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Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

We have separated our list of recommendations because there are so many varieties available now of adventure bikes. The smaller alternatives of 1000cc and other adventure machines have now become more extensive as we’ve already selected our choices for some. We have made a good list even if the options of readers vary. The off-road ability of adventure bikes is falling now just like Honda’s cross runner which is the market official, however, it’s only a VFR800. Many of the adventure bikes are not different from the tarmac and are ordinary-looking rugged adventure vehicles. So, have a look at the list of Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc given below.

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc – Top Rated

10: Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

This bike can serve as the top of the list but it all varies on your choice. The other model XT660R can also be a good option for a handy off-road option. This bike is more of an adventurous vehicle and the other single-cylinder bikes including a multi-cylinder can outshine this motorcycle. 

But if you prefer an off-road that will cover long distances on tarmac including high speed and comfort then this is just the right ride for you. 

9: Honda NC750X

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

The NC750X can serve in the other direction if we talk about the adventure bike genre. It has a similar tech as of the Integra bikes, but it can serve as a good option. However, the other models of NC750 can best serve as on-road options and are economical with a parallel-twin engine with a price of £6299 including the DCT transmission. 

8: Kawasaki Versys 650

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

The stance and style of a sports tourer, this bike makes it include in the list of adventure bikes including its off-road abilities. The looks of the early version can be outshined by other beauty on the list. Its price is £6749 and has ABS. It has on road usage and is undoubtedly the best fit for its owner. 

7: Suzuki V-Strom 650

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

This bike serves well if your preferences include Versys and NC750, so it’s not a natural choice to select. We can inevitably get attracted to the Kawasaki if we look for pure road use. And if you’re looking for commuting or DCT, then Honda can take the lead. However, the V-storm is the closest you can get for an adventure bike. 

This bike can also take the lead for on-road grip, and if you’re an adventure freak then it is an ideal bike for you. 

6: Honda CB500X

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

The whole line up of Honda CB500 includes cool looking, cheap, and practical bikes that are well equipped. The most flexible and highly adaptable of them all is the X model, which is under 200kg, and for £5500 ready to ride with ABS. 

The bike is seen to be classified for the next 15-20 years and can be driven by the A2 license holders. It will be a reliable choice for the person who chooses this bike. 

5: BMW F700GS

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

The bike that has BMW initials mentioned in it will take anyone’s attention and the other vehicles might not look tempting enough in-front of this brand name. The F700GS is the worthy contender, but the authentic GS which has 1170cc flat-twin isn’t eligible for this. 

This bike has some severe off-road intentions and adventure-filled in it. The motorcycle is however expensive with a price tag of £7770 if we compare it to bikes that aren’t from BMW for example the £8800-plus F800GS. 

4: Honda Crossrunner

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

The idea of creating an adventure bike from the previous version of VFR800 shouldn’t be considered as a good option but the Crossrunner contains all the qualities of vintage Honda’s and contains a V4 engine for £10,299. The addition and improvements in the brakes, electronics, and suspension have taken this simple bike to a higher stage and level. 

This bike should be considered as a high stance mid toured bike and now as an off-roader to increase its worth. 

3: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

The Yamaha MT-09 Tracer beats the Crossrunner. It isn’t off rad, which creates a debate about whether it’s an adventure or sports tourer bike. But this bike is a fantastic package which is £2k cheaper than the Crossrunner and has 847cc, 113bhp, and amazing torque which makes it the best bike of 2015.

2: BMW F800GS/F800GS Adventure

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

The F800GS is the bike that has beaten and taken the lead of Tracer. The adventure vibes of this BMW model has taken down the attractiveness of previous adventure bikes mentioned on the list. The F800GS has some more abilities as compared to the F700GS which is a toned down. 

The bike has a five-figure price which is undoubtedly not affordable by everyone, but if you are a true fan of GS then this is the vehicle made for you. 

1: Triumph Tiger 800

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc

The sales have peaked by the Triumph Tiger 800 and it has even beaten the BMW Version of adventure bikes by being on top of the list. The bike is now reintroduced this year and has separate XR and XC versions which are more adventure-based. It has a three-cylinder engine which is the main ingredient of this bike. However, it does have a GS style but it varies a lot. The efforts of this firm since the last 20 years have now come to reality and they are earning attention and sales with this model. It shows that it’s not only a competition but the quality and effort that matters.

Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Adventure Bikes under 1000cc
1 Triumph Tiger 800
2 BMW F800GS/F800GS Adventure
3 Yamaha MT-09 Tracer
4 Honda Crossrunner
5 BMW F700GS
6 Honda CB500X
7 Suzuki V-Strom 650
8 Kawasaki Versys 650
9 Honda NC750X
10 Yamaha XT660Z Tenere



 The list contains the top ten best adventure bikes. The choice and preference can vary with the fact that there are other several vehicles available but this guide can surely make you chose between the best adventure bikes available

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