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Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

Fixing a bike is not so complicated; you do not need to have a MotoGP technician degree or know the mechanical knowledge to perform necessary home service tasks. Essential tools and a little common sense can fix your machine. It would be much better if you could own a workshop booklet to know the exact info to carry down your work. A good book with proper instruction can do a lot with tools guidance. Using the right tools is almost like a good knife to a chef. And under kit tools which are provided in your motorcycle is there for emergency use. Still, if you are facing complications, then ask a proper experience person for further help. So, here is the list of Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders.

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders – Top Rated

1. Tires

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

Making sure your bike’s tire pressure is in excellent condition; you should be checking its performance almost every week because this part of the bike is one of the vital elements.

If the tires are not in condition than this affects the broken system and handling, because the absence of pressure in the tire is not that strong enough to hold the wall steady and correctly cope with the forces on it. Extra gas can also decrease the size of the contact patch on the road, moving grip.

Make sure the pressure quality is checked and in good condition, and use the manual for correct pressure type in your tires. Your tires may require more pressure if you are a daily user. And when cold, check the pressure.

2. Chain tension

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

If the chain is not correctly used, then it can create gearbox wear out also with premature sprocket, and bumpy gear-shift with the disturbed transmission. It can limit the rides life also with reducing rear suspension travel too.
It would be better if you take guidance from the workshop book for chain setup guidance. While doing the chain tension setup, we need to know that there is a weight on the bike because the chain gets tighter once there is a rider on top. Take guidance from the manual book for proper, correct torque setup for each bolt.to know better what force to use. You will probably need to use a torque wrench to do it best.

Oil the chains before running it for a better longer life.

3. Battery

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

Usually, the batteries are found under the bike seats or the petrol tank, so it’s not possible to ignore the maintenance weekly.

And when the battery liquidated, it means that’s its life is ending, because the batteries have a powerful acid which is dangerous if it touches your skin. And before you do any work, remove the battery first.

The acid level should be checked by placing it on a level surface. And if the acid level is low, then put some de-imposed water before placing the battery into charging by using a motorcycle or a car charger. Make sure you do not overfill because the acid could leak out the pipe when you are riding.

Lubricating battery terminals before putting it back into the bike help you get rid of corrosion, but remember not to touch the terminals together at the same time.

4. Coolant

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

Check your coolant level, and it does not even take so much time. Make sure you use your owner’s manual book to know the exact place of the coolant expansion tank. Low and high levels are marked on the outside of the translucent container. And often, you should be changing the radiators caps to check the level. Do it while the engine is cold. It takes about 30 min of work just to change the coolant. And know the drain plug it could be located  in the drain plug before creating a new batch of coolant using half mix of anti-freezing and de-inosed water. Only put water as recommended and let go of the unwanted water from the radiator hose. And check the level as soon as you take the first ride after changing.

5. Oil and Filter change

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

Changing oil and filter change is not so hard to do; all you need is an excellent manual book and correct tools with conventional oil and the right filter to be changed.

And know your phases before starting your work. And before starting maybe, you should ask for advice from someone to see better progress till the end.

When the engine is warm enough, the cap should be removed from the oil filler, put a tray underneath the bike and eliminate the sump plug. You need to be accurate to know what bolt you are moving, the big on the sump generally on the bottom of the side.

As soon as the oil is out, move the filter out by hand or filter wrench. Afterward, replace the sump plug and close the correct torque tight as the setting has been mentioned in any owner manual. Spread the rubber filter gasket in clean oil before closing with hand. And pinch it up half a turn with the filter wrench.

Fill the oil as much as it should be recommended on the manual and check for a leak as soon as you start the bike. Give at least five minutes for the oil to come out back into the sump before checking the level.

6. Oil and adjust cables

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

The cost of hydraulic oil is around 20 pounds. Adjusting oil and cables can make your ride smoother and more comfortable to be on the road.

After some time, the oil you used to make smooth will wear out with time and you will need to lubricate it again or else the throttle or clutch will have difficulties. So it is worth it to do much change. And if not changes, then cable housing during the manufacturing process will have problems too when you are oiling your bike check for unwelcome slack.

7. Spark plugs

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

Shifting sparks plug is not must to be checked every week, you just have to check your previous owner mileage and manual for the due date.

Altering plugs can take short or maybe hours to be done, if longer than it means it requires the radiator to be removed. You need to know if you have the right plugs for your bike; the code mentioned on each one is different from company to company. Again see your manual of the owner to correct the gap.

Make sure you do need to remove all plugs at once; one by one it should be done. Do not extra tight them Bolt in by hand and tweak them quarter-turn with a wad tug.

8. Grease

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

you always try making sure that the oil is correctly spread on each part of the bike, which is essential t be greased like the footrests, hinges, levers, locks stand hinges and as talked before the cables also. Make sure you do not spray around the brakes.

And if you want to explore more and be more adventures than just put more greasing to your bike before riding, especially like the wheels spindles or swing arm for instance. Also, know your workshop manual for the exact place to be greased. And if you are an addictive person for your bike, then buy a tin of copper grease so you can also get rid of the bolts on your machine by smearing a bit of grease to prevent them from grabbing up over time. And always make sure you tighten them up to with the correct torque setting.

9. Brake pads

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

Changing your brake pads are one of the significant and critical actions to be taken while working on your bike. There is no point that you should get it wrong so make sure that you have an instructor who is well experienced to do your work.

Many calipers allow you to get a place by pads without even eliminating the calipers itself from the disc. You by yourself access the pads by taking out a plate from the back of the calipers and then retain pin through the pads
Also, the piston should be pushed back gently into the calipers to smooth out the space for the new, unworn pads. And if you do not want to use your fingers, use needle pair of nose piles. Don’t use it between the discs because it could damage the drive.

When ruination the bolts, you should slide the calipers by attaching the calipers to the fork leg. And as soon as it is off the calipers will be much easier to be detached and it will absorb clip and release the pads.

Over, pistons may have to be pressed nether to house the fresh pads. Refer the owner’s manual for torque settings and habit a torque wrench renovating.

Make sure you one side at a time. And you should be sure completely your brakes are working fine.

10. Clean it

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders

On number ten we have the list of Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders. You should always make time to clean your bikes. But washing the bike every day could damage the steel parts sometimes. And when you are a regular cleaner, then this will help you guide the place where there are maybe mechanical problems occurring. Try not using washing up liquid because it causes harm. Use simple and basic bike shampoo. The best way to clean a bike is to rinse it first and leave it for a while before spraying any liquid.

Clean with a soft cloth or a clean sponge. Try not using anything harsh and scratchy to stay away from scratches. After washing use liberal dousing of anti-corrosion spray to keep corrosion at bay in winter.

Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders
1 Tires
2 Chain tension
3 Battery
4 Coolant
5 Oil and filter change
6 Oil and adjust cables
7 Spark plugs
8 Grease
9 Brake pads
10 Clean it


Our today’s article provides the To-Do list of Top Ten Maintenance Tasks for Riders that every rider should do on a regular bases. It is requested to our worthy visitors to keep visiting Bikes Catalog for the latest news and updates related to motorcycles.

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