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Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

When a bike is capable of doing wheelie it is something which is hugely adventures and fun to do, but sometimes it also has the reputation of a bike on the stake. We know that doing a wheelie is illegal and can be harmfully embarrassing. Yet, they are still fun, making it attractive for all sorts of genders yes we have a good percentage of riders who love to wheelie, so here are the Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie, which are economical and affordable.

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie – Top Rated

10. Suzuki DRZ400

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

Because of its slow and small size, and light this bike is not mean to be the wheelie type but still if you want to practice on a safe and affordable motorcycle then DRZ is the one. Because of their availability in the market for their fame you could probably find this bike costing a little on the steeper side, but still 1500 pounds expectation can be found.

9. Aprilia Falco

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

Being the most magnificent wheelies machines the Aprilia Tuono has been the best so far worldwide, because it has the V-twin engine and full bars it has a special place in the bike industry and not so easy to be found within the price of 2000 pounds. Probably you could also see the one which has already been wheeled, stolen or even put to fire and left to ditch full of stagnant water to mature to fully ripens before they are classified. But you can also get another good one available, and if you look for the one which wholly straight and fitted then maybe it would be around 1500 pounds.

8. Honda VTR1000

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

This bike can wheelie because in the availed market they are disposable virtually, not so time ago. I have witnessed a rough-looking but fully MOT VTR1000 and being brand new I remember it was only 700 pounds at cost. The first model was old enough even to have a license of its own. Still, they can go up to 160mph 1000c V twin a bulletproof package.

7. Suzuki TL1000S

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

You do not need to talk about the VTR1000 if you are mentioning the TL1000S, Mr Hyde Honda’s widowmaker ruined the reputation of TL1000S with a significant amount. But with decent steering handling and full adventures with V twin great engine and can pick up the front in any situation you can find this bike at a very suitable average price.

6. Suzuki Bandit 1200

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

There was a time when doing stunts was not a thing, even before the StarBoyz and the same as the Stunt Team with stripped back 600s. Doing wheelie and burnouts was one of its significant domains for Gary Rothwell and his sponsors West Coast Motorcycles Bandit 1200. They have a substantial and massive boat anchor but they can easily manage to do a wheelie and nowadays you can easily find them at the rate of 1000 pounds.

5. Ducati Monster S2R

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

Before some time we have listed down the top ten wheelies bikes but without any mentioning of budget and this bike Monster S2R has a surprise entry overcoming the other models in monsters ranges with lots more power like the model S4R, and we are glad for the power delivery and also the right amount of torque for band wheelies. And nowadays it is not so easy to find an S2R even under 2000 pound rate.

4. KTM Duke II

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

How can we forget the Super Motos, when we are talking about the road going motor KTM Duke a bike which cannot be ignored? This bike fits the entire budget and you can probably find one even at the rate of 1000 pounds.

3. A Motocrosser

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

So you remember we said wheelies could be dangerous and have the risk of antisocial. So yes you cannot practice a bike without going fast to make a wheelie happen and for that you need space and a road that won’t make you upset. There is a place just right for a friendly farmer who has a vast tract of land an old motor crosser might be just the one. A two-stroke four-stroke and with any size, more robust with less weight enough to make a wheelie happen., the prices are nothing to be mentioned of they can go up to any level.

2. Suzuki SV650

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

We are noticing that the Suzuki SV650 has occurred on the charts of many top ten bikes. There is probably nothing it cannot do. For more than ten years, there been any matches like the Suzuki has given us when talking about the proper or budget-friendly with better examples in the three-figure prices. And for this we have spoken of the old naked version because they are thinner and little to the ground, so on this bike you need skills to do wheelies but you can manage I bet.

1. Triumph Speed Triple

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie

If I say you are buying a bike, just to do a wheelie and the intentions to sit in the back wheel, well the Speed Triple is in its right place on this list. Still, you do not need to confuse yourself that you can get it any cheaper than 2000 pounds, because the rule for this bike is to buy the best and ignore the budget. This bike is a street fighter and the torquey engine has achieved the wheelie gift.

Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Cheap Motorcycles for Wheelie
1 Triumph Speed Triple
2 Suzuki SV650
3 A Motocrosser
4 KTM Duke II
5 Ducati Monster S2R
6 Suzuki Bandit 1200
7 Suzuki TL1000S
8 Honda VTR1000
9 Aprilia Falco
10 Suzuki DRZ400


The above-given article has the top ten wheelie bikes under the list of affordable rates and prices. Team bike has mentioned those bikes which have been mentioned before in different types of high ten versions, these bikes are much more capable of doing more than a wheelie, so we hope that this list could help you manage your budget when buying a bike for wheelie purpose.

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