has been sharing many parts from its sibling, but the list long. The seat goes down here even lower than 654mm. Since we are on number seven, all these bikes have been in the section of 1700cc or maybe more. But obliviously, no size or capacity matters when going down on low-slung bikes.

6. Harley-Davidson Softail Slim 650mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

Yes, it is slimmer, but one of the lowest one on Harley Davidson list here, nearly lower than 650mm. It is easy still to paddle the low weight of the bike down to the ground. But the large and full bars of the bike is a big challenge for riders which are small in size.

5. Honda VT750 650mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

1000cc bike first on this list and low as 650mm the Honda Shadow is the one with Black spirit as name, or VT750C2B.A-2 is the legal machine here and one of the most realistic varieties of choices you can select for any new rider or the ones who are short. Its weight is about 251 kg in the curb, not so light, but the right margin.

4. Honda NM4 Vultus 650mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

A bike that does not fit the traditional mold of a cruiser is this model, Honda oddball Vultrus, which is NC-750 derived parallel. It looks a lot like a bike that came out of a movie based on science fiction and fully fitted with technology and less automatic than Honda DCT twin-clutch gearbox. The bars are not so far away and footboards are complicated and no issue of controlling over your feet. A bike only for short guys or girls.

3. Indian Scout 643mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

One of the most cooling Indian Scout types of the bike is a cruiser style that this list has been looking for, with an entirely new engine creating a new range of sportier-looking Victory machines. With 90 odd looking horsepower makes the entire version more exciting. The water-cooled engine is mixed with the associated radiator. It’s going down now, up to 643mm with extra attraction and catching the eyes of Harley Davidson.

2. Victory Vegas 8-Ball 640mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

Winner again on this list, the Victory Vegas 8-ball was touching the ground from its 640mm seat heat. With the lowest from all so far in this list, it also has a 1731cc engine with a cost of 8,999 pounds, wow that’s cheap now. By look, it is much higher than 20k.

1. Victory Highball/Gunner 635mm

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights

Both of these bikes have the same engine chassis, just like the Victory bikes on this list of bikes. The engine hits 1731cc and 110lb ft too. But the seats are getting lower with amazingly 635mm and if you are tall hunk than just till your knees, I think. So no matter how short your pins are touching the ground is no big deal, with no lightweight and feature hide, and with full bars.

Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Motorcycles with Lowest Seat Heights
1 Victory Highball/Gunner 635mm
2 Victory Vegas 8-Ball 640mm
3 Indian Scout 643mm
4 Honda NM4 Vultus 650mm
5 Honda VT750 650mm
6 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim 650mm
7 Victory Magnum 654mm
8 Harley-Davidson CVO Softail Deluxe 655mm
9 Victory Judge/Boardwalk 658mm
10 Harley-Davidson Breakout 660mm


The above-given article is about the top ten lowest seats in a motorcycle, the ranking in such manner where their height matters the most from the shortest, but we still mention the engine quality and the parts fitting too. Making it easier for the reader to buy or sell its product on the market.

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